About Us

Classic Automadrid is a reputable website that specializes in giving professional guides and expert reviews. We are also giving helpful tips to car enthusiasts. We know how much you love your car. It is one of the biggest investments you have. Besides, it is among your most treasured assets. That’s why we are here.

How Do We Help People?

Classic Automadrid aims to help drivers in keeping their car in tiptop condition. So, we created this website to offer:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Buying guides
  • Comprehensive and unbiased reviews and comparison

We have a collection of informative articles containing tips and tricks in taking care of your car. They cover the simplest things like caring for your car’s interior to complex matters like solving common car issues. 

Of course, your car deserves to have quality accessories and high-end devices like car stereos and subwoofers. So, we came up with a collection of buying guides and in-depth reviews. These will help you in choosing the best accessories for your car, ranging from tires and wheels to dashboard cleaners. 

We’re giving all these things to you as we know that regardless of how skilled you are, still, you can’t work on your car properly if you don’t have the right tools next to you. 

Classic Automadrid has you covered in terms of picking other things that can make your car smoother and more convenient and comfortable to use. These include the popular car accessories like cup holders. Also, we give great suggestions regarding car stereos and other essential devices you may want to add to your vehicle. 

We Write but Never Promote

We don’t promote any automotive product. Instead, we carefully review and compare a few of the models within the market. We have a team of experts who explore the online market and find those products we can confidently recommend to you. Whether you’re searching for car tires, car speakers, or necessities like the fluid injector cleaner, we can give you great recommendations. 

Classic Automadrid ensures our reviews are unbiased, honest, and well-detailed. We also back them with in-depth research. Before we start recommending a specific product, we spend hours in research. When you combine it with the experience and expertise of our writers, rest assured our reviews will suggest only the best products with their advantages and key features. 

Our team has members who are automotive experts and dedicated writers who work hand in hand to ensure our reviews will benefit every reader. We don’t stop here as we depend on customer feedback, including the most reliable retail sites that will help us also in determining which products we should review and include in our top lists.

We are doing all possible things we can do just to make sure Classic Automadrid remains a trusted source of information when it comes to cars and automotive products.

Our Commitment to Serving People with Honesty

You might be wondering if we’re doing all of these in exchange for money. While that is already a common trend for the merchants to negotiate with review websites for either money or freebies, Classic Automadrid does not advocate this as we don’t want our writings to appear biased. 

Instead, our team does independent research. We don’t commit ourselves and this website to merchants. That’s because we want our websites to be accurate and genuine as well. 

Classic Automadrid assures you that we will remain committed to fulfilling our mission. Also, we would like to let you know that we are accepting suggestions for any other specific topics you don’t find in our blog section. Just let us know!