How to Buff a Paint Scratch Out of a Car

How to Buff a Paint Scratch Out of a Car

As cars were used every day, it is unavoidable to keep it all the time from the possibilities of scratches. Be it a slight pain scratch or a deep one, and you must deal with this problem right away. Indeed, taking good care of your car sometimes requires a lot of effort; however, there are ways to solve it easily. Check out this post as it will help you deal with paint scratch effectively. 

Wash Your Car Properly 

A lot of people deal paint scratch on their cars right away but end up with the worst scratches. First things first, clean your car properly. Before making any step in dealing with this problem, make sure to wash and clean your car properly. 

With the use of soap and water and a lint-free cloth, clean your car, especially the area with pain scratches. 

Use a Rubbing Compound

Luckily, there are various products in the market that will help you in buffing paint scratch from your car. With many brands you can choose, you may ask someone you knew who has a lot of experience in this matter or ask in the local shops near you. 

When using a rubbing compound, you may still use a lint-free cloth and apply a dime size of rubbing compound to the paint scratch. Take note, this will take of your time and will require some pressure in its application. Make sure that there are no white streaks and cloudiness in your car before heading on to the next steps. 

Use Paint Swirl Remover

After applying a rubbing compound on the scratched part of your car, depending on how deep or big the paint scratch is, you may still see swirls in the topcoat of your car. With this, you need to use paint swirls remover. It is an effective tool that might as well, available in different brands with good quality. You can check the best brands of paint swirl remover at the local shop near you. 

Additional Tip – Use A Toothpaste 

The use of toothpaste has been a famous DIY hack for many scratch problems. Even in dealing with car paint scratches, buffing it off can be done with the help of your very own toothpaste. 

With a dry and soft cloth, add a dab of toothpaste and apply it to the area with pain scratch. Put it in a circular motion until the scratch mark has been buffed off. When you don’t see pain scratch anymore, then you are done. 

In using toothpaste, just like using a rubbing compound, you must clean the area thoroughly first to avoid more scratches caused by surrounding dirt. Always bear in mind that cleaning your car first is always the first step before you will go on with the actual buffing process. 

In this method, a lot of people are asking if any toothpaste will do. In this case, whitening toothpaste is the best choice since it acts with its abrasive features working gently on the surface, leaving it to shine at the same time. 


All of the above tips are found as effective ways to buff off car paint scratches. Though these methods give a solution to such problems, more serious damage might need the help of professionals. Nevertheless, these ways will help you buy more time before you can find enough resources to get your car professional care. 

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