How to Fix Cracked Tires

How to Fix Cracked Tires

Just like every part of your vehicle, tires will also experience some wear and tear. As they are one of the essential parts of a car, it is important for car owners and drivers to know easy maintenance and repair skills – most especially for times of emergency.

In terms of tire maintenance, one of the most common issues that you might encounter is cracking. Most of the time, cracked tires are brought by tire aging, low quality materials, under pressure, overpressure, long periods of not using your car, high humidity, and high temperature.

Most experts suggest that the best thing to do at this point is to replace your tires. But, you can also try the following methods.

1. Fixing Cracks Through Using Protectants

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If your tires have more large cracks that are more externally located, the best choice for the tool to use is a sealing protectant. It can strengthen your tire and protect it against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Aside from the protectant, for this method, you will need a tire degreaser, hose, and a large cleaning sponge. 

To begin, make sure that your vehicle’s temperature has already cooled down, including the tire itself. Then, remove the tires from the vehicle using a jack. This allows you to cover all bases because of more available space.

Once you have seen the scope of the cracks in each tire, the next thing that you should do is to degrease everything. For this process, follow the instructions as stated in the manual of your store-bought degreaser. You should ensure that you spread everything thoroughly and cover all the cracks on the surface.

One more thing – you should scrub the tires well, giving some emphasis on the cracked parts.

After all, areas are covered and have sat well with the mixtures for a while; you should start to wipe them down clean with some fresh towels. Finally, do a quick rundown using a water hose before you start to dry.

Here comes the final and most important part. Apply the tire protectant wholly – not just in the areas where there are cracks. Leave the solution for a few hours to be absorbed fully. The last step would just be to reinstall the tires back to the car.

2. Fixing Cracks Through Using Sealants

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If your car has small cracks, especially those that are not really visible to the eye, you should opt to go for a tire crack sealant. Again, before you begin, you should first remove the tires from your vehicle so that you can operate on it fully. Make sure that they are not too hot in temperature so that the sealant will be effectively applied and absorbed.

Take some time to check out the tires thoroughly and identify how many scars are located inside and outside of your tires. Now, prepare your sealant. Depending on the formula, some may need mixing and other preparations. Read through the instruction of the manual of the sealant for the rules of application.

Next, add some air into your tires, depending on what is declared through the pressure gauge that you use. This is because the process can lead to loss of air within your tires. Finally, install all the tires back and have a test drive to verify how thorough your application of the sealant was.


Now that you know how to fix cracked tires remember to do routine maintenance on your vehicle to know when you have to repeat the process or when the time comes when you need to replace your tires entirely. Also, make sure that you practice all precautions to care for your car to avoid having problems like this.

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