How to Choose a New Car Stereo

How to Choose a New Car Stereo

Car stereo is one of the popular upgrades you can have in your car. You should know the right components so you should be knowledgeable about the things that the market can offer. You should also know how to choose the right parts.

Aside from making the dashboard of your car look cool, the powerful circuit design of high-quality stereo brings a richer, cleaner, and clearer sound. Its details are refined.

Though newer cars have a nice stock unit, it can’t beat the customized components of sound and utility.

Modern innovation of car stereo features USB auxiliary input and audio or video so you can link external subwoofers or amplifiers, portable playback devices, and video monitors installed at the rear seat.

The aftermarket can let you enjoy the quality of sound based on your personal preference. You may create something like you’re on a spaceship.

A light show can also be arranged inside your car and many other options. It has the versatility that you will truly appreciate.

Getting a new car stereo brings a lot of wonderful and functional parts like as follows:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • DVD player
  • GPS for navigation
  • Internet radio with app support
  • iPod, iPhone and Android support
  • MP3, AAC playback, WMA
  • Satellite radio
  • Touchscreen monitor

When it comes to the security system, a car stereo won’t let it pass. It has removable or portable face units. Programmable user codes are also available.

Features you Have to Consider in Choosing a New Car Stereo


An audio source is essential for a head unit. You have a lot of options for this.

You can have a traditional CD player with allotted space for your CDS. You can also go for a digital media receiver or known as a Mecheless receiver.

It’s possible to have a large A/V touchscreen stereo, which is colorful. 

When you settle for the CD receiver, you should add a USB port in case you or some friends want to connect a media player or smartphone.

Size and Control 

You should consider the size when choosing a component for a car stereo. You need to choose between single and double DIN stereo receiver whichever brand you prefer.

Single-DIN is usually smaller than its counterpart. It has less sophisticated controls as buttons and knobs are familiar. 

It usually fits in any kind of dashboard. It comes with detachable faceplates, and it won’t be too obvious for the thieves to see.

You may want to get the bigger double-DIN if you want to have many features mentioned above in the introduction. 

You should realize that simple thing is better when you are going through rush hour traffic or cruising on a highway.

Speakers, Subwoofers

You have to make up your mind between components and speakers that are full range and coaxial. Amid arguments, component speakers proved that they could bring out the good sound quality, but they cost a lot.

Full-range speakers can also satisfy your need for music. It’s so easy to install and cheaper than the previous option.

It’s easy to find coaxial speakers that fit into the existing mount of your car. 

Adding a subwoofer is a decision you have to make. It’s not required, but it can result in dramatic change not just with the bass but mainly with the sound.

A subwoofer is available in different sizes from small to large. You can get something that would fit the available space in your car.

You can get any kind of speaker, but just make sure it can handle the stereo’s power. It can blow out when it exceeds the level that the speakers can handle. 


The internal amplifier in an audio source works with the in-dash receiver to make your car speaker alive. RMS and peak powers are the ways the power of the amplifier is forwarded.

The amount of power the amplifier can produce is called power, and it is measured in watts. You will mind this thing when you listen to music. You may want to know the possible highest volume it can give.

More watts don’t always mean better sound. But more RMS power is better as it gives you headroom for volume without needing to reach the limit of the amp’s ability. 

App and Smartphone Integration

Smartphones work well with your car stereo. You have to research how an old phone model, iPhone, and Android phones work. 

There are stereo models that have a label that shows which phone it can be compatible with. Do a little bit of homework to ensure that they would eventually work.

If you use apps like Pandora or iHEart, look for a stereo that features things that allow you to control those things. It would be easier and safer to use when you’re driving.

Local Radio and Satellite

You should consider having a connection with AM and FM stations. It’s good to have a radio tuner to access local stations.

If you listen to it often, it’s best to get a stereo receiver that has HD radio decoding. This thing enhances the quality of sound from local stations. It can be attained when they broadcast in digital form.

You can create multicast from the subprograms of some stations. 

Installation of New Car Stereo

Every car owner will have a different approach to installing a new car stereo. Of course, different cars and stereos need different attention.

The things mentioned above are the ones you have to consider when upgrading the stereo system of your car. It can be pretty simple.

You can hire a certified installer if you want to. It’s reasonable if you want to be ascertained of what you’re doing. It may come as free of charge when you buy a stereo system. 

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