How to Clean Your Car Without Scratching It

How to Clean Your Car Without Scratching It

Silver and white are the best colors that will not let you see scratches on paints and swirls easily. On the other hand, the black color makes cars are naturally alluring and elegant. When cleaned, these cars shine brightly, among others. 

Whatever the color of your car, both scratches and swirls can be a source of predicament. However, minimizing the chances of such damage is viable. There are two excellent methods you can choose to ensure that scratches are on the slightest or none at all. 

Best Cleaning Methods

1. Touchless Cleaning Method 

The touchless method of car cleaning is the best choice you can have to ensure that your car is prevented from scratches. However, the technique might also need some bucks since you need to buy tools and equipment. 

The drawback of touchless cleaning method is the fact that it cannot efficiently remove certain dirt since you will not lay hands on your car. However, it does not also mean that it cannot give a great cleaning result to your car at all. 

What you need to prepare:

  • Foam cannon
  • Car shampoo with neutral ph 
  • Pressure washer 
  • Air dryer 

Steps in touchless cleaning method 

  • Bath your vehicle with plain water using the pressure washer to remove dirt. Make sure to rinse your car thoroughly in all its parts. 
  • Using the foam cannon and car shampoo, make in-depth foaming of your car. Keep in mind that in this step, you are not fully washing your vehicle but only foaming it. Leave the foam for a few minutes and let it do its job in removing the dirt from your car. 
  • Cleanse the shampoo on your car and make sure to dry it up as quickly as possible. This is to avoid any water spots on your car and also do not keep it under direct sunlight. 
  • It’s no drying time. Use a car dryer or leaf blower for this method. Dry thoroughly to avoid water from dripping out. 

2. Two-Bucket Car Wash 

This method is more budget-friendly. From the name itself, in Two-Bucket car wash, you will need two buckets; one is for the soapy water while the other is for the water for rinsing it off. 

In this method, you will need a washing mitt to remove the grimes and dirt but not overdoing it to avoid scratches unto the paint of your car. 

So how will you do the two-bucket car wash? 

Here’s a step by step guide for you. 

What do you need: 

  • 2 buckets
  • High-quality mitts for washing 
  • Microfiber drying towel 
  • Car shampoo with a neutral ph 

Steps in the two-bucket method

  • Drench your car with water using a hose to get rid of dirt and grime that your car accumulates.  Make sure to rinse all the vehicle’s parts. 
  • Use the washing mitt to apply the soap solution into the car. Remember, do not use a circular motion in this step. Also, it is a must to rinse the wash mitt every now and then to make sure that grimes and dirt are removed and will not cause scratches to your car. 
  • Wash up your car with water. 
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry up your car. Do not use circular movement so that it will not leave scratches and even swirls into your vehicle. 

Keeping your car neat and clean all the time might sound tiring for some, but it is a must for every car owner. After all, you do not look on the aesthetic side when cleaning; you also consider the sake of your car’s exterior. 

Just like any other thing, cleaning your cars might have a lot of methods yet, it is necessary to choose the right one, especially if you want to avoid scratches after cleaning. The above two steps are highly helpful so that you can have a clean car without worries of any scratch. 

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