How to Know What Car Battery to Buy

How to Know What Car Battery to Buy

Each part of your car has an important function. Like any other part, car battery plays an important role. In fact, you must always make sure that your car battery is doing fine or else; your car will not function well. 

Found in the hood of your vehicle, car battery is your car’s electronic storage for starting your car and operating car’s options. Like other batteries, your car battery also has limitations. It will become worn out and will require you a replacement for an optimum car function. 

Many car owners love to apply the do-it-yourself replacement of a car battery. Well, this is really a money-saver method, and it is not that hard to do so. However, it is not the main point when it comes to car batteries. More than the replacement process, choosing the right one for your car is an important decision you must give a think. 

Possible Problems of Car Battery 

So why do you need to change your car battery? This might be a common question, but not all car owners are pro when it comes to checking their own car’s mechanical set-up. Of course, when your battery is not working properly, you need to change it with a new one. Yet, there are also other reasons why you need to replace your car battery. These includes: 

  • Freezing battery, bulging sides are becoming more visible
  • Its case has cracks
  • Battery terminals are losing 
  • Battery filler caps are missing 
  • Not charging

If you see such signs in your car’s battery, then you must change it with a new one. 

The Important Factors 

There are important factors you must consider before choosing the right battery for your car. These are the brand, age, its reserve capacity, size, and cold-cranking amps. 

Finally, below are the tips you can use on coming up with an excellent choice of a car battery. 

1. Know the group size of your car battery 

The tray of the battery comes in many sizes. Always choose a battery tray with the right fit to ensure that your battery is kept in its safety closet. Most general motor cars have size 75, but you can surely check the group size in the battery section found in the owner’s manual. Retailers will also give you their reference guide for the right case’s size of your car battery. 

2. Choose the right brand 

When it comes to choosing the best car battery, the brand is a big factor. While there are many brands presented in the market, you need to choose the one with quality. Some manuals will give specific brand you must choose. However, if you find it very expensive, you might choose another brand as long as it is in good quality. 

3. Consider the battery’s age 

Checking the date of its production in a car battery is a must. This is because fresher batteries are more efficient and tend to perform better and longer than old ones. Check the date properly. A 6-month-old car battery is considered a fresh battery. 

4. Check the reserve capacity 

Quality and excellent reserve capacity of the battery will enable your car to run through its battery alone when the alternator stops working. Your car’s battery has a reserve capacity rating which talks about its standing capacity. 

5. Always check the cold-cranking amp of your battery 

  CCA or also called the cold-cranking amp, is the measurement of your car battery’s capacity to start even under cold weather conditions. During these times, car engines are difficult to start, which is quite troublesome. This is why we always choose good CCA. 


The above tips and guidance are extremely helpful in choosing the best car battery. In addition, the experience is also a good point to help you come up with an excellent choice. You may ask some of the people you know who have already experienced in choosing great car batteries. 

Lastly, always check the warranty on your car battery. The longer period for warranty is always a better choice. 

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