How to Install LED Light Bar in Car

How to Install LED Light Bar in Car

If you are trying to install your new LED light bar and is quite unsure how to do things correctly, then you have come to the right place. Car owners love that added visibility, customizable colors, and intense light display that the light bar provides. Not only that, but they are also quite cheaper compared to back in the days.

As long as you have the necessary tools and right knowledge, you can install your LED light bar easily. But if you don’t know where to start, this article will provide some basic instructions needed before installing your new LED light bar.

Follow these 5 easy steps that can help you with the installation.

Step 1: Prepare your car

To avoid shorting your LED light, you should first detach your car battery by removing the cable of the ground terminal, then the positive terminal.

Step 2: Setting it up

It is important as an owner to choose the mounting location of the LED Light bar. You should know that there will be a tendency that your light bar might fall off because of bumpy roads. Make sure it is steady enough to hold your light bar in place when going off-road.

In addition, the area in which you want to mount your light bar is safe for drilling. There should be no other parts that should be compromised.

With that being said, proper drilling should be done with safety gear and harness. Make sure you mark your holes before drilling by using a pen, this limits error when you try to puncture.

When drilling is done, attach the bolts needed for the LED light bar to be mounted. Screw it tightly. However, in most cases, they should first be screwed loosely, because they will be adjusted time and time again before they are fitted perfectly.

Usually, almost all LED bar kits come with all the mounting brackets needed, wires, nuts, and bolts. In most cases, a wiring attachment is also included. Always consider the type of LED light bar you are going to purchase because this is the part where it gets tricky. As we all know, a vehicle’s wiring system is a tedious job. By ensuring the type of LED light bar you have, you prevent any short circuits. Always refer to your light bar wiring illustration.

Make sure that your wiring attachments are untangled to properly identify all the wirings. The attachments usually consist of a switch, a red power cable, and a black round cable, a relay, and a pair of connector wires(positive and negative) for the light bar.

Step 3: Set the switch in order

Start by detaching the wire switch segment from the main attachment, then try to route and find your way through the firewall down to the dashboard. After you successfully find your desired location, use a bonding agent to properly attach the button in its location. Rewire the other end wiring line of the switch back to the wiring attachments.

Step 4: Position the relay and other wires/cables.

You can just bolt the relay in any part of your car, as long as it’s near to your battery. After doing so, start by connecting the positive red wire and mount it straight up to the red terminal of the vehicle’s battery.

On the other hand, the black negative wires should be grounded, in doing so, attach them to the chassis of the car. Make it a point to cleanly tuck away any loose cables/wires to make your setup clean and avoid them putting the cables/wires wherein heat is high.

Step 5: Wire all the attachments to your Light bar

Now, you are close to finishing. Work on the remaining set of wires in your attachments. They are the cables that must be connected for the Light bars to function. Run them to your light bar. Then hook the connector cables, they correspond by their color, from red to red, then black to black.

When everything’s in place, check everything, from the connectors, mounting brackets, screws, and bolts. Adjust the light bar’s viewpoint and brackets. Once you’ve figured everything out, tighten all the screws. Finally, you are done! You can now enjoy your new light bar.


The work needed to install your new LED Lightbar is easy, as long as you follow every rule. Take everything one step at a time and never rush the installation. If you have doubts regarding your installation and configuration, asking the help of an expert will go a long way.

Once you’re done. Enjoy your first upgrade, and always remember to ride safe!

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