10 Best Car Speakers to Buy in 2020

It is always a good idea to install car speakers as they have good sound potential. They allow you to play music with that clear sound and certain richness you crave. Nevertheless, you may face a lot of terms and numbers on the product descriptions. That is why we have come to present to you ten best car speakers to buy in 2020. You will be guided in finding the perfect set that fits your vehicle. So, let us get started. 

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Best Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

(Best Overall)

Boss Audio Systems has been operating for thirty years now. It is recognized as an innovator and leader in the creation of almost 500-hundred and more products for marine, power sports, and a car. It is continuously producing audio equipment for marine and automotive applications. 

Now, it is glad to offer the BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers that provide a durable and resilient material. Great sound is provided by these long-lasting speakers. These voice coils can get through high temperatures. Speakers can take advantage of playing music for a longer time. 

The basket provides for a rigid and strong platform that allows a listener to hear a clear and clean music output. The Tweeter feature is also resistant to more overloads. It can be utilized even with no crossover because of its electrical property.

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Full range of 300-watt
☛ Poly Injection Cone and High-Temperature Voice Coil that is flexible, durable, and resilient
☛ Rubber surround that can resist or endure exposure to weather fronts
☛ Impedance: 4 Ohms
☛ Frequency: 100 Hertz to 18 KiloHertz
☛ Sensitivity: 90 Decibels
☛ Dimensions: 96.3 inches by 6.3 inches by 2.4 inches
☛ Mounting Depth: 2.13 inches
☛ Mounting Hole: 5.5 inches
☛ Weight: 2.5 lbs in pair


  • Good quality making it a viable option to replace factory speakers
  • Perform well due to its size
  • Mounted easily and also packed securely


  • Not a perfect fit for the 2001 Honda Civic that requiring the use of adapter ring is a must
  • Stereo looks nice, but the ergonomic design is horrible

Pioneer TS-A1670F Car Speakers

(Best Value)

The Pioneer Corporation is founded in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto as a speaker and radio repair shop. It is now popular as a multinational corporation located in Japan and Tokyo, specializing in digital entertainment products. 

And today, the company introduces the Pioneer TS-A1670F that is a maximum three-way car speaker. This features a 320-watt maximum of power, multilayer form of matrix cone design, and an elastic polymer surround. It comes with an A-series sound design matching the full-range loudspeaker and subwoofer. It creates a smooth and seamless sound characteristic. It adds up a high-impact and dynamic bass. This enables you to feel the music and hear it more. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Elastic Polymer type of Surround
☛ Mica Matrix in Multilayer and Cone Design
☛ 6-1/2 mica and carbon reinforced
☛ Item Weight: 3.6 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 13.5 by 3.5 by 7.5 inches


  • Already includes an aplhasonik earbuds for added comfort
  • Sound quality improved at its exceptional value
  • Sound optimized for higher volumes


  • Not good when one wants to get loud
  • The speakers create a crazy buzz as the bass hits requiring replacement

Rockford Fosgate R165X3

(Premium Pick)

Rockford Fosgate is dedicated much to revolutionizing the car audio industry. It is still known as the global leader in engineering and design and audio innovation. It stays committed to delivering the best experience in sound to boaters, off-road enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and drivers. 

And today, it introduces the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 that is an upgrade to a factory speaker you already have. This is a 6.5-inch speaker with a 2.15-inch mounting depth. This also comes with mounting hardware and grilles. This is a good replacement for its silk demo kind of Piezo tweeter and polypropylene cones. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ 2-Speakers featuring grilles
☛ High-pass form of crossovers
☛ Mounting hardware
☛ Item weight: 3.5 pounds
☛ Product dimension: 16 by 8.3 by 4 inches
☛ Batteries: 1.12-volts
☛ Depth: 4-inches
☛ Warranty: 1


  • Rear pair brings a more improved bass response
  • Overall sound seems superb as it falls within a range of 50hertz to 20 kilohertz
  • Speakers in perfect condition 


  • The speakers are decent but received feedback that they do not last a month
  • Sounds muffled 

JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series


Founded in 1975, JL Audio is a known professional audio manufacturer. It is based in America producing consumer audio products— home, marine, and audio products or subwoofers.

As a pioneer in the car audio industry, it continues to meet the demands of the customers by introducing JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series. This is a 2-way speaker in pair that is injected and molded with a polypropylene woofer. This also comes with a butyl rubber form of surround. 

Its additional features include three-fourths of a silk dome tweeter. It also has a power range of fifteen to sixty watts for RMS. And it has its impedance of about 4-ohm.

Key Features:Specs:
☛ 6- ¾-inch of speakers (in pair)
☛ Mica-filled and injection-molded polypropylene
☛ woofer along with a butyl rubber kind of surround
☛ Silk type of dome tweeter
☛ Item Weight: 4.85 pounds
☛ Product Dimensions: 14 by 8.2 by 5.2 inches


  • Installation takes about three hours provided that one knows what he is doing
  • Sounds more in mid-range which is good
  • Emits a clear sound like no other


  • None, so far

Infinity REF6522IX Series

Infinity Systems is recognized as a loudspeaker manufacturer based in Los Angeles. It is founded in 1968 that has once been shared its part with Harman International Industries. It, later on, it became a subsidized company of Samsung Electronics. 

It produces audio applications that include home theatre packages, marine applications, and in-wall home speakers. And today, it aims to introduce its Infinity REF6522IX Series. This features a textile tweet that is edge-driven. This is a high-quality speaker manufactured in the United States. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Sound System upgrade
☛ Separate Tweeters including magnets
☛ Fiberglass cones 
☛ Item weight: 4.7 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 15 by 4 by 8 inches


  • Single cone speakers are efficient when operated
  • Speakers are nice for emitting great sound
  • Impressive detail and bass punch without fatigue in the highs


  • The crossover did not work well that was responded by the removal and return of the entire speaker system
  • The return and replace practices are lousy

Pyle 4” x 6” Three Way Sound Speaker System

Pyle Audio is among the leading manufacturers of quality car audio, pro audio, and home audio DJ speakers. They have the goal to enrich the media experience of all. That is why they introduce the Pyle 4” x 6” Three Way Sound Speaker System. 

The product is a triaxial speaker system featuring a blue poly injection cone. Its ASV voice type of coil is readily available for high-wattage and high-temperature situations. It is low in impedance. The system has an inch of neodymium film type of dome in the midrange. A three-fourth inch of piezo tweeter completes the package. It provides a loud, detailed, and smooth sound. 

 It comes with powerful features and definite structures. The speakers allow a 95-Hertz to 20 KiloHertz response to frequency. They feature a standard size of 4-inch by 6-inch that fits most OEM locations. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Butyl rubber that is non-fatiguing keeping the speakers secure
☛ ASV voice coil offers the richest sound, provides for an open sound, and ensures a low distortion
☛ Pyle of 4 Ohm 
☛ Item weight: 3.35 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 10.3 by 7.6 by 2.9 inches
☛ Depth: 1 inch
☛ Weight: 2.64 pounds


  • Reasonably quality to install for a car
  • The lows and mids are well-articulated that makes the speaker a good choice
  • Sounds beautiful that driving in the morning with the music on the speaker can leave one awake


  • Sound noticed in one of the speakers to be intermittent

BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems has been recognized for being an innovator and leader in creating almost five-hundreds of products for marine, car, and power sports. They are trusted as an American manufacturer of audio equipment products. The newest, so far, are the BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers. 

The speakers are made up of polyurethane material that is durable and resilient. They bring about great sound. The voice coil featured can withstand higher temperatures. It also best maintains fatigue and strength properties. 

The rubber surround endures punishment. It complements the entire structure of the speaker. The tweeter is also resistant to any overload. It can be utilized featuring a crossover. The basket can provide for a rigid and strong platform. This allows you to hear clear and clean music output. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Polyurethane categorized to be a Polymer allowing maximum flexibility
☛ Voice coil that allows elevated or high temperature for an increase in performance
☛ Rubber surround that resists or endures many weather fronts
☛ Item weight: 5.4 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 9.3 by 6.5 by 4.2 inches
☛ Depth: 1 inch
☛ Weight: 7.08 pounds


  • Sounds good even at loud levels
  • Good value as it is well-packaged 
  • Comes already with a wire


  • The terminals may be a bit flimsy and cheap that require careful installation of the wires
  • Not helpful in its warranty service which demands attention from the staff

Polk Audio DB651 6.5″/6.75″ 2-Way Marine Certified db Series

Polk Audio is known for the manufacture of good-quality audio products of the automobile and home speakers. It is dedicated to producing a range of audio products like FM tuners and amplifiers. 

Among its good-quality products introduced is the Polk Audio DB651 6.5”/6.75” 2-Way Marine Certified db Series. This comes with a power handling feature. Its peak is about 360-watts for every pair. It is lightweight and is dynamic with the mineral-filled type of cone woofer. It also features a low pass and high pass crossover filters.

Among other features, the product is known to include Dynamic Balance kind of Driver technology for distortion-free and pure sound, Mica and Polymer composite cones, wheel style, and many more. 

Key FeaturesSpecs:
☛ Stainless steel kind of mounting hardware
☛ Muscular forms of ABS grilles adding up a stylish touch to the car’s interior
☛ Adapter rings supplied so that the speakers complement well to the openings
☛ Item weight: 5 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 8 by 14.5 by 4.8 inches


  • Perfect fit with everything needed as provided
  • Easily installs that brings about convenience
  • Sounds amazing that is exactly needed for an old jeep or a new car


  • Sounds, to some, is not better
  • The speaker acted up poorly which falls under warranty

Alpine SPS-610 6.5-Inch 2-Way Type-S Series

Alpine Electronics, Inc. is a brand that is recognized in the Japanese electronics industry. It specializes in navigation and car audio systems. It is operating for over forty years now. 

And today, it offers the Alpine SPS-610 6.5-Inch 2-Way Type-S Series. This measures the 6.5-inch car speakers. This also has 240-watt of peak power and 80-watt RMS form of power. 

The product is both a nice and powerful speaker. It comes with a prominent bass while its mids are louder and clearer. The highs are also clean and crisp. Sound quality is one better characteristic it has. 

Plus, it is easy to install that the speakers only need to be rotated. They feel and look solid while they have good numbers of RMS. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Bass and Sound Quality Better
☛ Ease of Installation
☛ Good and Clear sound
☛ Item weight: 4.8 pounds
☛ Product dimensions: 2.2 by 5 by 5 inches


  • The good and clear sound created just as it is set up properly
  • Easy to install as everything is already included
  • Feel and look solid that is a great value


  • The head unit does not emit enough power 
  • They do not bang at their fullest potentials

Kenwood KFC-1695PS

Kenwood Corporation is a recognized company in the development, marketing, and design of a wide range of Hi-Fi home and personal audio, car audio, amateur radio equipment, 2-way radio communications equipment, and more.

And in line with the selection of products they offer is the Kenwood KFC-1696PS. This is a speaker that creates a great mid and treble. This only has less bass. Despite that, its sound quality is still one thing. The mids and highs are also amazing. 

No sort of distortion is created by the class bass. It is a nice pair of three-way speakers. Anything needed is included, like the screws, mounting bars, and wires.

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Six 1/2inch three-way coaxial speaker
☛ Power handling RMS of 75-watts and Peak of 320-watts
☛ Paper cone and a super ceramic tweeter
☛ Item weight: 8 ounces
☛ Product dimensions: 6.7 by 5.9 by 3.2 inches
☛ Batteries: One of the 12-volt batteries


  • The bass hitting is felt like a good experience
  • Vocals seemed so crystal clear 
  • Amazing sound and good bass


  • Busted in just two days 

Best Car Speakers Buying Guide & FAQ

It is maybe now that you want to buy for a car speaker. You are pondering upon the best choice for your vehicle. Know that there are several factors that you might consider in mind. 

Why Do You Need Car Speakers?

There are many speakers to find that match any system and car. Now, if the old factory stereo sounds muffled and muddy, it is good to have a new set of two-way or three-way speakers. They will bring about extra detail and crispness that you are looking for. 

Below are the reasons why you need to purchase for car speakers.

  • Improved performance and long life. The speakers are built using state-of-the-art materials. This means to say that they can resist extreme humidity and temperature. This is when you will enjoy tighter lows, crisper, and clearer highs. 
  • Affordable as an option. They are indeed a good investment that can improve the sound that you want to listen to. 

Types of Car Speakers

Know that there are three speakers of types you must consider. 


They are the small-sized speakers that can handle high-end music frequencies. They are not more than 1.5-inch. They can be mounted right in the middle part of the woofer. They also can be mounted high like in a door handle, behind the passenger seat and driver’s seat. 


These woofers can be found in a door like in the front seats. They also can best handle mid-range frequencies. When they are bigger, they are better at handling the bass. As for the small woofers, they can handle the sound in a high range. That is also done with better accuracy. 

The speaker sets come with multiple woofers. The large woofers can also best handle small woofers and bass and the rest of the frequencies. 


These are by far the biggest to see in a vehicle. They can handle any of the low frequencies that the music emits. They also handle it getting the bass in pumping. The cars to see today do not have a subwoofer. Owners would often buy these speakers separately. They can be added to the audio system. Get a subwoofer so that you love it, listening to good music. This is true to listening to the hip-hop, classic rock, and heavy bass. 

What to Look For When Buying Car Speakers

Below are the things to consider when buying car speakers.

Speaker Components

The quality components used for the speaker is one thing to keep in mind. The woofer surround should be durable and provide for the needed flexibility. This way, the speaker will create a bass sound that is satisfying and rich. 

Speaker Sensitivity 

This is one indicator to look out for. This refers to the loudness of the system often measured in the form of decibels. As for the average speaker, it has a sensitivity rating of 88 decibels. Higher than this, it can create a clearer sound and at a higher volume. 

Power Output

The music created by the speaker should be loud and still sharp. Also, compare the capability of the speaker in handling power and sensitivity ratings. This is displayed in the form of watts. This rating is called the RMS. This is the measurement of the power that continues to come from the speaker. The RMS reading will enable you to know how strong and powerful the speaker system. 


This is when the speaker should be adjusted so that the sound can come to you or the passengers from various directions. The speaker system to have should come with the pivoting tweeters. 

Tips for Buying and Using Car Speakers

You need to bear a few tips in mind when it comes to buying and using car speakers. 

  • Is still there a need to look at the specifications of the manufacturer? Yes. This is to be sure about the sensitivity ratings and power.
  • Would you need to consider if the speakers are maneuvered easily? Yes. This is to know if they are worthy of your money spent. 
  • Should you check on the reviews before you purchase the speakers? Yes. You will be able to buy the system with great confidence since you have read on all of the reviews.

Best Car Speakers FAQ:

Q: Would you replace your factory speaker with a new speaker?

A: Yes. Replace them to bring out a big difference. The sound of the music will become more dynamic, crisper, and better than the low-quality speaker. 

Q: Does a speaker that comes with a higher and better efficiency rating is a lot better when it comes to sound?

A: Efficiency rating does not mean to say that a speaker creates a good sound. It only indicates the way the speaker is using its power. Even a low-efficiency speaker may seem to sound great. But, it will need a high-powered amplifier or receiver for energy.

Q: Can you still improve the sound of your car speaker?

A: Many excellent features can improve the imaging and the optimal performance of the car speaker. A tweeter can also be in an adjustable mount. This lets you focus more on high frequencies to the listening position. 

Our Top Pick

We have our top pick named as the JL Audio C2-650 X Evolution Series because of its butyl rubber form in its surround. It is also injected and molded with the polypropylene woofer. It just is easy to install as it takes up about three hours. It also emits a clear sound, and it has none disadvantages noticed, so far.