The 10 Best Night Driving Glasses

Driving on a dark road can be so dangerous and stressful to many. Impaired vision is often the cause of accidents on the road. Fortunately, there are the best night driving glasses available in the market to help you drive with ease and confidence even at night.

To get started, here is the list of the top 10 best night driving glasses you can buy for you or your relatives. If you do not want to waste your money and compromise your safety while driving, make sure to consider the details provided in this review.  

Best Night Driving Glasses

Optix 55 HD Day Night Driving Glasses

(Best Overall)

This Black HD Optix 55 is a day and night driving glasses features anti-glare polarized wrap-around. It is made of plastic frame and lenses and measures 62 mm in lens length, 0.7-inch high, and 14 inches wide.

The Wraparound Glasses means that you can wear this night vision goggles fit over the prescription glasses. Thus, letting you see even in the evening as it reduces glare coming from lights.

This Optix 55 model provides versatility on night vision while showing a functional and stylish way to prevent potential road accidents. Furthermore, this night driving wrap-around glasses come with an Eva storage case and a microfiber pouch. This product is designed for teenagers, men, and women.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Polarized lens
★ Wrap-around glasses
★ EVA Storage Case
★ Unisex
★ Comfortable and lightweight design
★ Brand: Optix 55
★ Color: Black
★ Lens Type: Polarized
★ Size: 62 millimeters (lens width), 0.7 inch (high) x 14 inches (width)


  • Travel-friendly
  • Fits over prescription eyeglasses
  • Affordable


  • Not enough yellow tint

Livho HD Night Vision Driving Glasses

(Best Value)

The Livho is a brand established since 1999 in Milan by Alessandro Zocchi, along with Marco Masini, a fashion designer. The company aims to provide a healthy visual experience with an excellent design concept of visual protection glasses and outdoor sports glasses.

This pair of premium Livho night driving glasses reduces eye strain caused by prolonged use of digital products, including computers. It is also designed for those who are suffering from headaches and fatigue.

The integration of the Anti-Blue ray feature helps the eyes get protection from UV radiation. It works with the help of specialized substrate processing US technology, which can also block UV400. The blue light blocking torch works by blocking a huge amount of harsh blue light while protecting the eyes at the same time.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ UV400 Protection
★ Blue Light Blocking Capacity
★ Anti-Glare
★ TR90 Frame Material
★ Clear Lens
★ Anti-eye fatigue
★ Brand: Livho
★ Color: Night Vision Glasses
★ Size: 6.8 inches x 3 x 2.2 inches


  • No digital strain
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable frames


  • Poor customer service

Optix 55 Polarized Glasses for Men and Women

(Premium Pick)

For those who often go for long night drives, this pair of yellow-tinted glasses can be useful. The Optix 55 Unisex Polarized Night Vision Glasses helps enhance the vision even in the lowest light conditions. It fits on top of any prescription glasses.

These night vision glasses can be used for security surveillance, hunting, and nocturnal tours. Furthermore, it can be used in the daytime as well. It blinds the sun and improves vision using powerful HD technology. This technology lets you see clearly in daytime and night time without your eyes getting strained. 

This Optix 55 Night Vision Glasses has a rubber finish PC frame making it comfortable to wear. It is also made stylish and lightweight for everybody – ladies and gentlemen. The yellow-tinted lenses serve as glare-reducing night vision goggles that work for night driving.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Plastic lenses and frame
★ Polarized
★ Glare reduction
★ Durable design
★ Brand: Optix 55
★ Color: Black (Night Vision)
★ Size: +0.74 millimeters (lens)
★ Type: Polarized Lens


  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Enhances visual areas
  • High quality frames
  • Comes with Eva case
  • Comfortable


  • Rubber coat induces smell

Feirdio Night Vision Glasses for Driving

This pair of Feirdio polarized night vision glasses brings a stylish yet useful way to stay safe and comfortable when driving at night. This eyewear is made lightweight so that there will be no stressful wearing experiences. The sturdy metallic alloy material used in the frames comes with spring for maximum comfort.

Feirdio Night Glasses are designed for men and women. It enhances the night vision of the drivers with the help of its yellow hue. Furthermore, this is made with polarized composite lenses and designed with higher light transmission. As a result, this product reduces visual fatigue and sharpens things in lower light conditions.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Metal Frame
★ Wide-field yellow glasses
★ Extra lightweight
★ Stylish
★ Brand: Feirdo
★ Color: Yellow (Black Gun)
★ Type: Composite Polarized
★ Size: 2.36” (lens width)


  • Works for different purposes
  • Reduce glare
  • Nice packaging


  • Shorter arm frame

SUNGAIT Men’s Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Sungait S8 Gunmetal Men’s Polarized Glasses is a day and night type of glasses made with metallic framing and plastic lenses. These lenses measure 66 millimeters (width) and HD polarized type.

SUNGAIT is a brand known for delivering high-performance polarized eyewear for women and men.  Each product is designed to meet the personalized needs of the customers. SUNGAIT sunglasses can be used for various purposes, such as outdoor activities, sports, and all-round eye protection.

For improved comfort when used for longer periods, this SUNGAIT sunglass is made with an Al-Mg alloy frame. It is perfect not only for driving but for other activities such as climbing, cycling, trekking, fishing, skiing, running, racing, motorcycling, and more.

The HD Polarized lenses help block UVA, UVB, and UVC harsh lights. At the same time, they work to reduce eye fatigue and minimize glare. Since it comes with ultra-wide curved lenses, they fit the face very well and reduce incoming lights from either side. Thus, allowing a wider vision.

It is also designed with a 3D effect, which is highlighted by anti-skid lines (convex), inner concave, and rubber temple cover. This way, falling off of the glasses can be prevented when used.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Metal frame and plastic lenses
★ Adjustable nose pads (silicone)
★ The lightweight frame (AL-Mg)
★ 3D Design
★ Fashionable
★ Adjustable spring Hinges
★ Scratch-resistant
★ Brand: SUNGAIT
★ Color: S8 Gunmetal Day and Night Frame
★ Size: 15 mm (nose bridge); 66 mm (lens width); 40 mm (lens height); 146 mm (frame width); and 135 mm (temple length)
★ Type: HD TAC Polarized Sunglasses


  • Durable
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Ergonomic


  • Limited return locations

BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses

BLUPOND Polarized Anti-Glare Night Driving Glasses are meant to provide comfort and safety to the drivers, hikers, and those who used to go for outdoor activities. This is a Knight Visor glasses that do not deliver any magical solution. However, it works by improving the vision at night than in day time.

The yellow-tinted lenses work by filtering out harsh blue light, and they reduce eye strain. BLUPOND night glasses also reduce flashes and glares while driving at night time. This safety eyewear comes with a designer semi-rimless frame. However, it limits light distortion to give a clear vision in the dark.

Moreover, this pair of night glasses by BLUPOND is made with metal frames. The developers aim to limit inevitable dings and drops. Plus, it applies night guide polycarbonate and shatterproof TAC glasses for motorcycle and cycling night drive. For added comfort, it has ultra-lightweight and super thin lenses and rubberized nose pads.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Metal frame built
★ Blue light Knight Visor design
★ Ultra-thin and lightweight lenses
★ Knight Visor Sport
★ Semi-rimless designer frames
★ Brand: BLUPOND
★ Color: Titanium
★ Type: TAC Semi-Polarized Lenses
★ Size: not specified


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Maximum comfort


  • Cannot be used on top of prescription glasses

IONFORM Night Driving Glasses

This eyewear from IONFORM works well for a night drive. It provides comfort even when worn for several hours, whether you are driving or staying outdoors for work or some activities. These glasses are made of plastic frames and polarized lenses measuring 1.96 inches (lens width).

This product works very well during the day and at night, making it perfect for driving. Furthermore, it can fit over your prescription glasses if you have one.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Comfortable design
★ Unisex
★ Improves night time vision
★ Brand: IONFORM
★ Color: Urban
★ Size: 1.96 inches (lens width)
★ Polarized Lens


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Anti-glare


  • Pricey

Lumin Night Driving Glasses

Lumin High-Quality Night Driving Glasses are comprised of hydrophobic lenses that offer UV400 Protection and promises to work as polycarbonate shatterproof types of lenses. Furthermore, this product is also resistant to scratches and guarantees high optical quality.

These night driving glasses by Lumin work best for most weather conditions – misty, foggy, sunny, or rainy. For drivers and outdoor enthusiasts like campers and hikers, they can also count on the performance of these Lumin night glasses. It does not use the heavily tinted yellow lens as this can reduce visibility and block much light. It has ultra-lightweight frames with reinforced hinges for extra comfort and ease when wearing even for many hours.

LUMIN (Spectrum Lum-100) Driving Glasses are designed for men and women. These are made stylish and come with a nice box, making them a perfect gift item for friends and loved ones.  This night vision eyewear offers a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer for the customer’s peace of mind.

LUM-100 Driving Glasses may work as a regular sunglass. They absorb 100 percent of UVB and UVA harmful rays. Lastly, the manufacturer integrated the anti-radiation technology to prevent eyes from experiencing strain or stress.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Unisex
★ Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
★ Fashionable and comfortable
★ Quality assurance
★ Anti-radiation
★ Brand: Lumin
★ Size: Sol
★ Color: Blue
★ Type: Low Yellow-Tinted Night Glasses


  • Works in all weather conditions
  • More visibility at night
  • Can be used as sunglasses


  • Sold at limited stocks only

FEIDU Polarized Sunglasses Aviator Sunglasses for Men

FEIDU Night Driving Glasses are made for day and night outdoor activities, including driving. This brand features composite polarized lenses and a metal frame that help drivers have safe and normal trips. 

This pair of driving glasses has an adjustable and elastic Al-Mg frame with a flexible nose pad and arms as well. This means that it can fit various shapes of face. Furthermore, it has ultra-thin and extra lightweight lenses for great comfort.

The frame width and leg length both measure 142 millimeters, nose width is 15 millimeters, length width is 59 millimeters, and lens height measures 53 millimeters. These are the manual measurements of the product and may have a measurement error of 1 to 2 millimeters.

FEIDU Night Driving Men’s Glasses brings High Definition Optics (HDO) with a classic aviator touch. These night driving glasses also bring true color and assure waterproof anti-fouling. With the wide yellow glasses, you see clearer in dark, fog, or low-light conditions.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Composite and polarized lens
★ Metal frames
★ Classic Wide Aviator Design
★ Elastic Al-Mg Frame
★ Flexible nose pad and arms
★ Brand: FEIDU
★ Color: B-Yellow
★ Size: 62 mm (lens width); 142 mm (frame width); and 53 mm (lens height)
★ Type: Polarized Aviator Men’s Sunglasses


  • Lightweight
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Enhanced safety on night driving
  • Affordable


  • Low quality

KastKing Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses

KastKing Polarized Driving Glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. These are ideal not only for night driving but for various activities such as fishing, hunting, and shooting. If you often work on computers, these polarized vision glasses are also useful as they reduce eye strain and glare.

In addition to these features, KastKing polarized glasses use stainless steel or pliable Grilamid material for the frame. This brand of night vision driving glasses is scratch resistant and tough. It has passed the test called double decentering, which means that KastKing guarantees to meet the standard of clarity without optical distortion.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
★ Unisex
★ Reduced eye strain
★ Durable, comfortable and lightweight frames
★ Useful for different low-light conditions
★ Brand: KastKing
★ Color: Yellow (Hiwassee-Full Wrap)
★ Size: 5.2 inches (frame width); 1.5 inches (lens height); 2.5 inches (lens width)
★ Type: Polarized


  • Fits well and comfortable
  • Well-built
  • Works in all weather conditions and activities


  • Low-quality

Buying Guide and FAQs

What To Look For When Shopping For Night Driving Glasses

Your understanding of the factors to consider when buying these items is the key to a successful choice. Some crucial elements you should not miss are the following:


Many men and women buy glasses for some reason. If you are looking for the best type, look for polarized lenses. Polarized lenses work by limiting glare, and they are generally all-natural. The lenses do not fade, and they are easy to find in the market. The issue with these types of lenses is that they block out LCD and LED lighting. It can be a problem when reading panels only.

There are several types of polarized lenses, such as those with internal customization and coated film found at the top of prescription glasses. The latter is known as the cheapest variety while driving glasses with internal customization. It means that polarization takes place internally, but can be useful in laboratories.


Do not be confused with polarization and tinting because they do not mean the same. With tint, its role is with usability. One example is choosing colors. The most common tint color for night driving glasses is yellow, which can block blue and white lights.


How these driving glasses fit is another important consideration to make. Some people still choose items that do not fit them well because of brand and style. If you want to use it for a prolonged period without feeling uncomfortable, find the right size.


Materials used in lenses may vary, such as Tivex and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate driving glasses are very affordable and very common in the industry. They are durable and work well for those who often drop things accidentally.

On the other hand, tivex is just a new product as this is made of rare material. However, it is worthy of time and money because you get a pair of lightweight night glasses with a better image.


How Does Night Vision and Night Driving Glasses Differ? 

Night vision glasses use infrared technology for a low light setting for better visibility. On the other hand, night driving glasses, especially polarized types, have the same component, but they can have heat signals and see clearly in the dark. Furthermore, a night vision type is often used in military settings. 

Where Can I Buy These Night Driving Glasses? 

There are numerous options for night driving and night vision glasses online as offered by different manufacturers and suppliers. You can also search for local suppliers near your place and visit their shops personally. 

Should I Consult A Doctor on What Type of Eyewear To Use? 

Most health conditions linked to the eyes must be treated, and proper eyewear and practices should be considered. Depending on if you are suffering from an underlying health problem, you should speak with your doctor. He can recommend you using the most appropriate glasses considering your health concern. 

However, in most circumstances, you do not need the doctor’s recommendation when buying your desired night driving glasses. All you need to do is to remember the factors when buying one and check which one meets your needs best. 

Final Thoughts 

With the items provided above, it is the Optix 55 HD Night Driving Glasses that showed superb performance. It has great anti-glare technology, value for money, and quality that people need in such an item. Get the best night driving glasses for you by checking the given list of best products, use the tips, and remember the considerations you need to make before buying them.