How to Cover Car Windows for Privacy DIY

How to Cover Car Windows for Privacy DIY

In many countries, clear glass windows in vehicles are mandatory for safety’s sake. Many people also prefer the big windows in vans as they allow more natural light to come in. However, privacy can easily become a concern, especially when you’re living out of your car or van.

For one, it is impossible to sleep peacefully with lights streaming through the windows from passing cars or the rising sun. Also, absolutely no one wants to wake up with people peeping or to stare at them.

How to Create DIY Privacy Curtains

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What You Will Need

  • Any fabric or sheet that can block out lights
  • Plastic-coated hanging wires
  • Screws (four per window)
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Safety pins
  • Drill
  • Velcro and Twine (Optional)

What You Need to Do

  • Measure your windows individually as windows slightly differ from each other in sizes. Remember to add at least two inches to each window’s vertical height and horizontal length. Do not forget to measure the main windshield.
  • Cut your fabric according to your measurements, and do not forget to add the extra two inches.
  • Once you have your fabrics cut, find the middle and again cut them in half vertically. That will allow you to open the curtain on either side and pull them together in the middle to close.
  • Place the fabric underside up and make four markings: The first one will be ½ inch from the top, and the second one will be 1 inch from the top. The third and fourth markings will be ½ inch and 1 inch from the bottom of the fabric, respectively.
  • Fold the fabric to create a crease on the first mark ( ½ inch from the top ) and use the safety pins to hold the fold in place. Sew a straight line across the entire spread on the 1-inch mark to create a space for the wire to be strung through. Repeat the same process on the bottom markings. Again, make sure to create a space for the wire to be strung through. The two inches extra fabric will accommodate these folds.
  • Clean up the vertical edges to ensure a nice looking curtain.
  • Repeat the fold-and-sew steps on all curtains, keeping in mind the space needed for the wires.
  • Using the drill, place screws in all corners of every window. Screw them in half only.
  • Attach the wire to the screw by wrapping it around tightly and drill the screw in completely until it is firmly in place with the wire.
  • Next, thread the wire through the tunnel created in the folds of the first fabric or curtain. Then, thread the second half of the curtain.
  • Pull the wire along the length of the window, keeping it tightly stretched and stiff. Wrap the end of the wire around the second screw and again drill the screw in with the wire to secure it.
  • Repeat the same process on all windows.
  • You can opt to add velcro on the fabric to close the gaps between the curtains. You can also use twine to hold the curtains back when they’re not in use.

Added bonus of installing private curtains? These covers will help your vehicle stay cooler, especially when you are parked somewhere hot. They can also make any camper van atmosphere more nice and homey, especially when paired with warm lights in the evening.

Whether you are living in your van or out on a long road trip, making these DIY privacy curtains can improve your entire experience. These curtains will not only keep the light and some peeping toms out, but they also add a touch of style and design to your van.

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