How to Make a Backseat Car Organizer

How to Make a Backseat Car Organizer

If you are someone who regularly uses their car, the clutter can accumulate, and you might need to apply some organizational skills. This can be easily addressed by having a backseat car organizer. These space savers can make life on your car much easier and manageable – not only for you but also for your passengers. If you want some, you can buy them – but you can also try making things on your own. You can practice your crafting skills, or you make it as a recreational day activity for you and your kids.

1. Gather the things that you will need

For this project, you start by picking out a fabric that you will like. You can combine different types of fabrics with different textures. Feel free to be as creative as you with like. You can also include ribbons and lace to spruce things up.

You will also need a key ring or a plastic ring and some Velcro for the parts that you have to seal. Additionally, you will need basic sewing materials, scissors, and yarn.

2. Take note of all the measurements

Begin your preparation by measuring the car seat where you will be placing the back seat organizer. Then, measure the distance of going around the seat, the distance from the top of the back seat to the bottom of its backside.

3. Prepare the chords or laces

To hang the organizer with, you start with the laces or ribbons or ties. You can go with quilter’s binding, as well, but sew with the open side closed. Next, prepare two pieces of Velcro with a length of 2 inches each. Sew them on the end of the laces and sew the other half to the end part of the largest piece of fabric.

You can also make a flap if you want a top pocket with a cover or protection. Then, take long ribbons with Velcro sewed in and attached them towards the top of your project. Just ensure that you double-check that the Velcro faces the right way before you secure the stitches.

4. Add the pockets

Place a narrow piece of fabric at the top of your project. Make sure that everything fits properly and place the Velcro. Sew everything in place. You can do the same for other pockets and alter according to the size that you prefer to go for. You can also play around with different ways to seal like zippers, clips, snaps, and locks. 

5. Place finishing touches

Now that all pockets are secure, you can add some additional features – may it be for aesthetics or for ease of use. You can go with linings, lace, and other embellishments.


If you followed all of the instructions carefully, it is now time to hang your masterpiece towards the back of your car. Tighten and secure everything according to your preferred place. It is now time to fill the organizer up with all of the things that you usually need. For instance, you can place water bottles, snacks, first aid kits, wipes, hand sanitizers, books, toys, diapers, and others.

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