How to Clean Black Upholstery in Car

How to Clean Black Upholstery in Car

A black car with black upholstery looks sophisticated and elegant. No wonder many people choose black car seats for its sleek design. 

While many are thinking that choosing black upholstery is a wise choice when it comes to controlling dirt, well, you are wrong. The truth is, it is a magnet of dirt making any stain stands out. 

Yet, it shouldn’t stop you from liking black for your car ‘s interior. Keeping it clean is not a complicated task as long as you know what’s the right thing to do. So, keep posted as this article talks about cleaning black car upholstery. 

Types of Dirt and How to Remove Them

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Everyone has the basic idea of cleaning car seats. However, factors like the type of materials and the type of dirt should always be part of your general consideration to avoid further damage. 

With many types of dirt getting in your car, here’s the way to get rid of each of them. 

Dust, Hair, and Other Types of Dirt 

The most common dirt that gets stuck in car seats is hair and dust. Cleaning your car seats using a vacuum is recommended by with dealing this dirt. 

Always keep the nozzle in the layers and groove of your upholstery so that no more debris will remain. Having a car vacuum is essential to keep your car interior neat and clean regardless of what is the color of your upholstery. 

Grease and Oil 

Having traces of grease and oil in your upholstery is truly a headache, especially for black ones. In removing them, a mixture of water and paint thinner is needed. Use a cotton ball or cloth and rub it on the stained surface. Let it sit overnight and vacuum your car seat the day after. 

Accumulated Dirt 

Your car upholstery might already accumulate a lot of dirt, setting on it for a long time. To get rid of them, make a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. Use a spray in applying the mixture and scrub lightly unto the surface. You can use a brush as long as it has soft bristles to avoid scratches and other damages to your car seats. 

Use a clean damp cloth to wipe out the foam. You can repeat the process until you remove all the dirt set in your upholstery. 

Stained Ink

Some people thought that dealing with ink-stained on car seats is hard to deal with. Yes, you need to be careful in getting rid of it, or else it will spread out but, you can use a hairspray to remove it. 

After applying hairspray to the stained part, use a clean damp cloth to blot out ink correctly. 

Spilled Coffee 

When you spilled coffee in your car seat, dilute it with cold water right away. Doing this immediately is a must to avoid coffee in sticking in your car seat. 

If you still see a stain even after drying your black car seat, you may use a glass cleaner and spray it on the stained surface. Leave it for five minutes and use a paper towel to remove it. 

Vomit Stains 

It might sound gross, but it might happen at times. When this happens, clean the vomit right away before it gets stuck on your black upholstery. 

Put water on the stained part and wash it with mild soap and warm water. Use a cloth drenched in club soda since it’s a good neutralizing agent for the acid that vomit has. You may also use baking soda and water to remove the foul smell of vomit. 


An excellent remedy of removing blood stain is a paste of laundry starch (make sure it’s a dry one) and water. Vacuum the stain when it is dry or use a brush to remove its residues. 

Using a damp cloth to remove blood stain is also possible. Avoid using hot water or soap since it cannot remove bloodstain, but instead, it let it set in. 

Keep Your Car Upholstery Stain-free

Everyone loves a neat and clean interior of their car. Whether it’s white or black, nothing beats a clean car seat with quality that will last for a long time. 

With this, regular cleaning is a must. Even black upholstery, whose dirt might not be very visible all the time, needs to be stain-free all the time. To do this, you can ban both food and drinks in your car as these the common sources of dirt and stains. 

Also, giving your black upholstery a cloth cover is also the easiest way to protect them. Although a lot of people though this concept as less appealing yet, it’s quite practical. You can always wash your cloth cover at any time, making it easier for you to clean your vehicle. 

Lastly, even though black color sometimes doesn’t let stains more revealing, having a car vacuum with you is still essential. Vacuum your car once a month will help you keep your car clean and fresh all the time. 

In the end, it’s more elegant for black car upholstery to appear cleaner and shiner without any traces of dirt. Keeping it clean is more than keeping it neat; it’s also caring for its quality and lifespan, just like how you care for your other personal belongings.

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