How to Get Tires Black Again

How To Get Tires Black Again

Tires are one of the most important parts of the car to maintain. With continued usage, their appearance can change to look lighter or browner in color. It is good to note, though, that having shiny black tires can make your car appear as beautiful as it was when you first bought it. For some tips in getting your tires back to pristine condition, keep on reading.

1. Clean Your Tires With Water

Using a hose, you can rinse the soil and dirt that accumulates in your tires. Simply use the water pressure from the hose to spray down all the parts and exteriors of your tires. Should there be certain stains that are harder to remove, you can bring the nozzle nearer so that you can increase the push and power of the water.

2. Use A Tire Cleaner

There are tire cleaners that you can purchase for extra maintenance after you wash your tires. These products are designed to cover up all strains to make everything look so much clearer. Most of these tire cleaners have shine effects that last for about a week, which is considered great if you get an affordable one.

3. Make A Do-It-Yourself Tire Cleaner

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If you want to go for a cheaper option, you can make a tire cleaner at the comforts of your own home. Here is what you need to do. Combining 15 ml of lemon oil, 30 ml of dish soap, 50 ml of borax, and 2 gallons of warm water will bring you to an effective homemade tire cleaner. You can start by placing the dish soap into a bucket and adding in the borax and water.

After a few minutes of stirring, you should add the lemon oil to the mixture. Application to the tires can be made through a brush. For the final touch, use a towel that has been dipped in the mixture and pat the tire dry.

If you do not have lemon oil, you can replace it with 100 ml of castor oil or baby oil. You can also consider some cooking spray, motor oil, or vegetable oil.

4. Use A UV Protected Tire Dressing Solution

You can also purchase a tire dressing solution from specialty car needs shops. It would be better if you get one with UV protectors for an additional shield against heat from the sun and the color damage it brings to the tires. Furthermore, a water-based solution will make it easier to be absorbed by your tires.

Most of these mixtures can easily be applied through your basic sponge or microfiber cloth. Ensure that you cover all surfaces of the tire in the application for a balanced finish. Read the instruction packet that comes with the product to avoid hazardous circumstances.


Through the application of these techniques, you help prolong the life span of your vehicle’s tires – plus the bonus of making them aesthetically pleasing. For best results, it is encouraged that you do this for your tires every 1 to 2 weeks.

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