How to Install Auxiliary Cable in Car Stereo

How to Install Auxiliary Cable in Car Stereo

Listening to favorite music has been a part of the daily living of most people. Be it at work, in grocery, while walking, or any other thing you might be doing, music has been a partner to everyone. However, not all the time, you can listen to your music. When driving your car, some places or countries considered it illegal to wear earphones while driving. 

While most modernized cars have Bluetooth connectivity and other connection feature, some old model cars don’t have. Well, it is not an issue anymore because surely, there is a way for that case. Installing auxiliary cable in a car stereo is made easy for everyone, as this post helps you out. 

Installing auxiliary cable in a car stereo is not a difficult task, yet if you are just learning, you need some instructions to help you. Here are simple steps that will help you a lot. 

1. Assessment

First off, you need to assess how to remove certain parts on your car stereo. Some vehicles have interior trim in their stereo’s border in which if this is your car type, you need to remove the screws. On the other hand, some cars don’t have the trim in their radio’s borders; this will require DIN tools. You may refer to the manual for more details. 

2. Look for the stereo’s model 

Don’t forget to take note of the model number of your radio. This will help you identify what auxiliary cables are compatible with your radio. Those radios with white and red RCA also require AUX cable to RCA.  

3. Turn on your vehicle’s brake 

Before opening the hood, make sure that your car is in a brake mood.  The negative or black terminal from your auto’s battery should be removed to avoid shorting of equipment. 

4. Remove screws and trim 

The next step you need to do is to remove the trim and screws which are holding your car’ stereo or use a double-DIN tool in the front part of the stereo. Sliding the stereo from the dashboard should be your next step. Just a little note, it pays to be careful in removing the stereo to ensure that all parts of your car’s stereo will still work as fine. 

5. Connect the auxiliary input connection 

This time, you need to connect the auxiliary to the right port on the back part of the car stereo. Make sure that white and red RCA cables connect to ports of RCA and the AUX adapter. If your auto’s radio has already RCA ports in it, you only need to match AUX red’s adapter to RCA as well as plug-ins in white colors to your radio’s RCS ports. 

6. Put the adapters in the car seat

Put the RCA’s auxiliary end to the aux adapter in the seating area of the car. You can remove a side panel from your car’s center console either through glove back’s compartment or the bottom part of the center console.

As it is so easy to install auxiliary cable in a car stereo, you can now enjoy your favorite music without hassle anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to use other ways, though, and auxiliary cables give the best help for you.

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