How to Boost a Car Battery With a Booster Pack

How to Boost a Car Battery With a Booster Pack

Every driver might face problems with dead batteries at any moment. In fact, there are many possible reasons which might cause draining your car battery. There might be instances that you forgot to turn off the headlights of your car or any other circumstances. 

During winter, old batteries quickly discharge, it gives more problems to many car owners. This is why you need to boost your car battery with the help of a booster pack. How to do it? Take time to read. 

Is Using another Car is a Good Idea? 

Before heading on, many people thought that the best solution when facing situations like this is to jump-start their cars by running other cars. Well, this actually works fine, but just a little reminder; this is not the best solution. 

If you are using modern cars, it is not safe to use another car to jump-start your battery. The digital cars found in modern vehicles contributed to this factor. Using a running car to solve this problem might cause a voltage surge, which might cause damage to both cars. 

An Excellent Choice: Booster Pack 

To help car owners easily solve dead car battery issues, here is the best recommendation, using a booster pack. 

Also called a portable jump starter, a booster pack will jump-start your car battery with a safe voltage. Experts suggested this method as the safest one when you face a situation like this. 

Just like what it has stated earlier, jumping your car with another car is possible. However, it has many risks with it, which might lead to damages and other untoward events. 

Boosting your Car Battery with Booster Pack 

Using a booster pack is not a difficult task as long as you will follow the instruction properly. Before starting, always use precautionary measures to ensure safety during the whole process. 

Do not forget the manual before starting; wear protective safety gear like gloves as well as eye protection. Also, make sure that you are not wearing any jewelry during the process.  Maintain a feasible distance from the battery, especially to your face, and ensure that there are no flammable materials near the battery. 

Most of all, make sure that your car is turned off, and the booster pack is far from the battery with enough connection through its cables. The booster pack should be turned off before connections are made. 

Step 1 – Charge your Booster Pack in Full 

This is a must! Even though you don’t have problems with your car battery yet, you need to make sure that your booster pack is always full charge. If you are not using it regularly, you need to charge it at least once in six months. This is because your booster pack might degrade the battery or the worst; it will not hold a charge anymore. It is also important to fully charge your booster pack before having long trips. 

 Step 2 – Setting the appropriate position 

Choose the right position or place for your pack. It should be far from the battery but with enough distance for the cable for connection. 

Step 3 – Make sure that vehicles and the booster pack are turned off before connecting the clamp

If cables are permanently attached to the booster pack, you may ignore this step. However, if it’s not, you need to make sure that both the booster pack and your car are turned off. This is to prevent any possible damage to other electrical components in case the cables are not connected properly. Also, headlights, stereo, and other devices and equipment of your car should have turned off. 

Step 4 – Connect the clamps

Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the battery. Do the same with the negative terminal. 

Step 5- Start the booster pack 

After setting everything, it is now time to turn on the booster pack. 

Step 6 – Start your car

After starting the booster car, you may now start your car. When your engine doesn’t start right away, avoid cranking the engine for more than 5 seconds; allow 2 to 3 minutes break instead. 

Step 7 – Turn off booster pack and remove the clamps

When your car’s engine starts, switch off your booster pack and remove the cables. 

Step 8 – Recharge the booster pack 

When you are done with the process, please allow your booster pack to cool down. It is also recommended to recharge your booster pack even though it has enough amount of charge left. 

You can find a lot of recommendations given by the experts in choosing and buying a booster pack in the internet. You may also can ask from your local stores for excellent choices. Just have the prudence to get ideas only from reliable sources.  

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