How to Keep LED Strips From Falling Off

How to Keep LED Strips From Falling Off

LED strip lights are now in trend today. You can use these lights in different ways and in different places, including homes. LED light strips are easy to install and efficient; they are versatile in their very special way. There are a lot of DIY videos that give ideas on how you can get creative with it. Some videos show how people install in every corner of their homes. It adds another dimension and color texture of their finish project. Some even attached it at the base of their bed or floors to give them visibility during the night without turning on their lights. It needs maintenance to keep the LED light strips to stay longer. If not, problems occur like falling off from its surface. But how do we keep it from falling off? Before that, we will look first into the beauty of LED strip lights.

The LED Strip

With its versatility features, LED light strips are designed with flexible circuit boards that can mount at any surface. It already has a self-adhesive back for easy installation at any position. LED strips come in a reel when you buy one. Normally it would come in 16 feet or more in length. That is way long, but you can cut it with a pair of scissors. It has an oval guide where you can cut it, and that serves as the circuit guide as well. 

Keeping The LED Strip from Falling Off

All LED strip lights come with an adhesive attached behind it for easy installation. The stickiness of the led strips varies on what position it is attached. If the light strips are attached facing up, there will be no problem at all, and it could take up to years in that position. If the lights are attached sideways or on the walls, the possibility of falling off is far. However, if these lights were attached facing downward, that’s where the problem starts. It starts to fall off even after days you have installed it. 

The Adhesives

There are ways on how you can keep these LED strip lights from falling off. If you just unpacked it, this is the first thing you need to do. Wipe your surface with rubbing alcohol to clean dust, dirt, and oil. These particles will lessen the sticky ability of the adhesive that will cause it to fall off. 

Though later on, these lights will fall off if you place them facing downwards. You need to have a 3M adhesive attached to the existing self-adhesive of the strip lights to double its durability. Of course, you have to clean your surface first with rubbing alcohol. 

Another option is the “Gorilla” mounting tape. This tape is proven to be effective and strong in terms of stickiness. It is strong enough to hold your strip lights for an even longer time. 

You can also use clips with 3M adhesive tapes attached to them. Since the strip lights are thin, they can fit with these clips. Hence, securing your lights without falling off from the surface. 

Parting Tip

It is best to keep your surface clean from dirt, dust, and oil to prevent your LED strip lights from falling off. Even in a 3M adhesive tape, it works well and will keep your lights stay for a longer time. It is up to your creative ideas and imaginations on how you can beautify your place with LED strip lights. As long as you keep them sticking, if ever they will fall off, follow these tips. It can help you a lot.  

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