How to Choose an LED Light Bar

How to Choose an LED Light Bar

You might be preparing for a road trip somewhere without adequate light, or you just want your car to have that look, using these LED lights will do the trick. Over the years, LED lights are proven effective and efficient. They also last longer than the traditional light bulb.   However, when buying one, you must take note of some important details, as well as your needs. You must take note of the things you deemed important from your LED light bar. To get your money’s worth, make sure to pick the right and the best-LED light bar.

To help you decide, here are the different LED light bar features you might consider. 

LED Light Bar Features 

1. Shape

When choosing the shape, you have two options: a curved LED light bar or a straight LED light bar. There is no recommended shape for any type of car. It is your preference that is taken into consideration. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose. 

When deciding, you must also determine where to put the LED light bar so it will be of great use respectively to your desires and requirements. You can mount it on top of the vehicle, on the bumper, or right above the windshield.

2. Size

This is one of the essential features to consider in choosing the LED light bulb. The LED bar light sizes range from 4 inches to 50 inches.

The larger the LED light bar, the more bulbs it has. So, it is significantly brighter. Though the smaller ones also offer the quality amount of light. Larger light bars are also more expensive than the smaller ones.

3. Beam Pattern

When choosing the beam patterns, there are three possible choices: a spot beam light, a flood beam light, a combination beam pattern.

Spot beam lights extend light as far as possible but are too narrow. It is good when driving on the road. 

Flood beam lights extend light as wide as possible and are best when driving off the road. 

The combination beam pattern uses both of these beams and tends to be more expensive.

Number of Rows

When choosing the number of rows, you also have two options: single row or double row.

Your choice may depend on your preference. Also, you must take into consideration the size of your vehicle as well as the cost. 

Though the double row is more popular, the single row offers good quality to those who want to keep a low profile of the car.

Exterior Color

Just like the shape and number of rows, you have two options for the exterior color: black or white. 

Black is the standard and the most popular, while white is preferred by drivers who want to match the light bar to match the color of their car.

Led Light Color

You can also play with colors when it comes to your light bars. 

White Light. It is the brightest and is most suitable for any kind of driving. 

Amber light. It is most useful for driving when there is fog or any low visibility situations. 

Other colors range from blue, green, or red. These are nice touches to create a little bit of character to your car.

If you want your LED light bar purchase to be as pleasant and hassle-free as possible, search and inquire from a trusted and reliable brand. This will not only ensure a good quality product, but it will provide good customer satisfaction. Finding the right kind of LED light bar may turn out fun for you. You will feel more excited than ever. Keep these features in mind, and in no time, you will be illuminating up the lanes.

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