How to Clean Windshield Wipers

How to Clean Windshield Wipers

It might come as a surprise, but you must clean your windshield wipers once in a while. It may not look like it has any dirt because of its color, but there a lot of things that could hide under those blades. Perhaps, the reason why your windshield wipers don’t deliver the quality of work you want is that it’s unclean. So, you better go check your windshield wipers out. Not only will it help them last longer, but it is also helpful for your windshield and your car. 

Here are the simple ways on how to clean and make sure your windshield wipers are in their best form.

Always check first

To assess the level of work and the condition of your windshield wiper, it is best to see and check first. Take a look at your car’s windshield and check for any visible heap of dirt. If there are any make sure to wash them with water first. After washing your windshield, you can now check your wipers.

You need two things. 

You need a cleaner and a paper towel or clean cloth. Make sure to have them prepared and put them where you can easily reach them. A cleaner can be a soap and water mixture, or the aftermarket windshield cleaners.

Start by doing this. 

Lift the windshield wipers slowly to an angle that gives you an easy way or position to do the cleaning. 

Put small drops of the cleaner to the paper towel or cloth. If you are using the paper towel, avoid making it too wet, as it would easily break. 

Gently wipe the blades of the wipers a couple of times.  You can use as many paper towels as you need and carefully discard those you used. Do this a couple of times until there are no visible specks of dirt on the paper towel, and everything is cleaned.

You must check it again. 

After cleaning, check the blades for any cuts. If there are any, you need to replace them. If none, make sure the linings are all clean and nice.

To remove the soapy residues, use your hose to clean the windshield and the wipers. Make sure the water hits everything. Soapy residues might affect the performance of your wipers.

One trick to do: you can also use rubbing alcohol to wash away the soap residue on the wipers. Wipe the alcohol on the blades using the paper towel or any clean cloth.

See if it works out fine. 

To test, if the wipers are already clean and ready, use your car’s washer fluid and let it run. Check your windshield if it’s clean and free from any streaks. If there are none, then you did a great job of cleaning them.

If there are streaks, it is not advisable to clean the wipers again. You need to check the windshield wipers for any defects. The rubber blades might be worn out and need replacements.

One benefit of cleaning your wipers and wiper blades are to secure your windshield from any damages. Scratches on your windshield are not good to look at, and you need a solution in no time. To avoid any inconveniences, you must look after your windshield. It is better to make it a habit to clean your windshield wipers when you are cleaning your car. A clean and effective wiper is one way of ensuring safety when driving, so go and clean them well.

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