How to Determine Car Battery Group Size

How to Determine Car Battery Group Size

What if you’re rushing to work in the morning, but you’re car just does not start. It is quite annoying, though, but it cannot always be avoided. Either it is a flat battery, or your battery is already worn off, you really need to find away. 

Car batteries will also require a replacement once it cannot function well anymore. Of course, it has limitations as other components do, which every car owner should be aware of. While determining whether you need to replace your car battery is not a difficult task, you cannot just simply replace it with any battery you want. 

Every car has only one group size, which works. The first thing you must do is to find the group size of your car battery to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate one. Rushing on buying batteries without knowing its group size will only lead you to annoyance or the worst, to some damages you sure will not like.

Determining Car Battery Group Size 

  • Before deciding what to buy, you must check your car manual as companies will indicate the group size of your car battery. When you look closely, you will find it either in numbers or a combination of letters. Make sure to check the specs properly to ensure that you read the right one. 
  • Check your current battery you want to replace. If your present battery is an original component, it is easy to check the battery’s group size. Usually, it is indicated in the labeling of the battery. In this label, you may also find other information like the reserve charge as well as cold-cranking amps, which will also help you in choosing a new one. 
  • If you have a limited idea about replacing a car battery, it is better to ask for an expert. You may visit a local shop or auto parts. After all, it’s their job to give you the right information for your needs. 

What are the Different Group sizes? 

As for car batteries have many group sizes, it is better to get familiar with them first. These are basic lists, but the more detailed list is available, so you still need to check thoroughly. 

Most Toyota, Honda, and Nissan cars have size 35, while size 65 is for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln. General Motors Cars have size 75and Chrysler is size 34. On the other hand, Chrysler and GM Models, which have two terminals, usually have size 34/78 battery size. 

Different Types of Car Batteries

Aside from the group size, you must also have an idea of what battery type to choose. There are two types of batteries Wet Cell Car Batteries and VRLA Batteries. 

Wet Cell Batteries

Also called a flooded battery and under the category of lead-acid battery, wet cell battery has liquid electrolytes inside which recharge when the engine is running. 

This type of battery has two versions. The first one is the SLI type, which stands for start, light, and ignition, which most cars have this type of battery. 

The other type is the deep cycle battery. Also called a marine battery, this type discharges in a repeated manner without ruining itself. 

VRLA Batteries

Valve-regulated lead-acid battery or VRLA is a sealed type of car battery. It has much difference from wet cell battery, but the basic one is that the VRLA battery has a gel electrolyte rather than a liquid one. 

Knowing the right group size of your battery is a must. If you happen to buy the wrong one, it might cause small to severe damage in your car and the worst, to the other components of your car engine. 

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