How to Charge Car Battery with Inverter

How to Charge Car Battery with Inverter

When it comes to necessity, people tend to always find a way of making the impossible possible. Keeping your car battery alive and well will ensure good operation. While charging the battery of your car is not a difficult task; additional experience and ideas will also help in times of emergency. 

There is a proper way to charge your car’s battery, but there is also another way, which is quite helpful. Many people ask if charging the battery of your car with the use of an inverter is possible. Well, the answer to this question is yes. However, unlike the traditional way of charging, this option requires experience and knowledge to avoid serious problems within your car battery. 

What is an inverter? 

Converting the DC voltage to AC voltage is the work of an inverter. This equipment has a lot of functions. One of these is that inverter can be used as a back-up of power supply from battery charging separately. 

The difference between a car battery and inverter battery 

These two equipment have a relationship with each other. Their only difference it when it comes to their capacity. Car battery with 50 Ah as an average capacity while inverter battery gives 120 Ah. 

The Charging Process

 While there are many confusions about the efficiency of charging a car battery with an inverter, the definite answer is yes, its possible.  As long as your inverter reaches the required number of volts, you can always apply this method. 

Most of the time, home inverters offer a 12-volt battery. Its charging circuits usually recharge up to 13 to 14 volts of batteries. Since car batteries commonly have 12 volts, recharging your car battery is really possible. 

When charging your car battery with an inverter, always keep in mind that the inverter should be powered off. The main supply should be kept turned ON, but the UPS must be turned off. Turning on the UPS is only necessary if you need a backup power through the car battery you are charging. 

Also, always be mindful of the extension cables. There are inverters whose cables are difficult to recognize. It is better not to add extension cables, but instead, you can bring the lead of matched polarity inverter. Make sure to clip it tightly on the battery, 

Using inverter amidst of crisis for a dead battery is an efficient solution, many mechanical pros have been using. With the right knowledge and experience. 

Safety tips to keep your battery in good health 

Draining a battery is not a good idea. When you use your car, its battery gets enough amount of power through its alternator. Following certain rules will keep you running out of battery or the need to charge your car battery in a separate manner. 

In order to keep your battery in a healthy state, you may apply the following: 

  • Use your car on a regular basis. This will enable the alternator to supply enough charge to the battery of your car. 
  • Always turn off the headlights as well as other devices when you park your car since this will consume the power supply of your battery. 
  • When your car is not always used, you can drive once every week for seven up to 8 hours. This will make sure that the voltage of your battery is steady. 

Charging up the battery of your car has other ways, but charging in its normal manner is an effective way to keep the quality of your car battery. Although using an inverter is an effective step, this should only be used as an alternative.

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