How to Get Wax Out of Car Upholstery

How to Get Wax Out of Car Upholstery

Getting rid of stains from your car seats is a bit hassle, but removing a wax residue from your car upholstery is quite tricky. Yet, it’s good to know that there are many ways to clean such a mess. 

Today, we’ll help you out and give you tips and tricks on how you can remove wax out of your car upholstery. Keep posted and get ready to learn fresh tricks. 

What are the Ways to Remove Wax from My Car Seats? 

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Depending on what type your car upholstery is, there is a number of methods you can choose. 

1. Remove Wax Residue 

Basic removal of wax is not a difficult task. However, it is a must to get rid of it before it gets bulkier.

Butter knife and popsicle sticks are both excellent choices in removing wax from your car upholstery. More than that, these products are all available at home, so you don’t need to spend extra money to get it done. 

In getting rid of the wax, do not apply too much pressure or else, your car seat gets damage. Remove excessive wax in bigger size and vacuum those scraped wax so that it will not create another bulk of wax stain. 

2. Use Ice Cubes (Leather)

 Known as the freezing method, you can use ice cubes to effectively remove wax from your car seats. This trick works well with leather and is a good choice for this type of car seat since leather is such a delicate material. 

Having a plastic bag and ice cubes with you rub unto the stained wax, and when it gets hard, scrape the wax, just like how you commonly scrape it. You can repeat this method until you can no longer see stained wax on your car upholstery. 

3. Use Fuller’s Earth 

This method is for leather made car seats. Mix fuller’s earth and water to make a thick paste and rub the mixture on the surface with stained wax. When it gets dry, use a toothbrush to remove dust before using a vacuum to clean it fully. 

4. Ironing Trick 

Ironing is applicable for car seats made from fabric cloth. In this method, you will need a blotting paper and a tea towel. A newspaper will do, but for car seats with a light color, it is best to choose a clear paper instead. 

What you must do is to enfold the blotting paper with a paper towel and press the stained area with a hot iron. You can repeat the whole process until no more wax is left in your car upholstery. 

5. Flush it with Boiling Water

If you have been trying the above steps, but it does not work, then you might try to flush the stained surface with boiling water. 

Boil water in the kettle and drench the stained area. You can repeat the process until the wax is completely gone. 

6. Use Car Seat Cleaner 

Using upholstery cleaner is suitable to use if the wax is only visible by you. Apply upholstery cleaner in the stained surface and scrub gently without pressing too much pressure. Also, keep in mind to use a minimal amount of cleaner to avoid the color from fading.

The above tips are helpful ways to get rid of wax from your car upholstery. Depending on how bulky the wax is, the needed effort might also differ. In the end, prevention is still the best way you can do protect your car seats from stains like wax.

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