How to Clean Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Have you taken a good look at your car’s steering wheel lately? When was the last time you clean it? The steering wheel of your car might be the least of your problem, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any care or attention too. Your steering is probably the filthiest part of your car now. It is simply because you regularly touch it. Dirt and germs from your hand transfer to the wheel. Even if you have clean hands, the dirt from the wheel will transfer to them. 

It is advised to always clean your steering wheel. Not only will it make it cleaner, but it will also do good to your steering wheel.  Here are some guides on how to clean your steering wheel.

Start by Cleaning It

Initially, wipe it off using a wet tissue or a clean, dry cloth. This is to brush away the dust and dirt. 

Next, use a leather cleaner. There are a lot of aftermarket leather cleaners. Purchase a brand of your choice. It is important to use a leather cleaner for it is suitable and gentle to the leather steering wheel. Other cleaning products may harm it. So, invest in a good brand of leather cleaner, and it will make the work half easy.  Put the mixture of leather cleaner in a spray bottle for easy application. 

Get a cotton cloth or a horsehair brush. If you don’t have the horsehair brush, a brush with gentle bristles will do to avoid any damages to the wheel. 

Spray the leather cleaner on the center of the wheel just enough to damp it a little, then brush or scrub it gently. Look at the back of the leather cleaner to know further instructions on how long you need to brush and scrub. Avoid overdoing it, for it might do damages on the leather.

Wipe It Off

After a couple of minutes, wipe the center of the wheels with a clean cloth. Make sure to wipe everything clean. After making sure the center is fully cleaned, repeat the same process on the wheel’s ring. 

Start on top of it so you can hold the lower part for support. Spray the cleaner, do some scrubbing, and wipe it off. Be extra mindful when wiping the outer ring. Wipe every section of it to make sure everything is clean.

It Needs a Conditioner too

Believe it or not, your steering wheel has to complete its bath and to do that, and the final process includes a conditioner. Just like the cleaner, you can buy the leather conditioner in the store.

Use a soft clean sponger or a clean cotton cloth. Take a generous amount of the leather conditioner on the sponger or cloth, then gently wipe and ‘massage’ the steering wheel. Make sure to evenly coat everything with the conditioner.   

The leather conditioner not only gives the finishing touches, but it also helps restore the look and smell of leather. It gives it a brand-new look while protecting it at the same time.

With just easy steps and two helpful things, the leather cleaner, and conditioner, you can get a brand-new look and a sleek leather steering wheel again. Not only will you clean it, but you are also making sure your steering wheel’s leather will last as long as it can without discoloration or wearing-off. Now, with these easy steps, you won’t constantly put off its cleaning. It also pays to make it a habit to always wipe your wheel before and after using it. Now, you can be more at peace, knowing you have a clean and germ-free steering wheel.

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