How to Install H11 HID Kit

It might look a bit daunting to install an H11 kit all by yourself, but it is fairly easy to do. One can even install them in more or less five minutes, depending on the difficulty of connecting, finding everything you need to connect. But everything else is a matter of connecting wires and things. Some H11 kits don’t even need alteration and can be installed right away. Here are the simple ways on how to connect the H11 kit. 

There are a lot of different H11 HID kit brands in the market. You can choose whatever you want. Ask for professional help in choosing if you are not very sure about what to buy.  The kit usually includes two ballast, two bulbs, two H11 wires or connector, two double-sided tapes, or a pack of zip ties. 

Step. 1 

Insert the H11 wires into the connector correctly. Insert the red wire into the left slot and the black wire in the right slot. Make sure the connector is facing the correct side so the wires clip-on easily. 

Step 2. 

Check your vehicle and find the back part of your car’s H11 halogen bulb. Carefully twist the halogen bulb off. Once it is pulled out, detach the connector from the base of the bulb. The housing will leave a free space for the new H11 HID bulb. Connect the new bulb, insert it back in, and do a little twist to secure the lock. 

Step 3. 

Take the connector on the back of the HID Bulbs and attach it to the connector on the ballast. This is easy to connect, so make sure it is attached well and nice. 

Step 4.

Attach the HID plug to the ballast. Make sure it stays connected securely as well. Then you plug in the car’s connector into the HID connector. 

The kit will come with double-sided tape. Use it to attach the ballast to a clean and safe surface. Stick it first on the ballast, and then find where you want to put it. Peel the other cover and secure it in place.  Make sure it is from form any heat or moving things. You can also use zip ties, and just make sure it is in a safe and secure place as well. 

The setting up of the H11 HID bulb is a matter of connecting all the wires in the kit into the halogen bulb and the car’s connector. 

Lastly, turn your car on and do a test. See if the lights work perfectly fine.

There are also different things you must remember when installing. Don’t touch the bulb with your fingers. Use a glove, if you have any and be careful to avoid any accidents. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are not confident enough to install on your own, ask for professional help.

Installing and H11 HID kit is easy if you pick the right set with complete details and instructions. It will be an easy job that doesn’t require any sweat at all. Make sure to always check the guidelines from the HID kit for any added reminders and instructions. With your new H11 HID lights, your headlights will be brighter and more prominent.  Now you can enjoy the new lights and the upgrade.

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