How to Charge a Car Battery Without a Charger

How to Charge a Car Battery without a Charger

Most people are aware that car batteries are charged by the electrical system of the vehicle itself. However, just like other car components, there will always be times that batteries may encounter emergencies. Of course, you will not aim for this scenario, but who knows, having ideas on dealing is way off better than not doing anything. 

Despite the danger and inconvenience of a dead car battery, at least, there is a way for you to fix it. Though you might not have an available charger, the good news is that you can actually charge your car battery without a charger. How to do it? Take time to read this post. 

Check your needed paraphernalia

Before getting your phone and search on how to charge your car battery without a charger, make sure that you have certain equipment first. These include light bulbs, eyewear for protection, thick and strong gloves, and wire probes and clips. 

Just a quick reminder, always make sure that you bring your car repair kit with you. It must have flashlights, extra fuse, a blanket, screwdrivers, and etc. 

Charging time 

  • Get your wire probe and clips. Check the color properly as red and black signifies the positive and the negative terminals for charging. 
  • Make sure to charge your cell phone as well, especially if you’re almost running out of battery. Make sure to call your family or friends and informed them so that they can help or rescue you. You may also find a nearby place or business place to help you jump off your car. 
  • It’s time for your car key to turn in an “off” position. Always make sure that you are positioning your car safely, and it will not move. Engage in parking brake, especially if you are on a hill then, lift your car’s hood. 
  • Put the “negative” cables on the terminals and put those clamps in black colors on your car’s metal frame. Ensure a safe connection, and it should not be moved easily. If it’s difficult for you to have a secure connection, you can put black clamps on the black terminal. The other end of these black clamps should be placed on the negative terminal of the good battery. 
  • Place the other pair of the wire or cable to the red, which are positive terminal for the car. The red clamps or clips must be placed properly in the good battery’s positive terminal. The charging auto’s driver or operator should start the car first. Keep it running for one to two minutes. 
  • Allowing your vehicle to charge for a few minutes is necessary. After this, you may start your auto, and it should start now immediately. If you observe that it doesn’t start immediately, you can wait for a few more minutes. Once your vehicle starts, it should be charged more by letting it run. This must be done before turning off, and you can now remove the wires from the battery. 

Additional tips 

Before starting your vehicle, you may brush your battery and clean it properly. This will give your battery a better current. In addition, when you happen to experience such situations in streets or roads close to traffics, always make sure that you will place your reflectors properly. 

A very important reminder

Although this method is not a complicated one, you must also be careful. Always observe the proper placing of cables to the right terminals. Incorrect placement might lead to a battery explosion and might cause injury. 

It is a good idea that every car owner has bits of knowledge in cases like this. Having a car gives convenience, but every operator must also have ideas on dealing with emergencies. It will surely help you a lot.

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