how to get mud stains off tires

How to Get Mud Stains Off Tires

Rainy days or trekking around the mud can leave stains on your tires. Sometimes, the water and soap will do its trick, and in no time, all your car tires are as clean as before. 

However, stubborn car stains may sometime persist and will take more than just a simple solution.  It is also best to consult the manual or ask a professional. 

But before doing that, you can try these simple ways to clean your car. 

Step 1. Take a closer look. 

Inspect your car and wheelsEvaluate the amount of mud and dirt around and determine the quantity of work you need to do. 

Step 2. Make good use of water. 

Spray water all around the tires and wheels to loosen the dirt. For easier and faster result, you can use a pressure washer. This way, the dirt will easily get unstuck, and you can clean the small and inside surface. Make to spray at every nook. 

Step 3. Choose your aide. 

Detergent soap may be of use, and it can initially loosen the dirt, but it is recommendable to use an all-purpose cleaner. There are different varieties found in the market, and you can choose whatever you prefer.

Make sure to be critical on what cleaner to use. This is very helpful so that no harm can be done on your tires and your car’s paint as well. 

When using a tire cleaner, be extra careful not to spray it on your car or even the wheels for it dulls the paint. 

Use your preferred cleaner and spray it around the wheels and tires. Make sure to check the instructions at the back for further details. 

Step 4. Get to work. 

This is where the real work happens. Using a tire brush, scrub the wheels and tires, most especially to the parts where the stains are visible. This is hard work, but it will pay off.  

If it gets over dry, you can add water or sprinkle cleaner. 

Step 5. Rinse and Dry

After scrubbing a couple of minutes or more, rinse the wheels and tires with clean water. Check the tires, and if some stains remain noticeable, repeat the same steps until necessary. 

After rinsing, you can leave your tire to dry or use a microfiber towel, specifically for your tires alone, and wipe them dry. 

For an additional touch up, you can use tire shine. If you don’t want to spend money on it, a homemade tire wash is easy to do. Castor oil and alcohol, and even a baby oil can do the trick. All you need is a mixture of water, dish soap, and oil. You just need a wipe, and your tires are good to go. These are even effective than most tire shine on the market. 

Cleaning your car, tires, and wheels are no sweat when it comes to using the right means. The key lies in the proper tools. The next time you have dirty and muddy tires, you know what to do. 

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