Best Double DIN Head Unit for your Car’s Excellent Sound Quality

Music can be considered food for our tired and weary soul. Such good music lets you enjoy fun moments as you drive your son to school or drop off your wife at work. Plus, it brings the needed relief to loneliness and fatigue. 

Having a stereo system is just essential in this case. A double DIN head unit can be added to your vehicle. Below is a list of the best double DIN head unit for your car’s excellent sound quality. 

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Best Double DIN Head Unit in 2020

BOSS Audio Systems BV9362BI Car Double Din

(Best Overall)

BOSS AUDIO is known for being an innovator and leader in the industry. They continue to create more products for marine, power sports, and car industries. With almost thirty years of legacy in the creation of excellent products, they also complement it with innovation, knowledge, and customer service. 

And they are, even more, excited to introduce the BOSS Audio Systems BV9362BI Car Double Din. This is an eighty-watt by four maximum powers that features an RDS tuner and fader/balance/bass/treble. 

It plays CD, DVD, USB, WMA, MP3, Smart Phones, and FM/AM. It is compatible with audio using MP3 players and Smartphones. It comes with an 18 FM, or 12 AM presets of a tuner. It also includes front, rear, and sub preset ampere outputs plus video. It is also in the form of a wireless remote. 

It is good to use for Bluetooth and hands-free and audio streaming. It can be utilized to making and receiving calls, playing and controlling music and apps such as Pandora and Spotify wirelessly. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ SD Memory Card Port and USB Port
☛ Aux Input
☛ Audio Streaming and Bluetooth
☛ Digital Touchscreen along with a graphic and innovative interface
☛ Item Weight: 4.41 pounds
☛ Product Dimensions: 7 by 7 by 4 inches
☛ Batteries: One Lithium Metal Battery Needed


  • Sounds nice as the DVD plays perfectly
  • Comes with Ease of Installation that helps you to get it right
  • Bluetooth works just so perfectly


  • Remote is not aligned perfectly that it should be for it to work well

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN

(Best Value)

The Pioneer Corporation is known as a multinational corporation in Japan. It specializes in the field of digital entertainment. It is established in 1983 as once a speaker and radio repair shop. 

And today, it proudly introduces the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN. This comes in with a built-in and Bluetooth feature. This is when audio streaming and hands-free calling is allowed. It also best supports 2 phones.

It comes with a built-in iPad, iPhone, and iPod control. Only an optional adapter is needed in viewing the content of the video. It works well with the Sirius Sxv300 kind of tuner. It best supports traffic and weather, a new tune of a mix, and flash features.

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Built0in type of Bluetooth along with good quality reception
☛ Browsing on music libraries
☛ CD/Did receiver and internal ampere
☛ Item Weight: 6 pounds
☛ Product Dimensions: 11 by 9.5 by 6 inches
☛ Batteries: One CR2 battery needed
☛ Preamp Voltage: Four volts
☛ Chassis Size: Double-din
☛ Expansion: Built-in Bluetooth


  • Apple CarPlay enables a safer, smarter, and funnier way of using an iPhone in the car
  • Obeying laws and staying safe are done easily with a built-in type of Bluetooth
  • Album, time, artist and song information are displayed through the touchscreen


  • The unit is unresponsive for several times
  • A microphone is quite horrible

ATOTO A6 Double Din

(Premium Pick)

ATOTO is known as a brand of Android for car stereos that provides customized and in-depth Android entertainment. Now, they want to speak to you to patronize their ATOTO A6 Double Din. This is developed using a stable and used Android Marshmallow type of OS. It comes with vehicle features like a backup camera or AUX, FM and AM radio, Bluetooth, wheel key control.

It comes with other interesting features like SWC that is dependent upon a resistive type of signal input. Its microphone is built-in and is also significantly improved. All other features include Micro SD storage and Micro USB drive, and quick booting kind of feature. Drive your car after accessing the system in just two seconds. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Unlimited Micro SD type of storage and Micro USB drive
☛ The firmware update is continuously available
☛ Vehicle features of a backup camera or AUX, AM/FM Radio, Steering Wheel of key control, and Bluetooth
☛ Item weight: 3.8 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 10.2 by 9 by 6.2 inches


  • Touchscreen quality and the display is significantly better
  • GPS Accuracy is just so accurate, great, and with no lagging in the position update
  • Easily picks up Wi-Fi signal and easily download updates


  • Not amazing in its Equalizer or sound quality

Alpine iLX-207

Alpine Electronics, Inc. is recognized as a consumer electronics manufacturer. It specializes in navigation systems and car audios. It is headquartered in Iwaki, Japan. 

That is why it presents the Alpine iLX-207 that is compatible when used with a car play. It comes with a backup camera and a mounting. It has an SWI-RC kind of steering wheel control. It also has an HD radio type of technology. It paves the way for crystal clear and free digital sound from two-thousand AM/FM stations.

Among other favorite features include a custom shortcut to phone numbers, audio sources, and places; zone video form of control for rear and front video sources; FLAC compatibility. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Car Play compatibility
☛ FLAC compatibility to be played in the models by using USB for a good listening experience
☛ Compatibility with Android Auto and Carplay
☛ Item Weight: 14 pounds


  • The radio is working flawlessly as advertised
  • Great Quality that complements a great price


  • None, so far

Yakalla Double Din In-Dash Head Unit

Yakalla is dedicated to providing DVD navigation products that go in line with the A4WP and QI standards. The products are always used in electronic dogs, vehicles, mobile phones, driving recorders, computers, and many more. That is why it is one of the leading companies.

Now, they want you to purchase the Yakalla Double Din in-Dash Head Unit that is adhered to quality standards. It is multi-functional as a video player, music player, USB, FM radio, and reversing form of camera. 

It also comes with navigation function and support phone link. It lets you control of cellphone through the big sized stereo. It features various formats of seven-inch 2 DIN high-definition of 1080 radio MP5 type of player, high-quality bass and sound, memory card to 32G, and more. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Easy Operation and Installation of Rearview Camera
☛ Seven Color of LED Buttons
☛ Three-ways of input
☛ Phone Mirror Specific Link
☛ Item Weight: 1.95 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 8.2 by 6.8 by 4.8 inches
☛ Output Power: 4 by 60-watts
☛ Screen: 5-Point and Resistive Touch Screen


  • Easy and nice to use for installations
  • Bluetooth connection sounds good and perfect
  • The touch screen is brighter and bigger and is also okay


  • None, so far

Kenwood DIN Receiver

Kenwood Corporation is a recognized company in Japan that develops, designs, and sells a range of Hi-Fi home, personal audio, and car audio. 

It is improving its selection availability presenting the Kenwood DIN Receiver. This comes with an AM and FM tuner, internal amp, and touchscreen with different illumination of the color button. It features dash openings, high-definition radio turner, and all other Smartphone features like iPad, iPhone, and iPod control.

It is specific in its fast charging of Android devices while it comes with a built-in type of music control. It plays DVDs, CDs, & USB memory type of devices. It has its thirteen-band of an equalizer and a digital time of alignment. It also features a low-pass of crossover controls, and bass boost and loudness controls. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Audio and Video Features for USB, DVD, and CD
☛ Compatibility with the Sirius satellite of radio tuner
☛ Built-in kind of music control, high-definition radio tuner, and more
☛ Item weight: 7. 36 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 12 by 10.2 by 7.6 inches


  • The head unit just sounds so great with all its impressive options
  • Lighting and background colors are good as they are changeable
  • The product is working as it is described


  • Still requires to buy for a separate device when plugging in audio and video
  • Has some sort of connectivity issues

Corehan Double Din Android Car Stereo

The Corehan Double DIN Android Car Stereo is customized to enable perfect driving. It is built based on Android 7 with GPS and Bluetooth. It also supports rear camera type of input and SWC with FM and AM radio and RDAS. 

This is also equipped with a seven-inch type of screen while it supports video output. It enables a user to share videos and music with family members as they are inside the car. It supports different channels that include micro SD kind of card, USB drive, and Bluetooth. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Customized System making its way for good driving
☛ Multimedia center on the car
☛ Built-in external form of GPS ANT and GPS module
☛ Video tutorials and Installation instructions 
☛ Item weight: 2.08 ounces
☛ Dimensions: 5.7 by 7 by 4 inches
☛ Display Size: Seven inches
☛ Display Resolution: 800 by 480
☛ Warranty: 1


  • Ease of connectivity to a network
  • Works as it is advertised along with its featured GPS application
  • Plays music from the external USB stick and microSD without any issue
  • Its interface is good and simple


  • Bluetooth is difficult to use which requires you to be aware of it

Sony XAV-AX100

Sony Corporation is a conglomerate corporation that is situated in Tokyo, Japan. It diversified its business, including professional and consumer electronics, entertainment, gaming, and financial services. 

Among its high-quality products offered include the Sony XAV-AX100 6.4” Car Play/ Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth. This comes with voice control, Android Auto, and Apple Car Play. It features a control option and good viewing experience with the six-point four-inch touch screen. It emits strong sound due to its 4 by 55 W dynamic form of reality amp. It can be adjusted in its audio level of -8 decibels to +18 decibels.

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Apply CarPlay for Smarter Driving
☛ Control and Viewing of anything from the touch screen
☛ Rotary dial for accessing helpful functions while when on the road
☛ 3 Presets for expanding the sound system
☛ Stage organizer creating virtual speakers on the DAS.
☛ Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 6.4 by 7 by 3.9 inches


  • Programming menu enables setting the controls of the steering wheel
  • The interface is responsive and clean that it works great
  • Sound of the audio is phenomenal than the stock stereo


  • The warning kind of message pops only in the beginning and does not go away

Podofo Double Din Android Head Unit 

The Podofo Double Din Android Head Unit is a perfect fit for cars accepting a double Din type of stereo. It comes with a mirroring function while it supports IOS and Android mirror links. This enables you to watch video on it after connection. 

Added to its features are built-in GPS receiver and Wi-Fi. This stereo can be connected with phone hot spot and home Wi-Fi. It can be used to conveniently download Apps like Google Mpa. 

Its Bluetooth 4.0 lets you answer phone calls just by Bluetooth. This means more safety while you go driving. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Twelve-month replacement for the defected product
☛ Real-time and offline navigation
☛ Downloading of apps done easily as it is connected to Wi-Fi
☛ Item Weight: 2.12 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 7 by 1.9 by 4 inches
☛ Display Size: 7 inches
☛ Voice Command: Touchscreen


  • Comes with a good power output that enables it to receive 5-stars
  • High-definition display that is also modern-looking
  • Great performance and value


  • Does not feature a subwoofer 
  • Not good user-interface

JVC Double DIN

JVC is a Japanese consumer electronics corporation located in Yokohama, Japan. It is established in 1927, enabling it to become known for producing televisions. It also continued to develop VHS video recorders. 

It now introduces the JVC Double DIN that is a car stereo receiver with Apple Car Play, touchscreen LCD form of display, and Android Auto. It features a 6.8-inch wide of VGA display with MP3 ID3 tag and CD text. It has its subwoofer level, a low-pass form of Crossover controls. It also includes an Audio playback in high resolution. It has its K2 technology promising an enhanced quality of digital sound. 

Key Features:Specs:
☛ Power Output of fifty-watts and four-channels
☛ Phone holder and in-dash receiver
☛ Subwoofer
☛ High-resolution type of audio playback
☛ Item weight: 2 pounds
☛ Dimensions: 13 by 11 by 8 inches


  • Installs correctly and easily 
  • Comes with core features that work well
  • Apple play and touch screen make it easy playing music from the phone


  • None, so far

FAQ and Guide to Buying the Best Double DIN Head Unit  

It is essential to be guided when buying for the best Double DIN Head unit that follows. 

Why Do You Need Double DIN Head Unit?

When you have a double-DIN Head Unit, it can ultimately make your car user-friendly. As for the current models, they come with a multi-functionality feature infused with different tools, more controls, and usability. 


  • The double-DIN head unit brings about high connectivity. This means to say which you can connect the flash drives easily. Charge your mp3 player or phone anytime you like.
  • The double DIN head unit provides better quality of sound. It is due to the reason that it is packed with better features. The equalizer allows you to choose the sound you liked the most. 
  • The double DIN head unit brings about a sophisticated and elegant look inside the car. 
  • The double DIN Head unit lets you look at the screen that can be easy and convenient for you to touch. You also can choose the options that you like.
  • The double DIN head unit can be connected to Bluetooth. It’s when you can initiate and receive calls even without touching the head unit. 
  • The double DIN head unit features various media connections. You will enjoy the option of accessing various media sources like SD card, mp3 player, radio, USB port, CD and DVD player, Smartphone, and many more. 

Types of Double DIN Head Unit

There are two types of double DIN head unit that you may decide to choose from. 


This one type of Double DIN Head is not developed just to mirror the applications on the Smartphone. Some of these types do not have a featured graphic touch screen type of display. But, they can still be connected to an SD, USB port, AUX, Bluetooth, radio. They could also play DVDs or CDs. 

Smartphone Integration Display

This type includes software that integrates the operating system of the Smartphone. This features a touchscreen monitor allowing you to operate the applications through the unit surface. You will notice auto compatibility with Android and compatibility with Apple CarPlay. 

What to Look for When Buying Double DIN Head Unit

There are certain things that you need must be aware of when buying a double DIN head unit. And they are as follow:


The head unit to choose should make you feel good. It should be operated without causing much distraction to drivers. This is one factor to consider when deciding on between models.

Pre-amp Outputs

This is the signal referred to before being amplified. Some of the head units come equipped with 3 pre-amp outputs. Hook up not just a single amplifier but more. Adjust the levels accordingly. 


When you build an audio system in your car, you need to think about power. With more power, know that there is better sound. The speakers will also be allowed to reaching higher volumes with only less distortion. 

Theft Protection

A detachable head unit is among the common procedures followed for theft prevention. It comes in two different types of partially detachable and fully detachable. The latter removes the entire head unit and leaves a black panel. The former option leaves some of the features through the head unit. 

Extra Features

Other extra features you will consider include steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, switchable illumination, auxiliary outputs, and remote control.

Tips for Buying and Using Double DIN Head Unit 

  • Will you still need to get the car battery disconnected when installing or removing the double head unit? Yes. There is a need to do it so that you will not expose yourself to a fuse or live wire that pops up.
  • Why consider connectivity when buying a double DIN head? This is a basic feature to consider enabling you to get connected with devices like cell phones and tablets. Once you buy a unit for a higher price, you would expect better connectivity. 
  • Is it advisable to pick a double DIN head unit with a big screen? Yes. With such a bigger size, it dominates the dashboard of your car. It also gets the attention of the passengers around them. 

Best Double DIN Head Unit for your Car’s Excellent Sound Quality

Question: Is it hard to install a double DIN head unit?

Answer: No. It is because there always is a step-by-step guide that lets you replace the old unit with a new unit. Follow the guide and just fix it yourself. 

Question: Can I use a double DIN head unit with no antenna?

Answer: You may still use it with no antenna, but it will just get weaker. But when connected to the radio via the internet, the stereo will stream the radio. 

Question: What double DIN head suits your needs?

Answer: There is a selection of manufacturers and brands behind the double DIN head unit for your car. You can choose from famous ones like Kenwood and JVC. 

When going for balanced audio, choosing for the Kenwood model is appropriate. Choose for Double DIN head unit by Pioneer for its center of mobile command and GPS device.

Our Top Pick

We have Podofo Double Din Android Head Unit as our top pick. This is because it perfectly fits a car along with its mirroring function. It best supports the IOS and Android type of mirror link. You will watch the video comfortably after getting connected. It comes with interesting features of Wi-Fi and GPS receiver. Use it too when downloading applications like Google Maps. It sums up great performance and value!