The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Buying Guide

Having a car is not as easy as you think. Owning one can be daunting, especially when you feel there’s something wrong with your vehicle. It can be too difficult for one to determine what the problem is, and you don’t need to spend hundreds to thousands of cash to something while thinking that is the culprit. 

If your car seems to struggle when running and the experience is no longer smooth, then using a fuel injector to your car’s engine system might be the solution. By using the best fuel injector cleaner, your car will stay in good condition. This tool does a vital job and can provide a myriad of benefits for your car and even to you. 

Top 10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners to Buy in 2020

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Red Line is claiming that they are the “King of Fuel and Oil Additives”. Their mission is to help every car owner in improving the performance of their engines, even when that could mean in-depth cleansing. The brand’s patented formula is giving users 100% efficiency even after the 1st use. 

Red Line 60103 is a great fuel additive that you can use for your car. The product is classified as a concentrated, detergent-based fuel additive. Red Line ensures this fuel injector cleaner can effectively clean the injectors, valves, chamber deposits, and carburetors. 

The product contains an artificial upper cylinder lubricant that is ideal for cars. It guarantees good results, especially if used regularly. This fuel injector cleaner minimizes the demand for octane for up to 2 points. 

Red Line 60103 is less likely to significantly increase the fuel economy. However, it promises to offer other benefits. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Compatible with diesel and gasoline
★ Cleanup – 30 gallons
★ Good fuel burn
★ Item No.: 60103
★ Size: 15 oz.


  • Decreases octane necessity by 2 points
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans the valves, injectors, and the combustion chambers
  • Safe for regular use


  • Minimal or zero fuel economy increase

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

(Best Value)

Chevron has been one of the most popular brands of car tools and accessories. Chevron Corporation has its headquarters located in San Ramon in California. The company was founded in California on September 10, 1879. 

Chevron Techron promises to clean and provide superior protection for any fuel system. It can deal with the carburetors, fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. Likewise, this fuel injector cleaner can be effective for both old and new engines. 

It gets rid of the unwanted deposits. Also, it boosts mileage. The product also aims to restore the wasted fuel economy and power. 

Furthermore, Chevron Techron can improve and fix the cold start issue and ensure superb fuel stability within a year. It can also help decrease engine surge, and spark plug snarling to boost the overall performance of your car. 

It’s good, not just for regular vehicles. You can use this product also on boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, watercraft, ATVs, and RVs. It can work even on lawnmowers. 

Chevron Techron requires regular use to achieve the best possible results. It does not work as a one-time solution, just like its counterparts. 

Key Features:Specs: 
★ Compatible with gasoline
★ Best for cars, boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, watercraft, ATVs, and RVs
★ Item No.: 65740
★ Size: 20 fl. Oz. 


  • Minimizes engine surge, rough idle, and spark plug snarling
  • Restores fuel economy & power
  • Resolves the cold start issue
  • Good for regular use


  • Frequent use is necessary for best results

Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner

(Premium Pick)

Charlotte and Forrest created the brand with just a simple philosophy: to produce the best line of additives and lubricants made widely available for everyone. Since the company’s inception, Lucas has been striving to satisfy every consumer. 

Lucas assures that the 10003 can provide a multitude of advantages for the motorists. One of these is that the product ensures your entire fuel system is clean and properly lubricated. It is safe to use for various engine types because low sulfur has been neutralized. Therefore, it can work well with fuel and diesel type engines. The same is the case for both carbureted and fuel-injected engines. 

Lucas 10003 is made of additives and oils that provide an excellent detergent action. Thus, the engine can give great input. When the carburetors and injectors are kept lubricated, thorough and effective fuel burning will be achieved. So, the throttle becomes more powerful while the engine consumes less fuel that helps save money.

This fuel injector cleaner is ideal for vehicles that are using leaded fuel. It fulfills the role of lead in the oil. It doesn’t produce those substances that can harm the environment.

Key Features:Specs:
★ Works with more types of engines
★ Contains a perfect combination of additives and oils
★ Item No.: 10003
★ Size: 32 oz. 


  • Neutralizes the bad effects of low-sulfur diesel
  • Superb engine output
  • Replaces lead for leaded oil engines


  • Reduces the car’s MPG

Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple is another American brand of automotive accessories. John Williams founded the brand in 1986. Its headquarters is located in Porter, Texas. 

Royal Purple 18000 is among the most affordable options so far. The brand claims this fuel injector cleaner is highly effective in cleaning. The product is fully synthetic and highly concentrated. It aims to deliver supreme performance. 

This fuel injector cleaner can be used for direct injection engines. It will be suitable to use for diesel and gasoline engines. It can help a lot in cleaning coked and clogged injectors. Moreover, the product contains polyether amine detergents that restore injector flow. 

Plus, it atomizes the injector and fuel spray patterns. Royal Purple guarantees this fuel injector cleaner can help boost both the power and performance of your engine while ensuring easier starts. It also stabilizes ethanol that can be harmful to your engine. 

It may not help increase further the gas mileage. However, it can keep your engine running smoothly every day. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Compatible with diesel and gasoline
★ Cleanup: 10 gallons
★ Item No.: 18000
★ Size: 6 oz. 


  • Cleans coked and clogged injectors
  • Enhances vehicle responsiveness
  • Improves engine’s performance and power
  • Works on diesel and gasoline engines


  • Doesn’t enhance gas mileage

Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly is headquartered in Ulm, Germany. The company started its operation in Ulm in 1957. The brand introduces a wide selection of fuel injection cleaners, which include the Liqui Moly 2007. 

You can use this cleaner to eliminate carbon deposits. Also, you can use it in cleaning the fuel pipe, fuel distributors, inlet valves, and injection valve. This fuel injector cleaner guarantees many benefits like smoother idling and low pollution. 

Furthermore, Liqui Moly 2007 can help restore the engine to normal by enhancing proper and precise injector dosing & fuel atomization. It also encourages reduced fuel consumption. This product is best to use for engines equipped with the catalytic convertor. 

This fuel injector cleaner may struggle to work with diesel engines, but it’s a good option for the gasoline counterparts. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Cleanup – 18 gallons
★ Compatible with gasoline
★ Item No.: 2007
★ Size: 300 ml


  • Gets rid of starting issues
  • Reduces vehicle emission
  • Eliminates carbon deposits from the valves and fuel pipe
  • Enhances throttle response


  • Not good for diesel-powered engines

Sea Foam Motor Fuel Treatment

Sea Foam SF-16-2PK Motor Treatment Multi-Use, 16 Ounce, Pack of 2, 16. Fluid_Ounces

Sea Foam Sales Company started with the focus on effective and safe products that can help equipment and engine run efficiently, stay cleaner, and last longer. The company started its operation in the 1930s. Fred Fandrei was the founder. 

The company claims this is one of the best-selling fuel injection cleaners out there. According to Sea Foam, this product will efficiently get rid of the heavy deposit accumulation in the engine of your car. It aims to give the best lubricating effect that will last for a long time. Sea Foam claims this is one thing that sets this product apart from its competitors. 

Moreover, the brand claims this fuel injector cleaner works effectively for both diesel and gasoline engines. The product promises to deliver a topnotch result while the blend of other Sea Foam cleaners will deliver massive cleaning results in this engine. 

Moreover, this fuel injector cleaning has been formulated with the finest ingredients to help in preventing the fuel from freezing. It varnishes deposits, liquifies the gum, and prevents the contaminants from getting rid of the unwanted contaminants. 

Key Features: Specs:
★ Good for diesel and gasoline engines
★ Cleans and removes deposit effectively
★ Item No.: SF-16-2PK
★ Size: 2 lbs. 


  • Boosts the performance of engines
  • Increases the car mileage
  • Works best if used for lawnmowers
  • Protects the engines against expensive repairs


  • A little expensive

Gumout Fuel System Cleaner

Since their inception, Gumout has been producing premium performance additives. These products have scientific formulas designed to cleanse, protect, and improve key automotive and engine parts. 

Gumout said this fuel injector cleaner is a complete system that can enhance the performance of engines regardless of their fuel systems.

The solution is using PEA or polyether amine to effectively eliminate the carbon deposits. Gumout claims this product is 2x more effective than the other brands. 

Moreover, this fuel injector cleaner fights corrosion to extend the lifespan of the main engine components. It also reduces wear and friction within the upper cylinder and improves horsepower, including the fuel economy. 

It also helps clean both the indirect and direct fuel injectors, piston tops, intake regulators and ports, cylinder heads, and the combustion chamber. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Polyether Amine
★ Fights corrosion
★ Item No.: 510016W-6PK
★ Size: 10 fluid oz. 


  • Easy to use
  • Extends the lifespan of engines
  • Reduces wear and friction


  • Expensive

STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

STP was founded in 1953 to provide consumers with great automotive products and solutions. The brand introduced this 5-in-1 fuel injector cleaner and stabilizer. STP claims it has the ultimate formulation that will help lower the emissions and gas by cleaning the whole fuel injector system.

You can use it in lubricating the necessary engine parts to aid in minimizing friction while restoring the lost excellent engine performance. At the same time, this product promises to help prevent corrosion and ethanol deposit buildup. Those are just some of the awesome benefits this product can offer. 

This fuel injector cleaner has been scientifically formulated to make it good enough for modern gasoline-powered engines like the ones used in hybrid vehicles, turbo, and direct-inject engines. It can also be a good addition to the cap-less gas systems. 

Key Features:Specs: 
★ Scientific formula
★ Saves gas and reduces emissions
★ Item No.: 18410B
★ Size: 10 Fl. oz. 


  • Helps resolve minimal engine errors
  • Useful in preventative maintenance
  • Makes the engine run smoothly without being noisy


  • Not effective in spark plug ensnaring

Lubegard Fuel System Booster Cleaner

Lubegard has more than 35 years of existence in the industry. The company aimed to be the leader when it comes to research, creation, and manufacturing of special synthetic lubricants, which the company distributes to different markets. One of the company’s famous products is the Lubegard 77012.

It has the revolutionary polyamine detergent technology designed to deliver a deep cleaning action in your fuel system. Lubegard formulated this fuel injector cleaner with the help of FLA additives that keep the fuel pumps and injectors even and well-lubricated during storage. This product also acts as a fuel system booster that ensures fuel has been stabilized. 

The brand is also claiming this product will help customers save money, which they would spend on the repairs. Also, they make sure the engines will perform smoothly and efficiently without causing a disturbing noise. At the same time, it promises to reduce emissions and eliminate unwanted deposits from the engine.

Key Features:Specs:
★ Revolutionary polyamine detergent technology
★ Good for both diesel and gasoline engines
★ Proprietary FLA additives
★ Item No.: 77012
★ Size: 16. Oz. 


  • Increases the fuel economy
  • Eliminates throttle pinging
  • Enhances engine performance


  • Nothing special to offer

Amsoil Diesel Injector Cleaner

Amsoil Diesel Injector Cleaner (16oz)

Albert J. Amatuzio founded the company on May 23, 1969, in Superior, Wisconsin. AMSOIL introduced a wide array of products, including this fuel injector cleaner. 

It eliminates the performance-robbing deposits from the diesel fuel injectors that restore horsepower as well as enhance fuel economy. 

The company has been formulated for diesel engines. It does not make any sacrifices. It is good to use for diesel owners who require maximum results. 

Key Features: Specs:
★ Eliminates performance-robbing deposits
★ Improves fuel economy
★ Restores horsepower
★ Part No.: ADFCN-EA
★ Size: 16 oz. 


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Great cleaning power


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Fuel Injector – What Is It?

A fuel injector is a special tool uses in injecting fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber. It ensures the ideal amount of fuel will get into the engine in each cycle if you turn up the engine or release its throttle. Originally, the carburetors aid in injecting the fuel, but the modern engines are using fuel injectors due to their fuel efficiency. 

Does the Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

Gasoline is classified as a sophisticated petroleum product. It is a combination of substances consisting of hydrocarbons. This traditional fuel will pass through a fuel injector. Gasoline leaves deposits with carbon as the main culprit. The main reason behind this is that the car engines cannot burn off the fuel thoroughly. The residue can cause clogging on the fuel injector and other crucial auto parts. 

Deposits are inevitable. They are the process’ natural byproduct. However, it is a different story for the clogging issue associated with deposits. Instead, clogging is the fruit of those years you did not clean the fuel line, especially your fuel injector. You may think of cleaning it only when the problems come along. It might be you notice your car struggles during startup, or you hear loud knocks on the engine when your car is operating.

The Advantages of Using a Fuel Injector Cleaner

A fuel injector cleaner is a great tool for cars. If you use one, you will enjoy a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced air pollution since your engine would have fewer carbon deposits
  • You will gain improved gas mileage that saves you money in the long run. 
  • It boosts the ability of your car because it becomes less susceptible to breakdown that can lead to expensive repairs. 
  • It protects your car’s engine and extends its lifespan.
  • The engine will be able to perform better as it gains a cleaner fuel system

How to Choose the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner?

In choosing a fuel injector, you must figure out how efficient it will be before you settle for that. Car engines exist in different types. Therefore, your preferred fuel injector cleaner has to match the engine of your vehicle. Or else, it will be useless. 

Likewise, you need to ensure you’ll get the ideal fuel system cleaner for whatever car engine you might have. Consider the following factors to make a regret-free choice:

Think About Your Budget

Your budget is also very important in choosing the best fuel injector cleaner for your car’s engine. Quality cleaners can be more expensive, which is true for feature-rich products. The more features it can offer, the more likely it can be expensive. The amount of a fuel injector on its container will determine the cost as well. The more solution the bottle contains, the more expensive the product becomes. 


The brand name is also a major factor that you must consider in buying a fuel injector cleaner. If you buy one, you must not invest in anything that comes from an unreliable brand. Before you shop around, do your homework and learn more about the top brands of fuel injector cleaners in the market. 

Still, you have to check the goodwill, authenticity, testimonials, and reputation of a brand before placing your order. Take note as well that some brand names focus on enhancing fuel consumption, but others prioritize the cleaning process for the fuel pipes to provide a smooth ride. 

Check the Compatibility

It refers to tank fuel compatibility. If your car has a diesel engine, then it needs the fuel cleaner crafted using a diesel tank. The same principle goes to gasoline engines. 

To determine the best injector cleaner for your vehicle, feel free to seek help from a mechanic if you are not sure of what to purchase. Likewise, before buying, you have to learn more regarding the engine of your car, its condition, and how old the vehicle is. Keep in mind that some fuel injector cleaners out there are made exclusively for modern cars. 

If your car is a vintage model, then you have to do your homework very well. It needs a stronger cleaner because the mild ones won’t be able to do the job. Also, the carbon deposit in an old car tends to be thicker and more difficult to deal with. 

Determine How Easy It is to Use

A fuel injector cleaner should be quick to use. Since the ease of use entails everything right from opening the bottle down to pouring it to your car’s engine. Likewise, the bottle has to provide the directions clearly so that the product will be easy to use even for the first-timers. 


1. Is a fuel injector cleaner easy to use?

One takes 100 driving miles or more. It also requires a maximum of 2 gas tanks to work properly. It also needs time to make way through the engine system and eliminate the buildup from your fuel injector.

2. When is using a fuel injector cleaner applicable?

Every fuel injector cleaner comes with a specific schedule of use. Be sure to read carefully and follow what was provided to gain the finest results. 

3. How to tell that a fuel injector is clogged?

It depends on many factors. Perhaps, your car didn’t start, or it struggles. You may also notice the engine is not making power and the cylinders fire. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell that your fuel injector is clogged as the situation mimics other issues like a bad coil or dead spark plug. If you got a dry spark plug, then that could mean your fuel injector is clogged and needs repair.


Buying the best fuel injector cleaner can be daunting, but this buying guide should help. Be wise when choosing and settle for the product that can truly satisfy you.