How to Clean Fuel Injectors

How to Clean Fuel Injectors

The use of fuel for everyday life has been part of most people. While fuel is as useful as any basic commodities, it also evolved over the years. People use cars daily but might as well it has regular maintenance you must take care of. 

Fuel injectors are small valves controlled electrically, which brings an exact amount of fuel to the cylinder. In every cylinder, there might be one or many fuel injectors. It opens and closes in a matter of seconds, and in every opening, the cylinder is sprayed with fuel. This type of function is the reason why fuel debris and contaminants can block the fuel injectors with only a matter of time. While many car owners usually ask for technicians to do it, this post will help you do it in your way. With tips and guidance, you will surely become a pro of cleaning and solving such car issues. 

Signs of Fuel Injectors Blockage

Before making a step in solving a problem, defining the problem is a must. Fuel injectors blockage will give you a lot of signs. You might observe cylinder misfires, which, most of the time, very disturbing. Other signs include higher emissions than usual. Well, this is a really clear sign that your need to clean your fuel injector. Of course, you don’t want to get caught by the authorities because of your emissions, right? Lastly, overall, your car will give you poor performance. All of these are a real nuisance and if you observe such signs in your car, don’t wait any longer and have your car check, your fuel injectors might need some cleaning. 

Two Ways to Clean your Fuel Injectors 

Technicians suggested two ways to clean fuel injectors. Both of these options are efficient, but also requires effort and strength. Either way, you’ll choose. It will not be easy; however, cleaning your fuel injector is always necessary for a better performance of your car. You can choose the bench cleaning or on-car cleaning. 

On-car Cleaning 

This type of cleaning is not expensive, quicker but not as highly efficient as the other choice. Despite that, On-car cleaning is an effective method. 

In this method, while your car is running, you have to disconnect the pump fuse of the fuel, together with the connector and the relay. Wait until the pressure of the fuel drops off. Although this method will take a longer time, it is said to be a safer way than opening the fuel line and let the fuel run out. 


If the other one will not work, buying a new fuel injector is the choice. Bench cleaning is not just replacing the part itself but also has cleaning steps being added to. Auto technicians use certain tools and, in your home, you can use fuel injector cleaner. 

What is a Fuel Injector Cleaner? 

This fluid helps you in cleaning this part and maintain its cleanliness in an easier and convenient way. This is a new formulation of an additive in gasoline that has special detergents in it. It will help remove deposits in your injector. 

There are varieties of fuel injector cleaner in the market ranging from expensive and cheaper ones. Avoid using too expensive brands but also make sure that you will choose the one with quality and good cleaning capacity. 

In the end, this job is necessary but doing it more frequently and without direction is not a good idea. Overusing it may harm the insulation of your injector coil, which may bring to bigger problems.  When signs appear, then it is the perfect time to have your fuel injector clean.

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