10 Best LED Headlights in 2020

Included in the latest innovation are the LED headlights that come as forwarding lighting. They are indeed a lot brighter as compared to the regular type of halogen bulbs. What’s more, they are as bright as the 35-watt HID type of headlights. They consume less power while they can be turned on instantly than the HID or halogen counterparts.

The thing is, how will you choose the best option? We highlighted the best LED headlights in 2020, followed by the top pick we recommend you should be buying. 

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb

(Best Overall)

The BEAM TECH ELECTRONICS has since been a manufacturer in 2002 while it was certified in 1996. Its vast experience in providing an easier and more comfortable life is recognized among many. 

This BEAMTECHH11 LED headlight bulb emits light on a surface. It is geared to produce eight-thousand lumens of output for every set. It emits 40000lm for each light. It is when safety driving is achieved at night. It also features 6500K kind of xenon white. 

The LED headlight bulb does not have a huge current setup and high voltage. It has no electromagnetic radiation and circuit interference. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ CSP Led form of Chips
★ Light Beam Kind of Pattern
★ Three Small Diodes
★ Item Weight: 9 ounces
★ Exterior: Smooth
★ Bulb Type: Automotive and Exterior Tail Light Bulb


  • Longer life span is provided with 30,000 hours and 50-watt for every set
  • Safety and health are assured
  • Comes with easier installation


  • Low output is obtained at first from the fog lights
  • The fans failed, but this just existed in a couple of days

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

(Best Value)

Founded in 2006, Cougar Motor Trading Co., Ltd. has had the goal of providing for automotive lighting products. Serving as a pioneer in automotive lighting, they indeed changed the viewing experience of people during the night while riding on vehicles. Today, the company is introducing Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs. 

This is known for its high power, air cooling, easy installation, and longer life. It is two-hundred percent brighter than the stocked Halogen headlights. It comes with a perfect beam pattern. It does not have any foggy light or dark spots. 

It is cased in aluminum housing. It emits continuous light reaching about 50,000 hours. It is installed in twenty minutes. It works in whatever conditions. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ CREE led type of chips paired with 6-0-watt per pair
★ Cool and white in 6000K
★ Powerful and TurboCool fan in 7000 RPM
★ Bulbs CanBUS-Ready 
★ Item Weight: 0.96 ounces
★ Exterior: Painted
★ Cover: Lead Headlight
★ Bulb Type: CREE LED form of chips


  • Comes with ease of installation as the bulbs don’t have polarity issues
  • Dispersion of light is good 200-percent brighter
  • Longer life of about 50,000 hours


  • LED bulbs appear a bit bigger due to the fan and heat sink
  • Disappointing distance illumination

SEALIGHT LED Headlight Bulbs

(Premium Pick)

SEALIGHT is a pioneer in the manufacturing industry for automobile LED. Founded in 2016, it is committed to focusing on lighting brand among customers. It is aimed at bringing innovative, convenient, and high-quality lighting products.

And now, it is introducing the SEALIGHT Scoparc LED headlight bulbs. It is low in beam and fog light. It is durable and easy to install in just ten minutes. It can easily be plugged into the connector and housing of a vehicle. 

It comes with a compact and silent type of fanless design. It uses an advanced form of a heat sink. Its additional feature is a driver unit that increases longevity and performance. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Fanless Design/Compact
★ 6000k type of bright and white headlights
★ Daylight optics
★ S1 H11 kind of LED headlight bulb
★ Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
★ Exterior: Painted
★ Bulb Type: LED
★ Cover: LED headlight


  • Great Output with the Cutoff Very sharp
  • Ease of installation
  • Works like a Charm as It is Very Bright


  • The integration of low beams or high beams into a single bulb is not the best option
  • Accessing through the fog lights is the most difficult part
  • A bunch of clips is to be removed first in the wheel while the corner of the bumper is to be pulled, too

Fahren LED Waterproof Headlights

Fahren, as a company, provides for quality-made car accessories. It started as a small and local company until it grew to be a customer-based company. It grows further, achieving high satisfaction and excellent customer service. 

And today, it introduces Fahren LED waterproof headlights that are so cool and white. They come with a super beam pattern with farther and wider lighting. Their features include aviation aluminum type of body, hollow heat sink design, and cool turbofan. 

The ten-minute easy installation enables you to fit them into your vehicle housing. The factory sockets do not need any sort of modification. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ CanBus-Ready in its Bulbs
★ 5,000 hours of lifespan
★ SuperBeam Pattern for farther and wider lighting range
★ Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
★ Exterior: Chrome
★ Cover: 2 H11 LED form of a headlight bulb
★ Bulb Type: LED
★ Voltage: 12 volts
★ Wattage: 60 watts


  • Super bright same as the halogen lamps
  • Great beam pattern without that foggy light or dark spot
  • Easy to install without modification any further


  • Not sure if the LED headlight is 300-times brighter

Akarui LED Headlight Bulbs

Akarui is a known Japanese company established in 2005. What they are known to offer is a selection of quality LED solutions. The LED conversion kits are so far their most popular products. For some more quality products, these Akarui LED headlight bulbs are good to go.

The LED headlights are extreme in their brightness. They are designed to last forever for about 50,000 hours. They feature a heat sink design and a CREE MK-R type of LED. 

The waterproof and shock-proof protection is also featured along with the aviation aluminum. Also, its added feature is the IP67 waterproof level. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ 6000L cool and white light
★ 4800 LMs for every LED bulb
★ Heat Sink Type of Design
★ Item Weight: 12 ounces
★ Voltage: 12 volts
★ Wattage: 60-watts


  • Heat Conductivity is Improved by 50% due to the cold-pressed and aluminum heat
  • Long-term usage is provided to users due to vibration and high-shock resistant LED
  • Safe and long-lasting promised by an intelligent system in cooling


  • Flickering occurs requiring maybe wire to be installed
  • False information in the description is contained
  • Seller fails in responding to inquiries

AUSI LED Headlight Bulbs

The AUSI LED headlight bulbs are invented to light up the road by almost 220-percent. They passed testing at a high temperature. They feature a smart core extending the life of a lamp. The integrated circuit featured in its design keeps the bulbs working below 80-degrees Celsius. They also are sized to fit housing and to be plugged into the OEM sockets.  

These LED headlights are also strongly-compatible with Chevy, Ford, Dodge Ram, Mini fans, Honda Odyssey, Sienna, and many more. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Adjustable Beam being a special design
★ Smart core featured extending the life of the lamp
★ Powerful in its cool turbofan and high-quality in heat sink aluminum
★ Exterior: Metallic finish
★ Bulb Type: CSP LED
★ Voltage: 24 volts


  • Shadow Spots Not to be found
  • An Upgrade for visibility during the night 
  • Easy to Install with no marking on lights


  • Noise can turn Some heads
  • Difficult to try to adjust it to be in the right direction
  • Running lights sometimes flutter

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs

HIKARI is the trusted leader providing reliable, and high quality LED headlights. It is committed to meet the satisfaction of customers. Now, it stands to boost its promising ultra LED headlight bulbs. These come with patented design and uniformed beam pattern. These are also by far the brightest bulbs to purchase on the market. 

The maximum light output is 12000lm for every pair. The bulbs are the same as the halogen bulbs with 270 percent brightness. Light utilization is also improved by the heat sink. Astigmatism is solved as a problem with this kind of utilization. No trouble is caused by incoming traffic. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Heat Sink in Ultra-Thin Material Brings About Light Utilization
★ Maximum Light Output achieved for better brightness
★ Patented design and uniformed beam pattern
★ Item weight: 14.4 ounces
★ Bulb Type: LED
★ Type of Mirror Lighting: interior dome and automotive light bulbs


  • Beam pattern is a top-notch resulting in good and visibility in long-range
  • Easy to install in just around ten minutes
  • A great upgrade that is whiter and brighter


  • Plastic collar easily breaks off after tight installation
  • The mounting collar appears to be constructed of inferior plastic

Aukee 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

These Aukee 9006 LED headlight bulbs produce super bright with 5000 lumens for every bulb. Driving during the night in safety is made possible. The cooling fan featured creates strong and cooling wind. This dissipates the heat coming from the chip LED. The bulbs can, therefore, work continuously and steadily.

Among other features includes an anti-radio type of interference, an EMC system, an aluminum adapter, and a headlight upgrade. These LED headlight bulbs work well even during extreme weather. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ 9006 LED bulbs for super brightness
★ CSP LED kind of chips without dark spots
★ Aluminum adapter that can easily be unscrewed and adjusted
★ Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
★ Exterior: Smooth
★ Voltage: 12 volts
★ Wattage: 50-watts


  • The bulb is easy to install and change
  • The headlight bulbs focus well that make them great
  • Plugs are plugged in reverse or straight polarity


  • Depressing Yellow Stock of Halogens
  • The LED beams do not emit out heat 
  • The LED beams do not melt the snow coming through the headlight lens

JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Bulbs

The JDM Astar is a company that specializes in offering complete LED bulbs for a replacement. This is true to say for all SUVs, trucks, and cars. And today, a wide selection of JDM Astar LED headlight bulbs is available for those interested.

The JDM Astar LED Headlight Bulbs are enhanced in their down road visibility. They have no additional glare. No blinding is ever created on a coming driver. The size of the bulbs may differ between the trim and the model of the vehicle. The manual needs to be doubled checked in this case. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Downroad visibility enhanced to not create blinding or glare
★ Compatibility guides are available online
★ Waterproof and excellent in heat dissipation design
★ Item Weight: 13.8 ounces
★ Dimension: 6.1 by 5.8 by 4.3 inches


  • Direct to install for ease and convenience
  • No more usage of anti-flicker as not needed
  • LED headlights great to use on reflectors and projectors


  • Great in Low Beam but not with the high beam
  • Requires to be in 360 degrees 

NINEO LED Headlight Bulbs

The NINEO LED Headlight Bulbs are known to light up about 6000 lumens. They come along with the right beam pattern. And they are five times brighter as compared to the stocked halogens. 

The design of the adapter is easy to be adjusted. Simple adjustments in the angle are just needed. This is in the case of properly aligning the bulb mounts. The bulbs also use an ultra-thin material for the side design. This is when 360 degrees wider viewing angle and uniformed light is achieved. 

Key Features:Specs
★ Maximum Cooling Because of Coverless Bearing Fan
★ Wide Viewing Angle ensuring 360-degree uniformed light 
★ Adapter Design that can easily be adjusted
★ Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
★ Voltage: 30 volts
★ Wattage: 60


  • Fits without facing any issue
  • Lumen Set in 6500K and 1200 is completely white and is not cheap
  • The life of the LED headlight bulbs last for 30thousand hours


  • None, so far

Best LED Headlights Buying Guide & FAQ

Maybe now you are interested in buying LED headlights. It is a must to think about our buying guide and answered questions. This is to help you decide on the right LED headlight.

Why Do You Need LED Headlights?

It is due to one reason for the light quality that you need to buy for LED headlights. The color will vary by blue-ish or whitish hue. This is when compared with the HID and the Halogen bulbs. But, they do not emit heat the same as the HID and halogen headlights.


  • LED headlights are efficient in the light they produce promising greater strength than the halogen bulbs
  • LED headlights have a longer lifespan as they are constructed of high-quality materials
  • LED headlights are easy for you to install

Types of LED Headlights

These are the types of LED headlights you might want to consider in mind before buying. 

Single Beam

This type of LED headlight creates a single beam, either in a low or high beam. In the case of replacing the low and high beam, two bulbs are as well needed for this type. But, the dual-beam and single beam headlights should not be interchanged.

Dual Beam

All SUVs, cars, and trucks headlights have low and high beams. They feature a single bulb performing the two functions. There is a single bulb for the headlight housing.

What to Look for When Buying LED Headlights

We now will emphasize the things to look for when buying for LED headlights. And they are as follow:


As per the colors of the LED headlights, they are often measured in nanometers. The white LEDs are also measured in terms of Kelvin. If the number is higher, the color is also cooler. The bright colors can range from three-thousand five hundred and five-thousand Kelvin. That allows you to view at such a good distance. The colors (super bright) are above 5,000 Kelvin. This falls whether daylight white or cool white. 


The LED headlights often have 2-year warranties offered. They also last for about three years. This is for them to show standing true to their products.


Check the owner’s manual to best determine the models and types of LED bulb plugs that fit correctly to your vehicle. The headlight is replaced, and a conversion kit is used for this change. Purchase a product only if you are sure it is compatible with the truck or car.

Tips for Buying the Best LED Headlights in 2020

You need to think several times the tips in buying the best-LED headlights. 

  • Will you need some help from professionals in the installation? Yes, you will need to rely as well upon an expert in the headlight housing installation. This will prevent you from doing it yourself. 
  • Will the LED bulbs get hot underneath, too? Yes. They get hot and may require some cooling systems. It is when you must buy for the LED headlights that feature heatsinks or fans. 
  • What is to bear in mind when aligning the LED headlights? They should point slightly downward. They should be away from the oncoming traffic, not to blind other drivers.

Best LED Headlights FAQ

Consider these frequently-asked questions in buying LED headlights.

Question. In what driving conditions do LED headlights seem ideal?

Answer. They are better to handle weather conditions that are so far extreme. This is true to say for very cold or very hot temperatures. They may also be ideal in foggy and rainy weather and in the night time in the dark areas.

Question. How to fix a LED headlight that is flickering?

Answer. You will need to make use of a warning canceler or an anti-flicker or capacitor. This is for you to fix the flickering that occurs in the headlight. This capacitor is also sometimes included in the products.

Question.  How much is the power consumed by LED headlight?

Answer. The LED headlight would often make use of thirty and sixty watts. 

Our Top Pick

We have decided on NINEO LED Headlight Bulbs as our top pick. This is because of the right beam pattern it creates. These are also 5-times brighter than the stocked halogens. The design can easily be adjusted, which means convenience on the part of an owner. Its key features are also impressive, like maximum cooling, wide viewing angle, and adapter design. No issue comes along with it that makes it our top pick!