How to Hook Up a Speaker to a Car

How to Hook Up a Speaker to a Car

You can find cars with a built-in audio system nowadays. Some are not satisfied with it because of the quality of sound. To get the right tune and sound that they desire, car owners make changes with their car’s audio or add a more superior system. There are numerous car speakers you can find in the market that can boost the quality of your car’s sound system.

Available Car Speakers in the Market

1. Tweeter

It’s small, but it’s capable of producing sound in the highest frequency.

2. Driver

It’s categorized as a middle-range speaker that gives a fuller and richer sound.

3. Woofer

It’s a speaker in low range, and it produces good power even in a low range as it covers the wider portion of its level.

4. Subwoofer

It’s the lowest range, so the listener can experience the wonderful feelings towards the music.

Hooking Up Car Speakers

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Hooking up car speakers is a simple process. It needs an hour and even less. It’s best to observe safety measures to stop damages from happening.

Possible Damage 

It’s important that you know the proper ways of installing car speakers. When you need to replace things, it calls for the need to spend money, so it would cost you more.

The worse thing is that it can bring injury. The possible damages when hooking up a car speaker are cracks in the cone, short circuit, magnetic coil damage, and fuse damage.

Apparatus that you Need for this Process

A drill and bits




Head of Phillips

Hex key

Insulating tape

Removal tool used for door panel

Retaining clip remover

Screwdrivers; magnetic with flat blades

Set of socket wrench

Soldering iron

Torxhand tools

Wire cutters

General Steps when Hooking Up Speakers to a Car

1. The first step is the disconnection of the battery from any energy source.

2. You can start disassembling the door where you intend to put your speakers.

3. Remove the default speakers.

4. To reach the mounting space of car speakers, there’s a need for the expulsion of d h or even the board’s back shelf interior.

Tips for Doing the Steps Properly

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Although removing and hooking up speakers in your car are simple things you can deal with, you have to be mindful of some things for you to set things properly.

1. Before you get things hooked up, check the condition of the audio system first. Some may only be a simple stereo, and some only contain two or four channels.

You can find out that some system has limited wattage. There can be instances that it’s not possible to add 10 to 100 watts.

2.  Check the dimension of the factory car speakers as there are varieties in size and shape. You must choose the right one to use for replacement.

The common and most popular size is 6 x 9 inches speakers.

3. There’s a lot of options within the same price range. They come in different colors, covers, and style.

You would want to get something with a nice appearance and outstanding sound performance. For electronic feature, you can add subwoofers and tweeters.

4. It’s essential that you know the exact wattage for the new car speakers. It’s likely similar to the factory version. 

Hooking Up a Speaker to a Car: Replacing the Default System

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1. You have to remove the door panels before anything else. There are different requirements and tools needed for every car in this process, so it can be hard for some.

Some may need a screwdriver to work on the screw before you can lift the door panel. Again, it can be done in a different way to some cars.

2. It’s time to remove the old and default audio system. There might be a need to bore or drill the bolts to remove it.

The common thing that will happen is that you just do the screwing and disconnection of wires.

3. This part is the start of hooking up the new speakers. Mount your speakers in a way that it sits properly, and you have to deliberately screw it on a place to ensure stability.

The new speakers may fit perfectly, but there are chances that you need to make some adjustments. It would sometimes require you to drill more holes.

4. To hook up the speaker, you need to drill some holes. If the fitness doesn’t work, you need connectors for it. 

You also have to focus on the speaker’s schematics, and you have to connect it accurately.

5. Wiring is a part of hooking up your speakers. In this step, you have to be careful about identifying the positive wires from the negative ones.

Then you can try them by plugging them into the head unit or receiver.

6. When every essential part is hooked up, cleaning should be done. Use the tape to cover the exposed wires. 

Additional wirings may need to be tended to.

You have to insert them neatly in the terminals so it won’t be a mess as they just come out of nowhere. They might start crackling, so beware.

7. You may also want to change the tweeters. Take out the old ones and place the new set.

Tweeters should settle in a dry place as it can be damaged when there’s water or dampness. You should also put it away from vibration.

8. When you’ve finished hooking up the new car speakers, testing should be done as your effort is all about their function. Turn the head unit, and you play some tracks on your playlist.

Then, adjust the volume and listen to the music to evaluate the new system. If the sound doesn’t come out, examine the ends of RCA cable. They should be plugged well to the amp and outputs or rear preamp located on the deck.

Hooking Up a Speaker to a Car: Just Adding Extra Speakers

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1. You have to search for the appropriate place for your extra speakers to settle. It is somewhere at the car door.

2. To check the fitness, spread the speaker’s layout on the door or the movable panel that you can find on the front part.

3. When you have placed the layout, you can identify the perfect spot by the assistance from the tape. 

4. Then, remove the inner side of the broken fitting, or you can simply get the screws. These steps take place at the movable panel in the front.

5. Use a sharp blade to discharge the lay out’s shape that sits in the front part. It is where the door and movable panel are located.

If these two things reside in front of metal, you have to use a jigsaw instead. 

6. When you’re done with the reduction of the door and front panel, you can add the elastic piping within the gap between the door and its frame. Get a pipe that is sturdy enough.

7. Wirings need to be attached from the CD machine and radio within the piping after securing the elastic piping. 

8. The wrapping can be done by electric tape. It should be placed around the wires, the door, and the internal part of the panel. 

9. Then you have to make sure the stability of the speaker to its proper place.

10. You have to form the right position of the door within itself, so you might need to unscrew some screws in the area. You have to ensure that the panel remains immovable.

11. Secure and fold the wires that are located at the lower part of the audio system.

12. After you did all of these steps, you have to firmly connect the panel to the door.

To Conclude

There’s a lot of installation processes that would be exclusive for some cars. There are complexities, but it will be a different case for a specific type of car.

Don’t just proceed with the steps without carefully reading the instructions provided in the box. It’s a way of avoiding any possible damages. Once you know what to do, you can start, and it won’t take much of your time. 

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