How to Install LED Headlights on Car

How to Install LED Headlights on Car

So, you are planning to change your stock headlights with a new one, but in this case, it is a LED type one. LED lights are quickly gaining popularity because they are a better alternative for stock lights. Not only they are brighter, but in today’s advanced technology, they are quite efficient and lasts longer than most stock headlights. The problem with installing LED Headlights to your car is that you cannot just simply switch bulbs.

You need to swap all the parts out, in this case, the whole light assembly. The most common light that is usually converted is the Headlight. Converting your stock headlight with LED requires a short amount of work, although short, they are too tedious of a work to do.

However, lucky for you, we have a step by step process on how to change your car’s Headlight into an LED one.

We’ll explain the preparations needed and the installation guide step by step.

Part 1: Gathering of the parts and buying the kits.

1. Gather all the parts and plan it thoroughly.

Figure out how many lights do you want to be installed. This depends on the size of your vehicle. However, on most occasions, 4 is enough. But, there’s the notion that the more, the better.

2. Buying the light kit

Lights kits are quite cheap in recent years, and they include most of the parts needed for changing your Headlight.

3. Prepare all the tools

Changing your Headlight only needs a few tools,

Part 2: Installing

  1. If your car has removable headlights, from the back of the headlight assembly, remove the protective covering. Then, loosen the plastic harness holding the bulb.
  2. Slide the plastic attachments and headlight bulb from the headlight assembly’s back.
  3. Carefully remove the Headlight from the attachment. In doing so, first, remove the clip where the bulb is attached to.
  4. Carefully insert the new LED bulb into the harness by using a cotton glove. The cotton gloves will prevent the oil from your skin on the Headlight that may cause premature failure,
  5. Reinstall the clips that attach to the bulb in the harness and apply pressure so that it would be pushed until it is inserted into the main headlight position. Twist the bulb so that it will lock. Make sure it is tight.
  6. Once it is done, turn on your vehicle to see whether they are working.

In other cases wherein they have a sealed beam headlight. This is the proper way of installing your new LED Headlight.

  1. Remove any headlight attachments that hold the Headlight in one place, like mounting screws, frames, or plates. However, don’t take out the directing screws that allow headlight adjustments.
  1. Take out the Headlight and the wiring from the back of the headlight assembly. By doing so, pull the main socket off from the sealed beam lamp.
  1. Plug the wiring of the new sealed beam assembly. Then slowly attach it to the mounting bracket where it was previously uninstalled, then secure the screws that were removed earlier and tighten it.
  1. Turn on the engine and see if it is working. And it is done!

Wrapping up

Changing your stock headlight with an LED one will serve you just right. They improve the visibility of the road, which means you reduce the risk of getting into accidents. LED lights are a good investment to make when you have a vehicle.

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