How to Know What Size Tire Chains to Buy

How to Know What Size Tire Chains to Buy

Picking the ideal tire chains for your home can become a confusing task. But, it is important to know that you would definitely need these tools for your car as support when the emergency comes. In this article, we will provide you with a brief guide on how to identify the size of tire chains that you should buy.

1. Identify If Your Vehicle Is Compatible To Tire Chains

Tire chains can be installed in almost all types of vehicles, but some trucks and cars are harder to install. This is because of the tighter space clearance between the other components of the car and the tire itself. If you want to verify whether you can indeed install tire chains into your tires, you should look for your car’s maintenance papers and owner manual. Review whether you can actually install tire chains to your tires, and there are no warnings that prohibit doing so.

If you are not allowed to go for tire chains, you are free to check out alternative additional traction and braking options for your vehicle.

2. Identify The Size Of Your Vehicle’s Tires

Once you have verified your vehicle’s compatibility, you have to start with acquiring the measurement of your tires. This can be done by checking out the set of numbers that you can see on the sidewall of your tires. The first group of three numbers describes the width of the tire, the next couple of numbers indicate the aspect ratio in terms of width to height, and the last three numbers express the diameter of the tire in inches. These three groups of numbers are vital in identifying the appropriate size of tire chains that would be a great fit for your car’s tires.

3. Identify The Type Of Chain That You Want To Get

The next thing that you should decide the type of chain that you want to get. Your first option can be the Z Chain. The Z Chain is very easy to install, and it is perfect for those who want something fast and straightforward. This type of chain is more compatible with electronically monitored control systems, an all-wheel-drive system, a traction control system, and an anti-lock brake system.

The other type of tire chain is the Radial Chain. This one provides the user with easy mount and removal because it is quite lightweight. It can benefit your vehicle by improving the way you start your car, stop your car, and turn into corners. This type is perfect for passenger vehicles, mainly because of the little space it requires to function.


Once you have taken note of all of these things, the next thing to do is to present your findings to your trusted tire supply store. You can also opt for visiting the website of a tire chain manufacturer that you trust. After providing said details that you have gathered, you will be linked to the appropriate tire chain products that will serve as a good match for your tires.

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