How to Keep Car Seat Covers from Sliding

How to Keep Car Seat Covers from Sliding

One of the common problems faced by car owners is seeing those seat covers sliding. Securing them is very important to be sure they stop sliding up that stops them from serving their intended purpose. Keeping your car seat covers secured will help protect the materials used on your car seats.

Securing your car seat covers is a must in many cases. Do you have kids? You know how difficult it is to travel with them. Children who can’t behave are prone to spilling their drinks or dragging their dirty feet around and ruin your car seat covers. Securing them will be so helpful in this case. 

Securing the Buckle Seats

Take the headrest off and turn around the car seat, moving the back to the front. Slide the car seat cover through the chair and pull it down as far as it can. Fit the cover’s base through the base of your seat. 

Fasten the elastic material underneath the seat by using the hooks at the tip of every elastic band. Make sure the cover will snug perfectly into your car seat. Make two little holes on top of your backrest where the headrest poles will get into. Reinsert your headrest through those holes you made. 

Securing the Custom and Universal Bench Seats

Remove the car seat and backrest. For the latter, fit the part marked as “back” on your backrest. Align the base outline on the seat’s bottom to the pattern of your backrest. 

Secure your seat covers. Connect the hooks at the tip of every elastic strap. Replace the back backrest and the rear base. Then, check the patterns match and make sure they fit properly and are secure. 

Securing the Custom Bucket Seats

Get rid of the shields or guards all around the factory material. Get 3 strings given in the car seat cover bundle. Tie the strings to the rings in the base car seat cover fold. Put the bottom car seat cover on the seat, then line up the layer of your seat cover with the crooks and edges of your seat base.

Gather those 3 cords together and tug them tightly. Put them under the car seat. Look for a wire or bar underneath. If you find one, then take all those strings through the wire or bar to prevent them from interfering with the car seat’s functions. 

Tie every string to the corresponding loop within the anterior and secure the knots tightly. Get the attached skirt string to your seat cover and weave it down and behind the mechanisms. Take both sides of that skirt to the rear and make sure they are tied together tightly. 

Put the shields or guards back to the car seats. Remove the headrests and tie the 2nd cluster of 3 strings to your top seat cover. The strings must be attached to the circles on the fold on top. 

Tug the top cover downward tightly through the car seat. Fold and tuck in the edges, just like what you do in folding the bedsheets. 

Feed the strings with the material connected to them between the seat’s top and bottom. Pull every string tightly and tie it to the corresponding loop under the material. Change the headrests if you removed them. 

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