How to Add Tweeters to Car Speakers

How to Add Tweeters to Car Speakers

Every car owner wants to improve his vehicle, including its audio system. That’s where tweeters come in. Tweeters are a kind of loudspeaker that is made to produce sounds with high frequencies that will improve how music is delivered inside the car.

These are the steps to follow in installing tweeters.

Mount The Tweeters

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  • Cut off the power in your vehicle by disconnecting the negative cable. Doing so will aid in avoiding any possible short circuits that can damage the other components of your car. To start it off, wear insulated gloves to protect you against any harm you might get from your leakage in your battery.
  • Before you proceed to mount the tweeter, decide where you will place it. If it is placed inside the car door or under the dashboard, some panels might be removed for installation. Through a screwdriver and a flat knife, remove the screws and gently remove the panel away. (If you will surface mount the tweeter, skip this step.)
  • Begin to mount your tweeter in the dashboard panel. You can place the tweeter underneath a speaker grille, which is also known as bottom mount installation. These are pre-existing holes installed in the car factory.
  • If you cannot find any holes, you can drill them on your own with a depth of about ¼ inch to ensure everything will surely be attached.
  • To place the speakers nearer to the driver, you can mount them in your car door. Just begin drilling space in your target space that is about the size of your tweeter. Then place the tweeter’s foundation into the hole and place the tweeter securely inside.
  • If you cannot find a space for your tweeter, you can opt to place it on any flat surface. In this method, you can get a small electric drill to produce a hole. This will serve as space for the electric wires to pass through accurately. Through a screwdriver and a couple of screws, you will be able to secure the foundation of the speaker for prolonged usage. Finally, the last thing that you should do is to place the speaker into its foundation.

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Wire The Tweeters

  • Locate the crossover of your car and connect all of the wires of the tweeter there. Make sure you connect the positive wires to the positive posts and do the same for the negative ones.
  • Fasten all the electrical wires to your tweeter and screw the caps back onto the posts for securing the wires carefully.

Test Out the Tweeters To Ensure They Work Properly

  • Reconnect the car battery.
  • Turn on the car radio and turn up the volume.
  • Observe the sounds that you get from the tweeter to ensure that everything sounds well without any unwanted vibrations. Vibrations mean that the tweeters were not attached correctly.

If Applicable, Reattach All the Panels You Have Removed

  • For those who went with bottom mounting and flush mounting, you should screw the door panels or the dashboard back into place.
  • Once again, test the tweeters to make sure that the tweeters were not loosened up and are working properly.