how to inflate car tires at home

How to Inflate Car Tires at Home

Going to the gas station to inflate your tires must be your usual fashion, but if you are stuck at home, inflating your tires is easier given you have the right tools. These are the easy to follow steps on how to inflate car tires. You need three things: a tire pressure gauge, owner’s manual, and an air pump. 



Use the tire pressure gauge to check the pressure in your tire. To start, press the tip of pressure gauge into the air valve, wait for a couple of minutes, pull it off, and read the pressure. 

TIP:  Inspect the wheels in the morning when they’re cool or let the wheels cool off for thirty minutes.


Know how much air should be in your tire. You can check the owner’s manual or the label usually pasted on the side of the shotgun’s door. Compare the result from the pressure gauge against the car’s recommended pressure. 

TIP: Check your tire pressure once a month. 


Remove and keep

Remove the valve stem caps and make sure to put them away safely. 

TIP: Put them in your pocket so you won’t easily lose them. 

Air pump

Take out your air pump and get it ready.

  • An automatic air compressor is way more convenient and faster, but are mostly expensive. 
  • Manual pumps are laborious and would need a longer time and greater energy. If using this, it is better to ask help from a neighbor or a friend. 

TIP: If you happen to be on the road, go to the nearest gasoline station. Most of the air pumps found in gasoline stations are not free, so make sure to bring some change.


Press the pump on the tip of the valve stem.  The sound of the air filling the tire will be audible, steady the pump and make sure you there aren’t any breeze of wind from the valve stem. If you do, adjust and steady the pump until the waft of air is gone.  

The tire might take a few minutes to fill, so you have to be extra patient. Repeat the process for the rest. 

Tip: If your air hose has the gauge, make sure to check it to know when you are almost to the precise measure.  


Using the pressure gauge, verify the air pressure. If it’s too high, you can push down the pin in the center of the valve stem and allow some air out. You can use your fingertip or a small tool. Repeat the same procedure until it is in the recommended psi limit on your tie. Securing the suggested pressure would help you save fuel and avoid tire wear. Going a little over one or two psi units is all right.


Take the valve stem caps out of your pocket and replace them. Make sure to secure the cap, so the tires are less likely to lose air. Then you’re done. 

With the help of the three essential things, it is easier for you to inflate your tires without any sweetness and stress.

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