10 Best Tire Shine to Buy This 2020

What you want from your car is to achieve a good look from the tires to the roof. That’s when you will use good-quality car wash soap and all other products that can keep the wheels shiny and nice. As with the tires, you surely need to have a tire shine that makes them look nice. 

Use tire shine that can be applied on the outer part of the side wheels. It can suddenly turn your car to be looking crisp and nice after a wash. Once you have placed it on it, the tires will look good as new. 

The question is, how will you choose for a tire shine that lasts longer? This review will guide you to best determine the tire shine to use on your tire. 

 TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe

(Best Overall)

Founded in 1954, Trinova, Inc. has shown dedication to assisting customers with their needs. The corporation is continuously providing solutions and services to clients intending to meet customer’s requests. Part of their mission is to introduce Trinova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe that gives tires a shiny and dark look. 

The dusty and faded tires are now a thing of the past. The advanced protection and coating give tires the shine that you want for. Additional protection is brought forth to the outside elements that may ruin the appearance of the car. 

The level of shine you want is achieved the easy way possible— be it low shine, medium shine, and high shine. This is obtained by detailing professionals.

Key Features:Specs:
★ Comes with Advanced Protection and Coating
★ Differing Shine Options
★ Long-Lasting Gloss
★ Item Weight: 8.33 pounds
★ Folding: No
★ Package Dimensions: 10.4 by 7 by 4.2 inches


  • Easy to be applied and long-lasting
  • Two times longer as compared to foam
  • Makes the Tires Shine


  • None, so far

Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

(Best Value)

CarGuys was founded with a passion for helping clients in the industry of car detailing. The company is committed to offering the best products in the market. Everything created is biodegradable and non-toxic. That is the only way they can be sure not to compromise the safety and health of the people.

Today, the company makes Car Guys Tire Shine Spray available as the best car care kit for car tires. It is easy and quick to apply with no mess and sling. It prevents any run-off and sling through those high speeds. 

This is a complete kit to achieve a deeply rich and perfect jet black shine. It appeals to everybody’s preference and taste when it comes to their tires. It is up to you to choose from a wet looking and high gloss glaze or a rich and deep black. 

This car cleaning supply is a high-quality product and is also environmentally-friendly. It comes with a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee.

Key FeaturesSpecs
★ Microfiber applicator for options from gloss glaze to deep black shine
★ Patented and polymer additives boosting longevity and performance
★ Dry, Easy, and Quick Formula
★ Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
★ Package Dimensions: 10 by 3.6 by 3.1 inches
★ Folding: No


  • The applicator makes the car look like a floor
  • Just the right amount of shine and darkness 
  • Works good achieving a lasting shine


  • Completely gone after the tires’ exposure to two occurrences of rain
  • Not designed to live true to expectations

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

(Premium Pick)


Armor All began in the year of 1962 after having created a miracle formula. This formula introduced can protect plastic, rubber, and vinyl material against zone and ultraviolet rays. 

With almost fifty years in the business, it has ever been prouder to offer Armor All Extreme Tire Shine. This is an extreme black and wet shine. This is trusted to give the protection that the tires need. This is classified as an extra gloss enhancer that achieves a mirror-like and intense shine. This best nourishes, conditions, and preserves the black look of tires. And this can protect tires from fading and cracking. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Two Pack Saves Money
★ An All Protection Armor
★ An Extra Gloss Enhancer
★ Item weight: 3.15 pounds
★ Package Dimensions: 10.8 x 9.5 x 2.2 inches


  • Quick and Easy to Apply without leaving a streak or mess
  • UV Protection leaving a wet and new tire look
  • Slightly and slick oily a secret why it lasts


  • Not suitable for chrome wheels when applied
  • Not works the same as the regular Armor All

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Founded in 1901, Meguiar’s has long been finding the right product to meet the standards of people for their cars. They have a passion for car care coming from manufacturing, development, and research of high-quality and leading products. Today, they are glad to offer Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel that is the advanced formula to use. 

The product can endure several occurrences of rain and washing. It comes with a clean application. Tires are coated evenly without runs, drips, and overspray. It features advanced polymers that keep tires looking dark high, glossy, and rich. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Advanced Polymers Provide That Lasting Protection
★ Rich Black with Dark and High Gloss
★ Clean Application That The Tires are Coated Evenly
★ Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
★ Product Dimensions: 8.5 by 3 by 1.5 inches
★ Exterior: Smooth


  • Dark High and Rich gloss shining for weeks
  • Eliminates mess from streaks, drips, and overspray
  • Easy to apply that rich and uniform appearance is achieved


  • The gel splatter when used too much
  • Not resistant to water that makes it upsetting

Ethos Car Tire Shine Spray


Ethos is established to create car care products that can make professional results. Car care has always been their obsession installing protective films and coatings on high-end cars. Only refined and highest-quality products are provided, including the Ethos Car Tire Shine Spray. 

The product provides the right amount of shine, which is not greasy. It does not sling or run once when applied on the vehicle tires. It is safe to be used for vinyl or rubber surfaces. It works well with any vinyl, plastic, and rubber surface. 

It is fortified with UV protectants and blockers. It can prevent fading and premature aging of all rubber, tire, plastic, or vinyl surfaces. It is long-lasting because the sling formula is not added. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Water-based to work with any surface
★ Great ultraviolet protection that prevents fading, premature aging
★ Long-Lasting without that Sling Results
★ Item weight: 1.21 pounds
★ Package dimensions: 9.7 by 3.3. by 2.6 inches


  • Gives enough shine that is not disappointing
  • Does perform as described 
  • The finish is not greasy but is brilliantly shiny


  • Two hours of the application later wash it off
  • After several times of heavy rain, the shine is gone

Lucas Oil Tire & Trim Shine


Lucas is among the growing companies producing the best lines of additives and lubricants. It steadfastly adheres to selling additive lines for specialty situations and industries. It has a selection of high- performance gear oils and engine oils that include the Lucas Oil Tire & Trim Shine.

The said product is part of heavy-duty products. It is built based on productivity, innovation, and creativity. It is exceptionally high following the rates of orders received. It can bring reliable performance. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Heavy-duty
★ Finest Automotive Accessory
★ Exceptional and Functional Great Care
★ Item Weight: 11.2 ounces
★ Product Dimensions: 10.8 by 2 by 1.5 inches
★ Folding: No
★ Cover: Automotive Accessories, Auto Part, Performance and replacement parts


  • When applied can leave a satiny and smooth look
  • Does not splotch and streak which is a failure by other products
  • The stuff holds up so well


  • Tried but commented on to be subpar after being applied
  • Is not the same in quality with the original tire shines

Aero Cosmetics Tire Dressing

Aero Cosmetics is established to offer washing, degreasing, polishing, and aircraft cleaning equipment and products. It has been around in the industry for over thirty-two years now. Among its introduced products is the Aero Cosmetics Tire Dressing, which helps tires not to attract dirt but achieves only a shiny look. 

It is used by following rubber care instructions. It’s when it can leave a dark black satin and matte look. The portion applied is left dry to the touch. The rubber is expected to stay longer and cleaner. It is also easy for you to clean it and keep it. 

The product is an aircraft-grade and high-quality rubber conditioner and treatment. It protects and restores plastics and rubber. It also meets the specifications set by the Boeing Aircraft. 

Moreover, it is excellent to use on weather stripping, rubber, plastic, and tires. It is also safe to use on aircraft surfaces. It can be used as a product for RV’s, trucks, and cars. 

Key Features:
★ Beautiful matte look and dark and black satin achieved in the tire
★ High-quality and Aircraft grade designed
★ Excellent and safe to use even on Aircraft surfaces


  • The tire shine is not that oily that is why it is likable
  • Does not attract dust or dirt 
  • Incredible leaving a rich and nice black tire


  • None, so far

Mothers 06924 Back-to-BlackTire Shine


Mothers Care Care is established to provide for quality-crafted and progressive formulas. And these products are emphasized with an old-school and traditional charm. Their goal is to help you get the job done right. That is why they sell Mothers 06924 Back-to-Black Tire Shine. 

This product is designed to provide a long-lasting, high-gloss, and protective barrier. This can keep tires looking longer, blacker, and more quality. It features an adjustable nozzle that can reduce an overspray. 

It does not allow car owners to suffer from a compromised tire. The tire shine brings only a quality shine. It is formulated with the application of technology for surface care. It is long-lasting, high-gloss, and protective as a barrier. The tires are then able to keep looking longer and blacker.

Key Features:Specs:
★ Adjustable Nozzle that reduces overspray
★ Quality shine that keeps the tires looking longer and blacker
★ Long-lasting and high-gloss barrier
★ Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
★ Product dimensions: 3 by 5 by 11 inches
★ Folding: No


  • Quality shine is kept 
  • Tires kept longer and blacker making it a long-lasting and protective barrier
  • Not that toxic to use adding to its good value


  • Does not last long when used on the car every weekend
  • Life depends upon the one using the product

Black Magic Tire Wet Gel


Black Magic began in 1990, introducing a single product packaged in a squeeze bottle. It was when customers used it on their tires. It stayed shiny for a longer time as compared to competitor’s products. 

The company became successful until its product line expanded into wax & detail products, vehicle wash, wheel and tire care, and more. And now, it emphasizes the product named Black Magic Tire Wet Gel. 

The wet tire gel is made up of advanced silicone type of formula. It can shine and last longer for a glossy, black, and wet look. It is created with a formula for self-healing that fills in scuffs. That is when a shiny appearance is maintained at it. 

It is rinse-resistant and weather-resistant as a tire shine. Once when applied, it can last for up to about eight weeks. It adheres to the tires producing only minimal sling.

Key Features:Specs:
★ Rinse-resistant and Weather resistant formula lasting for about eight weeks
★ Silicone formula made up in advance 
★ Applicator sponge for ease and convenience of application
★ Item weight: 0.16 ounces
★ Product Dimensions: 2.5 by 2.5 by 8.6 inches
★ Cover included: one brand item


  • Makes tires appear glossy, black, and wet for weeks
  • Sticks to the tires producing residue-free kind of shine and minimal sling 
  • Wet look minimally achieved along with shiny that lasts long


  • The applicator is difficult when used 
  • Quite awkward for one to use which requires patience

Griot’s Garage Shine Tire Gel

Known as a recognized brand around the world, Griots Garage is as trusted in the field of detailing supplies, car care products, and garage accessories. They have an amazing selection of products of towels, applicators, orbital buffers, and show waxes. Included in these products is the Griot’s Garage Shine Tire Gel. 

This tire gel can eliminate a messy overspray. It enables you to be in control of the gloss level. This way, the tires will achieve a glossy and showy sine and Satin finish. 

It creates a more uniform and darker color. It also adds a high-gloss and durable shine to the tires. It is water-resistant while it provides a no messy and smooth overspray. 

Key Features:Specs:
★ Formula beads of water that is the same as the beaver pelt
★ A gel that is not messy but only is smooth
★ Glossy shine and the sedate satin finish is achieved
★ Item Weight: 1.75 pounds
★ Product Dimensions: 2.6 by 2.6 by 7.6 inches
★ Folding: No
★ Cover: Tire Gel


  • A uniformed and darker color is created
  • A glossy and durable shine is achieved to the tires
  • Clings well to the side part of the tire
  • Stands up against harmful elements meaning protection


  • When used to detail a car during the weekend, it’s when the shine will be gone by the middle of the week
  • A glossier look is not achieved as wanted

Best Tire Shine Buying Guide & FAQ

Why Do You Need Tire Shine?

Below are the three benefits that can come with using a tire shine. 


It pays off to use a tire shine as it adds up to making a car appeals luxurious. It can be waxed down and continue shining. 

Look Nice

The tire shine will enable the tires to stay nice and good-looking. 

Protection from the Sun

The rays of the sun will turn a tire into something brownish. It might also mess up its drywall. That is when a tire shine featuring UV protection avoids it from occurring. 

Types of Tire Shine

Below are the types of tire shine that you must think about that suit to your tires better.

  • Spray Tire Shine. This can provide for better coverage and can be easy to apply.
  • Gel Tire Shine. This gives better control, and this lasts longer. 
  • Foam Tire Shine. This can last long, and this can provide for more control

What to Look for When Buying Tire Shine

Your goal is to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. You also want to prevent the presence of cracks in the tire. You also include maintaining the air pressure in the tire by lubricating the pores. It is just that you still seem to question what the right tire shine is for your car. 

We suggest that you choose the best one that meets your needs, following the criteria below.

Convenience in Applying It

Consider the convenience brought about by applying a tire shine on the tire. Include as well the control given to you prior to its application. It boils down to two factors, such as the time and the control. As with the time, a liquid-based tire shiner demands less time in the delivery of goods. Although you have nicely spread it already on the surface of the tire, it will still require more time for the rubber to absorb the gel.

In terms of control, a gel-based tire shine provides you more control over your application. A thick formula means to say less wastage. A liquid-based gel is somehow the opposite. There is wastage once when you apply it. 

Finish Type

Would you want your tire to be aesthetically pleasing? Would you want it to discover its fresh and natural look again?  It is up to you to decide on two finishes of shiny or glossy finish or satin/matte finish. 

The glossy finish gives way for your tires to stand out in the crowd. It is just that it requires a lengthy time for it to project itself. The matte/satin finish is like an original shine of the wheels achieved. It may not stand out after having been parked. But, this is better due to being performance-wise. 

Tips for Buying and Using Tire Shine

You will need to keep in mind a few things before considering buying a tire shine. And below are among those you must remember. 

  • What is a tire shine made up of? It is often made up of solvent-based or water-based ingredients. 
  • Do you still need to clean the tires before applying the tire shine? Yes. You will need to remove the dirt, dust, and grime. Make use of suitable cleaning equipment and cleaning solution. And follow it up with applying a tire shine.
  • Is it needed to read on the instructions of applying a tire shine? Yes. Make sure that you follow the instructions given to the product. Be more careful so that the product won’t damage the brakes and any other parts.
  • How many minutes should I allow the tire shine to sit? It will need about ten to twenty minutes to be a good measure. Never drive off in the car right away. Or else, it might just ruin your work.

Best Tire Shine FAQ:

Here are among the commonly-asked questions that come with answers to guide you along the way of using a tire shine. 

Q: How many times must I apply for a tire shine?

A: It is best recommended to apply a tire shine after a car wash. This is to achieve a deep and lasting tire shine and protection. 

Q: What does the precautionary statement on the tire shine pertain?

A: It means to say the potential harmfulness and chemical make-up of the tire shine. As to the degree of the precautionary level to follow, it will mean the chemicals like glycerine, silicone, and petroleum. 

Q: Is there a need to still use a sponge in dabbing off the extra tire shine?

A: The use of a sponge is needed when dabbing off that extra tire shine. This is essential in the prevention of dirt, grime, and brake dust that clings to the tires. Also, remember that a properly cleaned tire can absorb a tire shine. 

Our Top Pick

We like the Car Guys Tire Shine Spray better as it achieves a deeply rich and also a perfect black shine. It suits anyone’s preference and taste. Plus, it is environmentally-friendly, along with a hundred percent money-back guarantee. Its features are impressive, like the microfiber applicator, dry and easy quick formula, and patented and polymer additives.