How to Choose an Amplifier for Car Speakers

How to Choose an Amplifier for Car Speakers

The car sound system might be the least of the concerns of every car owner, but if you are a music lover and love to take long drives on weekends, a good speaker will help you get into a good mood easily. If the dull and distorted noises from your speaker bother you, then there’s a need for you to change your amplifier. External amplifiers will help you fix and improve the quality of sound. 

You don’t necessarily need an amplifier if you already have excellent speakers. The purpose of the amplifier is to boot up its audio system and enhance the quality of the sound and making it clearer and louder.

If you are set to buy an amplifier for your car speakers, there are some factors you must consider. Here are some guides for you to decide which amplifier is worth your money’s worth.


Car amplifier models hold different numbers of channels.  Picking the accurate number is key. The speaker gets its power from the channel. The single-channel powers the same single speaker.  If your car audio system has multiple speakers, a multi-channel amplifier can be your best choice.

Here are some of the different types of channels:

1. Mono Channel Amplifiers 

This channel has only one channel. However, they only have restricted use. The advantage lies in its power and the little heat it gives during signal transmittance. 

2. Channel Amplifiers 

As the name states, this has two channels and can support two speakers. This channel has two types – class A and AB. 

Class A uses one transistor, and the advantage lies in the clearness of the signal; however, it utilizes a lot of energy and gives more heat. 

Class AB has two transistors and is secure and power sufficient. 

3. Channel Amplifiers

This class is two amplifiers combined. It has class AB and D. It is good for insufficient space problems. 

4. Channel Amplifiers

It has four outputs that power four speakers. This is the most used for this channel powers the front speakers and the back. It provides a likable audio effect.


The objective of having an amplifier is to provide more power to the speakers. It is highly recommended to first examine the power ratings of your car speakers and decide about the amplifier after comparing the two.

This is important; before making a purchase, check the compatibility of the preferred amplifier and your car’s audio system.


Size is one of the very important factors since amplifiers are external. Decide where to put the amplifier and measure the space ahead of time so you won’t waste time looking for amplifiers that won’t even fit. Make sure it is placed where air can pass efficiently.


It is the best option to buy an amplifier from a reliable and trusted brand.  Cheap ones can be dangerous. For the excellent quality and security, invest in these branded ones. You will get your money’s worth with its durability and excellent condition.

Remember to always use high-quality wiring kits for security. Getting an amplifier might make you spend a lot of money when choosing the best and long-lasting, but in the end, it will be worth it. This is better than purchasing mediocre ones only to find it broken and with no good quality. So, make the right choice and experience clear and good quality music each moment you hit the road.

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