How to Break in Speakers Properly

How to Break in Speakers Properly

Your intention of buying new speakers is that you have to play music the best way possible. You may be dismayed as they only give you their optimal function in several hours of playing your favorite tracks.

Would you rather buy a different type or do some ways about it? If you settle for the latter, you should have some ideas on how to do it.

The Importance of Breaking In your Speakers

You might want to do the process of breaking in the speakers before you put them in use. So the sound coming from them will be awesome for your ears.

You have to do this process to lessen the rigidness as they become more flexible. If they’re moved, you let them improve as they become more dynamic in delivering the sound. 

Some may be reluctant to do this procedure. They can be convinced once they have the idea of how breaking in affects the parts to provide better sound.

Two Components that are Affected When you Break-In Speakers

If you’re still in doubt of this process, you ought to know that several audio experts and manufacturers agree with it. Mechanical stuff like speakers values the opportunity that their parts moved several times. 

It happens as two components are affected by breaking in process, and they are the surround and the spider. 


It is usually from foam and rubber materials. It is used to link the speaker basket with the cone’s edge. 

You have to take off the speaker grille for you to find this part. 


It establishes a connection between the cone’s center and the basket. You can’t find it right away as it is usually concealed in the cabinet of the speakers. 

Both of them are flexible as they can be in motion’s full range. They can move freely so there will be a better response. You can view it as stretching before doing exercises.

How to Break in Speakers

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You can break in your speakers in several ways. You can opt for buying gear. But there’s a simple way which would not make you spend more money.

What you need to do is to turn on the audio and play large, dynamic range that goes with strong high end and solid deep bass. Your goal is to loosen up the materials of the speaker. That’s how you do the breaking in.

You have to turn up the volume or make it louder than usual. It’s a method that you can push the speakers over their limit and not just the regular function. 

You don’t need to reach the maximum volume. Louder than usual is fine. 

You can use familiar, so you can notice the big difference. It’s not only an easy and simple process, but it also makes breaking in faster than you expected.

You can do it for 100 hours. You may think that it’s hard to achieve, but it will come down as a small number if you don’t give up from the break-in time.

Enjoy it while you’re doing it. You can turn on your favorite songs and movies while you make it work. 

Final Thoughts

The simplest form of breaking in is presented in this article as you can do it yourself properly, and there’s no need to spend more money. You can gain the maximum potential of your speakers by keeping it loud for a certain number of hours.

You can invite friends and other family members to rock with you together with the speakers. Be patient to allow the speakers to keeps on going until it works at its best.

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