How to Dim LED Headlights

How to Dim LED Headlights

Headlights are of great help to make sure the road still stays visible even in the darkest unlit places. It has proven to be of best service. Cars over the past few years have used the LED headlights for better lighting quality. These LED lights became brighter and brighter until it was already blinding. Time has come where a helpful bright headlight became an annoying streak to another driver. It already defeated its purpose, and instead of being helpful now, it became one of the causes of accidents. It would be recommendable to dim the LED headlights.  However, not all LED lights are dimmable. There are those that can’t be changed. So, in your next purchase of LED Headlights, make sure to ask if such LED lights can be dimmed or not. Here are some of the tips when buying one and how to dim LED headlights:

Step 1. 

First, you must choose the dimmable LED Lights. It would be impossible to dim an LED headlight that is not meant to be dimmed. Instead, purchase one that can be.  To make sure you get the right dimmable LED headlights, check the brands. Sometimes, the labels can be misleading and incorrect for some unknown brands. Choose a product from a reputable brand that you are sure would give the best quality.

Step 2. 

For other LED lights, it is recommendable to use a dimmer light. This is a switch that would control the brightness of the LED Lights. When purchasing this, you must also make sure that this works with the LED Light of your choice. Some dimmers are not compatible with other LED Lights.

But for your headlight, you can use your car’s dimmer that connects to it. If it’s not working, you have to get a mechanic to fix or assess your dimmer or check your LED lights.  Installing another dimmer varies in prices, and it depends on the model of your car. There are different wires which are connected to the headlight and the car’s dimmer, and it has more complex wiring. It would be very confusing to do it yourself. Professional help would be better.

If your car’s dimmer works well, then you have yourself a new set of dimmable LED Headlights. You won’t have a hard time adjusting the lights again. Your car’s dimmer will do the work for you. Thus, this is easier and more convenient.

Other Option

You can also make your own DIY dimmer switch or an aftermarket one that you can connect, but this will lead to another set of installation and complex wiring. If you are not up for it, you can ask other suggestions from your trusted auto shop. 


It is very important to learn about your car’s headlight dimmer to know which LED Headlights to connect, so you can dim it to your preference. It takes a little reading and some research to know which works best for your headlights. You can check the recommended LED headlights for your car or purchase the same thing if your previous LED Headlights are already dimmable and work just fine. Never worry about blinding lights and the other driver’s annoyance with your dimmable LED Headlights.

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