how to install speakers in car trunk

How to Install Speakers in a Car Trunk

A car speaker that delivers a nice sound is a great companion of a car owner when driving. You will fun road tripping or just killing time when you’re in the middle of a traffic jam.

To get a good quality sound, you have to install your speakers properly. And yes, you can have it in your trunk. 

Installing Speakers in your Car

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Car speakers are wonderful additional in your car. The common and most well-known nowadays are 6×9 speakers. 

The location matters, and you have to find the ideal area. So you can get it on your trunk to be able to get an awesome sound experience.

Changing and installing it in your car is not just a piece of cake. You have to follow the manual or tool kit. It’s important that you don’t miss a single part to make your speakers working.

Here are the tools that you need to get all steps done:

Allen wrenches

Connectors and crimping tools


Electrical tape

Hobby knife

Panel removal tool

Retaining clip remover

Set of socket wrench

Solder, soldering iron

Stripper tool or wire cutter

Torx drivers with bits

Various screwdrivers

Things to Remember

Every car is unique, just like the human body. You have to be familiar with its master blueprint and memorize it. 

When you do it, you can have the entire view registered in your mind. You also need to know the size of the speakers so you will do the exact things in the installation.

Different Ways of Installation

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There are ways of installation that you can choose from to fulfill the set up that you want. You can also choose something that can go with the style of your car.

The components of speakers in the car trunk are subwoofer, woofer, and tweeter. Some of them have devices for installation.

The types of installation are replacing the dash speaker, replacing door speakers, adjusting speakers in the trunk, and installing rear speakers. 

Processes in Installing Speakers in a Car Trunk: Focus on Every Part that you Need to Work On

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1. Disconnecting of the Batteries

The first step is to disconnect the batteries. You have to detach the negative side of the battery.

It can save you from harming yourself due to possible short circuits. You can’t just waste the battery and let it drain.

2. Getting the Parts Ready

The parts that you need to connect should be formed in proper adjustment to the speakers that you want to make. Since you have the view of the car in your mind, you can decide how you would arrange the subwoofers and tweeters.

You have to put a one-meter distance between these two parts.

3. Cross Over Wires

These wires are added to boost frequency and bandwidth to the songs that you listen to. It would enhance the bass and music experience.

4. Installation Box 

You can use cardboard, wood, or plastic for the installation box. It will act as the protector of the speakers. 

You need to have this to create full bass capacity mixed with high frequency.

5. Using Screws and Hooks

The importance of screws and hooks lies in the adjustment and placement of the speakers on the trunk. They block the possibility of falling off.

Screws can also hinder the system from jerking and falling out. Adjustments with these things can be made easy.

6. Con-joinment Done on the Trunk’s Roof

It’s an easy task to deal with when you make the connection of the speakers through the roof of the trunk. Hooks are the ones that can help you with this process.

They’re great as they can’t occupy a lot of space. You only need to connect at the top part and leave much vacant space on the trunk.

7. Plates or Strips To Fix Speakers in a Trunk

You have to make adjustments to the plates that can either be metallic or wooden. They can stay immobile in one place while you enjoy the music in full-blown bass.

You can arrange these plates on the trunk floor. You should carefully establish the connection between the car speakers and the crossover.

They’re aesthetically attractive. It’s fine to play them in high volume, but it’s best to stay on medium to take care of the battery.

It can alter safe driving too.

Down to the Conclusion

It’s not too hard to put speakers in your car trunk as you make adjustments. Having the tool kit and knowledge of electronics jobs will make it easy.

Enjoying good music inside your car is not complicated.

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