How to Charge Car Battery at Home With Laptop Charger

How to Charge Car Battery at Home With Laptop Charger

What if you need to charge your car battery now, but you lost its charger, and upon looking around, you only found your laptop and its charger. Good thing, laptop’s charger can also be used as a charger for your car battery, and needless to say, it is a very useful trick that actually works in times of emergencies. 

It might sound a simple task, but as a car owner, it is highly significant that you’ll possess an idea of helpful tricks that you can apply. In this post, we’ll teach you how to charge your car battery using a laptop charger. 

Precautionary Measure 

First thing first, it is important to keep safe all the time and protect your equipment from possible damage. 

Avoid making a mistake during the process. Either you’re a professional in such a field or still discovering; it is a must to always wear gloves, wear eye protection, and keep in mind not to ignite your engine. Doing so might create an electric shock when you connect the battery of your car to the electricity source. 

Charging Time 

Step 1 – Setting up everything you need 

Before starting the charging process, always make sure that you have all the needed materials. These includes:

·      Laptop charger (between 10-17v will do)

·      Jumper wire cables (although wires will work out fine, using jumpers are way safer)

·      Digital multimeter and voltmeter 

·      Car battery 

Step 2 – Wiring Time 

Put the battery not too close but not too far also from the plug-in outlet. Place the digital multimeter close to the car battery enough for you to easily check the current. 

Check the polarity as it is an important part of the whole charging process. Check the plus and minus signs and connect plus to plus and minus to minus. 

Before starting to charge, open the cells of your car battery. This is because when the car battery is almost fully charged, the cells release a large amount of hydrogen. This increases pressure inside, which might be unsafe. 

Step 3 – Always check the voltage 

While you are charging your car battery, don’t forget to check the voltage using your digital voltmeter. 

On the other hand, using a digital multimeter, also check the charging current. This will give you an estimate as to how many hours will charging time takes place. 

Some car owners love to make charging time even faster. If this is also your case, you must increase the charging current by adding light bulbs. This method increases voltage; thus, charging current will also increase. 

Step 4 – Check the cells of your car battery

Always check the car battery’s cells if it releases hydrogen. This indicates that the car battery is already fully charged. 

Step 5 – Clean the set-up 

Disconnect the wirings properly and put them in place. Clean the set-up, and don’t forget to check your car battery or your laptop charger to ensure safety on both types of equipment. 

As you see, your laptop charger is highly useful, and every car owner should have an idea of tricks like this. After all, you do not know when emergencies happen. 

On the other hand, either you’re still a novice or an expert, put in mind that safety comes first. Avoid risking safety through not following proper instruction. This might be a simple hack, but it might also bring danger when reckless actions take place.

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