How to Hook Up LED Lights to Car Battery

How to Hook Up LED Lights to Car Battery

An LED or the Light Emitting Diode is a small yet efficient light that we commonly use nowadays in almost everything. From the simplest watch to televisions, phones, at homes, and even in stoplights. LEDs come in different shapes and sizes. They are energy-efficient and don’t get hot, unlike common light bulbs, because they don’t have a filament. That’s why it is widely used mainly in small projects. As they are small in size, their voltage requirement is small as well. Usually, it falls from 1.8 volts up to 3 volts, depending on the color. Yes, its volt requirements depend on the color it possesses. If an LED-powered with more than its requirement, the tendency leads to overheating and destroying the LED potentially. So, how is it used in almost everything? Simple, by the use of resistors. These resistors are the so-called line or the guard of the currents. It limits the current that passes that will prevent the LED from burning out. 

Car Battery

It is common to us that a car battery or automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies power to start, light, and ignite our cars. Its volt normally possesses 12 volts up to 13 volts, and it would reach up to 14 volts when the engine is running. Car batteries can power up any electronics like television, aside from cars and automobiles. However, it can only power up for a specific amount of time, like most probably up to 7 hours. Though, you can use this in case of emergency. You don’t want trouble when you need your car after you use up the power unless you have a jumper with you to charge your car battery. Thus, taking up your time in charging. 

Hooking Up LED Lights To Car Battery

LED Lights, as we tackled earlier, require a small amount of voltage to power a single light. Though we can see cars being modified up inside out, and that includes lights. We can automatically identify that these lights are LEDs. There are reasons and ways on how to hook up LED light to your car using the car battery without burning them out. As always, LED lights are backed up with resistors and power switches to supply the power cycle. These resistors also vary on how much-LED lights are going to be used and the type of volt it will be powered.

Step 1

In powering an LED light using a car battery, you need the following things before starting:

  • Your LED Lights
  • Resistors (the important tool – must match with the LED light voltage requirement)
  • Electrical Pliers and wires, “14 gauge.”
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Wire Brush
  • Zip ties, soldering gun and solder

Step 2

Then, of course, open your car’s hood. Be careful in disconnecting the negative cable of your car battery. Slowly loosen the lock nut with the help from your wrench, pulling the cable off.

Step 3

Pull the LED power wire to the positive side of the battery, then the ground wire of the LED to the negative terminal. Bring closer only and be careful not to touch it, or you know what will happen. 

Step 4

At the end of both wires (14 gauge electrical wire), strip off the insulation using electrical pliers. Examine your LED lights, and find the leads since it has two. The cathode lead (negative lead) is the shorter one, and the anode lead (positive) longer than the other. Solder the 14 gauge electrical wire to the anode lead, which is the long lead of the LED and the other end to the positive terminal of the battery.

Step 5

The same thing goes with the other 14 gauge electrical wire. I stripped off the insulator at both ends without attaching it to the negative terminal of the battery. Only attached its one end to the negative lead (cathode lead) of the LED.

Step 6

Remember the ground wire next to the battery’s negative terminal? Cut the insulation of the ground wire at around 16 inches from the battery. Then attach the end of the ground wire to each resistor’s end. Attach the other end of the ground wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

Step 7

Attach the LED lights into your desired position. You are using zip ties or wire ties to hold it in place.

There you have it, how to hook up an LED light to a car battery. With the use of resistors, you can light up your LED light using a 12v battery. If you want to have your car lighted up with an LED underneath, this process can help you. You will need additional tools to support your LED lights and prevent it from burning out. 

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