How to Clean White Leather Car Upholstery

How to Clean White Leather Car Upholstery

It’s nice and refreshing to have a white leather interior for your car. It’s a good choice of material, and it does not only look neat and clean but also lasts. 

However, leather is a permeable material. It is vulnerable to sweat, dirt, and other external elements that can cause damage. This is why; it is integral to every car owner to have a basic knowledge and idea on how to clean white leather upholstery. 

In today’s post, we will help you solve the leather predicament. With many ways, tips, and hacks available that will not just help you clean white leather but also restore its beautiful look, you will not need to spend so much time anymore in finding a way dealing with your white leather upholstery. So, keep on reading until the end of this post. 

How to Clean White Leather Upholstery?

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Step 1 – Prepare your car upholstery 

Before starting the cleaning process, bear in mind that not all cleaning agents are suitable for white leather. Always be careful when choosing cleaning products to use since leather is such a delicate material. 

Wax and oil are big nos when it comes to leather, while silicone can also cause cracks so, better to choose products without these ingredients. 

Step 2 – Gently wash your upholstery 

Light soap and clean cloth are the best buddies for leather car seats. Gently rub the surfaces and avoid using too much pressure to prevent damage. Right after, dry it off using a clean cloth. 

The soap is enough agent to clean your leather car seat, and it’s a good choice for basic cleaning. However, you may also use white shoe polish. It is an effective product to relive the shine of your white leather and make it look fresh and clean. 

Aside from basic cleaning, you can also use natural cleaning agents, which are effective to remove dirt and restore a clean look of your white leather seats. These cleaning materials are available at your home, which will surely help you save some penny. 

  • Baking soda 
    Baking soda is a known cleaning agent that cleans different surfaces. In its versatility, white leather is not an exemption. You can use baking soda in removing oils and grease from your car seats. 
    Put baking soda unto the surface and leave it for the whole night. This is to absorb oils on your white leather. The next morning, use a clean cloth and thoroughly wipe the surface. 
  • Toothpaste 
    Another excellent choice is toothpaste, especially if there is a specific area that is badly stained. Place toothpaste on the surface with a damp cloth and rub on the stain gently. When done, wipe the surface using a clean and dry towel. 
  • Nail polish remover 
    Having an ink on your car upholstery? Well, using a nail polish remover is such a solution to that. With a cotton swab, apply nail polish remover and dab gently. Avoid rubbing since this might cause bigger damage to your car seats. 
  • Vinegar 
    Make a solution out of white vinegar and water, and with a cotton ball, rut it gently to your leather car seats. 
  • Lemon juice 
    Make a mixture of cream of tartar and lemon juice until you reach the desired consistency. When you’re done creating the cleaning paste, rub it on the dirt and rest it there for 30 minutes. When done, take off the mixture and finish it by using a clean cloth. 

Tips to Keep White Leather Car Seats Clean and In Good Condition

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Cleaning is a responsibility held by every car owner. As much as how eager you are to clean your car upholstery, protecting your white leather is also a must. As the known quote says, “prevention is better than cure.” 

Below are the simple tips you can do to protect your white leather upholstery and keep it clean all the time. 

  • Regular cleaning is a must 
    Make sure to clean your car upholstery every 3-6 months. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the car seats and prevent stains from sticking into its surface. 
  • Use leather protectors 
    Using leather protectors is a must when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic look of your white leather. Since there are many variations in the market, always check its component and compare it to the cleaning requirements of your upholstery to prevent any unintentional damage. 

    Keeping your white car seats clean is more than maintaining its neat appearance but also, it’s about maintaining its overall quality. The longer you’ll wait before cleaning them, the harder you must work to remove the stain. 

    Just like any other personal stuff you have, your car interior needs your attention and proper care as well.

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