How to Clean Car Upholstery With Carpet Cleaner

How to Clean Car Upholstery With Carpet Cleaner

It is a must to keep car upholstery clean and in good condition. However, it also undeniable that from time to time, with daily habits, your car seats might get dirt and debris. 

Cars have been a home away from home for a lot of people so, a mess is inevitable. This is why a lot of car detailers used carpet cleaner or extractor in removing dirt and debris from their car upholstery aside from using the basic cleaning tool. 

Since we’re already here’ let’s talk about how to clean car upholstery with a carpet cleaner. 

It’s a great car seat cleaner!

A carpet cleaner is a fantastic tool with versatility in nature. In fact, it is an excellent choice when dealing with stains stuck on car seats. 

There are many portable carpet cleaners in the market. They are easy to use and more convenient to maneuver. Such extractors are suitable for cleaning car seats since you need to go through the grooves and folds in their upholstery. 

The good thing about extractor is the fact that it gives off a hot blow of water into the fabric. Thus, your upholstery will not only be cleaned but also sanitized.  Besides, the moisture it gives has sufficient time to clean the material but not too much to get it soaked. 

Cleaning your Car Upholstery with Carpet Cleaner 

Just like how you use other car detailing and cleaning tools, there’s also a right step by step process in using a carpet cleaner to clean car seats. Here’s what you must do:

  • First, do the basic cleaning. When talking about basic cleaning, it’s all about using a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and grimes on your car seats. You may also use a brush to remove any debris. 
  • Second, use the carpet cleaner on a single seat at a time. Make sure to clean thoroughly until dirt and stain are no longer visible. There are carpet cleaners with a see-through vacuum feature. This allows you to see what you’re getting, and it’s easier for you to monitor when the water gets darker already. 
  • In cleaning the car seat, start from the brink, up to the head of the pad, and up to the bottom part. It’s more convenient cleaning this way, especially for your posture since it’s hard to kneel down when you’re inside the car. Go through even those hard to reach areas. 
  • Areas with bulkier dirt must have a slowed speed so that water will have sufficient time to break down the soil and gulp it up. 
  • If you think that you’re in need of using an all-purpose spray cleaner, you can use such cleaning material while going along every corner of your car seat. It can help a lot during the extraction process since it can break down-lighter stains. 
  • You may repeat the process until the stains are finally removed. 
  • After the whole process, your car upholstery can get wet. Let it dry through moping a dry towel on every side of the seat. You can also use a small fan to dry up the car seats more quickly, 

Take Your Time

In cleaning your car upholstery using a carpet cleaner, always keep in mind that rushing is a big no. Cleaning your car and removing its stain should not be taken lightly. Always take your time and repeat some steps if necessary. 

A carpet cleaner is one of those cleaning tools that should be labeled as a must-have, especially when you own a car. Having a tool like this will help you save money since you can do it by yourself instead of calling detailing services.

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