How to Find the Right Windshield Wipers

How to Find the Right Windshield Wipers

One of the most important parts of your car is the windshield wipers.  It offers great help in whatever weather. Without it, we probably have a difficult time driving and getting anywhere, especially in times of snow and rain.  Yet, these windshield wipers get tired and worn-out too. They usually last for six months, so if you have reached that mark, it is better to get a clear view of your windshield wiper.

Choosing a new windshield wiper is easy. All you need to do is to know a few important details, and then you are good to go. Here are the different ways on how to find the right windshield wipers.

Get to know your windshield wiper.

There is no other way to do it but to consult your owner’s manual. Your manual is your way of knowing your car better. It has everything you need to know. Read the details about your car’s windshield wiper, and from there, it will be easier for you to pick the right one. 

Know the measure. 

Go to your car and measure the length of your wiper blades. Make sure to save the numbers. This would be helpful for you to get the right size suitable for your car. Take notice also of the style in case you can find the same one in the store. 

Go to your trusted auto parts store.

Before going to the store, make sure to have the list of your car’s year and model. For better reference, you can take your windshield wiper to the store. Ask the store attendant about any additional questions you might have for your car’s wipers.

Windshield Wiper Features

There are also different windshield wipers to choose from. From conventional to more expensive and durable ones, they got it all covered. So, your next step is finding which feature you prefer the most. 

1) Conventional 

Conventional windshield wipers are the cheapest and the simplest in the market. It has the generic feature of a good quality wiper blades. These are made of rubbers with the support of a metal frame. These wipers will do the job well. 

2) Silicone

If you needed an upgrade from your conventional wipes, this might be the answer. The blades are very effective when it comes to wiping the water away. It lasts longer, but it costs a bit more. Yet, its effectiveness has been proven. 

3) Beam Blades

If you are tired of seeing water or dirt residue on your windshield, then this will help you. These blades are made of rubber and steel blades, which gives enough pressure to gently clean your windshield and wipe everything there. This might be the most expensive of the three, but you will get your money’s worth with its excellent performance.

Find a windshield wiper that works best in every type of weather. In snowy weather, you need durable and strong wipers. It is better to invest in good wipers that will help you. Good wipers are also long-lasting and do the jobs perfectly, which makes them more convenient to use. Not only will it give good quality, but it will also help your wiper’s motor. Investing in your car’s wiper is the same as investing in your safety, so choose well and choose wisely.

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