How to Keep Your Tires Shiny

How To Keep Your Tires Shiny

Buying a new car means having a bunch of shiny wheels, too. Not only is this because they are newly minted from the factory – this is also because dealers tend to focus on detailing everything that also makes the tires shine very brightly.

As times pass and your wheels endure wear and tear, they will not be as shiny as they used to be. But you do not have to fret; they are many things that you can do against this. Keep on reading to find out.

Homemade Tire Shine

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There are many tire shine recipes available in the market today, and it always depends on what you have at the comforts of your own home or which one is most comfortable for the user.

1. Alcohol and Castor Oil

Castor oil was first introduced as a laxative, dry skin or hair treatment, and massage oil. Nowadays, it is also considered to be a great option for making your tires shiny and new. For this particular formula, here are the things that you will need: 30 ml dish soap, 100 ml castor oil, 300 ml rubbing alcohol, and 2 gallons of water.

For this cleaning method, this is what you need to do. Before you start shining your tires, first wash your wheels with water and some dish soap. After that, wipe the surfaces of the tire with rubbing alcohol so that cleaning will be more intensive and get some dirt and substances that were not removed the first time around.

The last part is where the shining comes in. Apply some castor oil through a towel using a circular motion for a good patterned coating.

2. Lemon Oil

For something extra that does not only provide shine but also helps the tire withstand the UV rays of the sun, lemon oil is a great solution to go with. For this process, you will need 50 ml of borax, 2 gallons of warm water, 30 ml of dish soap, 15 ml of lemon oil, and a cleaning brush for application.

This particular method seeks to clean the wheels and condition them as well. The great thing about this goal is that you will be able to provide protection for the tire’s surface, somewhat serving like a wax barrier against the damaging heat of the sun.

In doing this, you can start by drizzling down some soap and some borax into a bucket of water. Make sure to mix everything together for a beautiful mixture. Add some drops of lemon oil and keep on mixing the entire solution.

The next step that follows is using the solution to clean the tires. With a tire cleaning brush, scrub the solution into the tire. To ensure that you are able to clean the tire thoroughly, you can repeat this three to five times. Finally, you should do the last method of wiping everything down using a clean towel dipped in the tire shine solution.

Final Thoughts

Going with homemade tire shine solutions is an innovative and affordable way to take care of your car’s tires. But, if you want to try, there are also several commercial solutions that you can purchase from your trusted automotive supply store.

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