How to Get Sap Off Windshield

How to Get Sap Off Windshield

We have all been there. We choose a parking space underneath the beautiful pine trees to get some shade and return with droppings of sticky sap all over the windows or paintwork. This can be incredibly frustrating as not only does it makes the entire car look dirty, but it also takes some serious work and money to remove it. Simply wiping away the sap with water rarely works.

While the sap does not pose an immediate threat to your prized possession’s paintwork, it can seriously spoil the cover if left untreated for a long time. Based on its chemical composition, sap hardens like resin and etches itself into the clear coat of your car and cause stains and discoloration. And if it is left unattended on the windshield, it can obstruct the driver’s vision once smeared across the glass by the windshield wipers. Worse, as the sap hardens, it can cause damage to the wipers themselves. For all these reasons, it is incredibly important to take action immediately to avoid damage to your car.

The easiest way to avoid this inconvenient situation from occurring is to avoid parking underneath or near trees. But we all know, this is nearly impossible at times. So, we are left with two options.

First, to invest in a car cover and keep the cover at all times, especially when parked near tall, sap-dripping pine trees. Second, you might want to invest in a few cleaning supplies to help clean off tree saps immediately. Here we provide you with a step by step procedure on how to.

How to Clean Sap Off Your Windshield

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What You Will Need

  • Clean, soft towels
  • Bucket of water
  • Bottle of rubbing alcohol or bug and tar remover
  • Sponge
  • Glass cleaning agent

What You Need To Do

  • Wash the car instantly. What we do not want to happen is to let the sap stay on the windshield for a long time because it will be harder to remove. Rinse your car with clean hot water and wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Hot water helps weaken the adhesion force of the sap.
  • Pour sap removal solvents, like bug and tar remover, onto a clean cloth and place this cloth on the problem spot. Gently press and hold the cloth in position for several minutes. This will further weaken the connection of the sap to the windshield. Then, rub the area of the sap with a vigorous, circular motion until it is completely gone. Repeat the process for more stubborn spots.
  • Once the car is sap-free, clean it and rub it with glass cleaner. This will make sure to remove any residual sap and used solvent.
  • When removing sap from a car’s paintwork, use wax instead of a glass cleaner.

Few Points to Remember

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  • If a sap falls on the windshield and it is relatively fresh, do not use your windshield wipers as this can cause gooey streaks across your glass that can block your vision when driving.
  • Many people opt to use a very sharp blade from a box cutter or a knife to slice away larger pieces of sap from the windows. While this is one of the most effective ways of removing sap that has hardened with tar-like texture, it is important to have a steady hand to avoid damaging the glass. Otherwise, you might not want to use this method just yet.
  • It is recommended to keep these items in a kit in the glove box or trunk of your car. In this way, you are always prepared whenever pesky sap comes into contact with your car.

All car owners like to keep their cars as clean as possible at all times. And it can be incredibly annoying to find sap on your hood cover or windshield. The good news is that it is not extremely difficult to remove tree sap, as outlined above. It does, however, require lots of patience and some muscle power.

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