How to Connect DVD Player to Car Speakers

How to Connect DVD Player to Car Speakers

Having DVD players on your SUVs, vans, or other family vehicles have become a more common sight. Most of the time, they come at a package with the vehicle. Sometimes, the car owner is free to upgrade the stereo system of the car to be equipped with DVD players.

If you have a DVD player that you want to install in your car, you should know that to make sure that it functions properly, it must be connected to the car speakers. Here is what you should do to connect your DVD player to your car’s stereo system.

1. Prepare To Remove The Existing Radio System

Before you start doing anything, start by disconnecting the negative battery cable on the car before doing any work on the radio system panel. Then, place painter’s tape all around the edges of the radio so that you will not bring harm to the car dashboard and add additional expenses.

You can also drape a towel towards the center console of the car. This is optional, only for providing a safe location in order to place both the DVD player and the radio system to protect your car’s central console.

2. Find All The Screws That Hold The Radio In Place And Carefully Remove Them

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As much as possible, refer to the old radio system’s removal instructions in order to stay safe. The screws can be located under different panels on the dashboard; the locations of these screws vary per model and make, though.

After the entire radio system is unbolted, you can use some plastic pry bars to safely remove the radio system. Finally, you should also unplug any wiring that you can find to fully disconnect the entire radio system.

3. Begin Installing The DVD Player

First, you should start the process by locating all the wires that give power to the radio. You will be able to notice a plastic port that is shaped like a rectangle. This is the conversion wiring harness, and it has different colors of wires connected with each other.

You will use the conversion wiring harness to plug in the existing sound system, and you will be able to plug this into the new DVD player. This makes wiring much easier for you. Just clip the DVD into place, and you are good to go.

Once the DVD player is properly placed, start installing the removed screws that you have removed before. Review how the new DVD fits. Depending on the previous unit, you might need to install new faceplates and adaptors so that everything properly fits.

4. Test Out The New DVD Player Unit

Start with reconnecting the negative battery cable of your vehicle. Now, turn on the DVD player and check out if everything goes well. Check everything to see if all the functions operate with no qualms or mistakes.


Now that you have a fully working DVD player, your passengers are free to watch all the movies and shows that they want. Perfect for being stuck in heavy traffic or for your next road trip! Just make sure that the driver should never watch while they are driving. Safety first!

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