How to Make a Car Wash Foam Gun

How to Make a Car Wash Foam Gun

The use of a foam gun is still in the status of being debated. Some car owners consider them a soap sucker that doesn’t give much value while some won’t wash their cars without it.

Nevertheless, it’s an effective tool that can give superior lubrication, lift grime and dirt, reduce scratches and hasten car washing and detailing projects. It can also assist with wax removal to prepare to apply paint sealant or ceramic coat.

Mechanism and Usage of a Car Wash Foam Gun

When you use a foam gun to wash your car, the water at a very high pressure goes out of the hose. Water pressure is better at removing dirt and strain rather than using abrasive cleaners.

These cleaners could hurt the delicate surface of your car. So some opt for car wash foam guns.

1. Collect Supplies

Some foam guns are automotive, and they are usually made of a spray nozzle, garden hose, foam spray attachments, easy and fast to connect, and the soap barrel in the foam gun. When you buy them, they’re complete except for the hose for the garden.

2. Getting the Correct Car Soap or Shampoo

There are varieties of automotive shampoo or soap for vehicles available in the market. You can use the automotive maintenance soap that you prefer.

Some automotive enthusiasts and detailers prefer advanced suds and foaming shampoo to fill the guns. Of course, you can choose the appropriate type of soap for your application.

If you apply a ceramic coating of trusted quality to your car, it’s appropriate to use a mild car soap or something with a neutral pH level. Make sure that it is highly concentrated, slick, and gives enough lubrication that can make the washing cloth to slide thoroughly over the surface of your car. 

3. Mixing the Soap 

It’s easy to measure soap in some kinds of foam gun as you only need to fill the entire space of the barrel. It’s possible to set the level of water flow into it. 

Some can be complex, but manufacturers provide guidelines for the proper number of dilutions. There are always advantages and disadvantages when utilizing a higher amount of soap than water.

If you add more soap, it can be stuck in the water jet or the spray nozzle. It can cause obstructions when there’s only a little soap.

An ample amount of soap makes the foam thicker, but it dries quicker. But the kind of shampoo and soap would matter in this aspect. 

Not providing enough amount of shampoo and soap is fundamentally pointless. The purpose is to create a thick layer of soap. 

It can then begin the process of taking out the dirt, debris, and other contaminants. It’s best to enact the directions given by the manufacturers to get the optimal result.

4. Water Added to the Gun Barrel

This step might not be necessary for some instances. Some instructions require you to water to the pre-mix soap.

But there are some ways you should and shouldn’t do. The things you should do can start with a bucket that you use during the wash in two buckets.

Put the appropriate kind of soap in the container, and you can dip it into the clean water. You have to fill it up to the level that you desire.

It can mix the water and soap properly, and it won’t agitate it. 

5. Putting the Nozzle Spray 

The final step is working on the gun barrel of the foam gun. You have to connect it with the housing. Then, attach the nozzle spray.

Follow the recommended instructions for final use and assembly as each foam gun has different parts and unique attachments. 

Steps when Washing your Car with a Foam Gun 

1. You have followed your manufacturer’s instructions in making the mixture. So you have put it in a foam gun. 

To mix it thoroughly, shake it well.

2. Fix the foam with the pressure washer to cover your car in snow foam. You should be three feet away from the car.

You can start with the roof and proceed to the lower parts like a hood, body panels, doors, and grille. The dirtier areas like bumper, wheels, and rocker panels should receive a second layer of foam. 

3. Snow foam should run off the vehicle but never allow it dry. Dry spots can receive more snow foam.

4. Let the snow foam rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can use plenty of water to rinse your car from the top.

Tips When Using Wash Foam Gun

1. Setting

The foam gun carries snow foam solution, high-pressure water, and air that can generate foam. The consistency of snow foam is based on the adjustment knob.

You can check the different settings so you can get the right consistency.

2. The Supply of Water

The right flow for optimum foam production and application should be at least 1.75 GPM flow. The pressure water should be in 1, 800 psi to 3, 200 psi.

You can get poor snow foam production if the water supply is not enough. It happens as the pressure water is not fed well.

The supply hose must not be kinked.

3. Cleaning After Use

Always clean the foam gun after it makes your vehicle clean. If you don’t do it, clogging occurs in the tubes and orifices.

You will find it difficult to make the snow foam cleaning.

4. Foam Gun in Pressure Washer

Most pressure washers come with a foam gun so you can have it as an afterthought rather than a serious thought. You may consider using a foam gun as they don’t usually generate the right consistency of the snow foam. 

Final Say

Using a foam gun in washing your car sounds fun. But it’s not all about being playful. 

You get to use the right kind of shampoo as it is important. You also have to be mindful when rinsing the car as every bit of soap should be washed away.

Kneeling or stooping down is minimizes. You need to be a bit distant from your car. 

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