How to Make a Homemade LED Light Bar

How to Make a Homemade LED Light Bar

LED Lights have changed the lighting game ever since. Not only does it make the world brighter, but it only needs a little amount of power at a low cost.  It is convenient and economical. With all the available LED lights in the market, everyone has an option for everything. Bright white lights and even colorful ones are available to satisfy one’s preference. 

One ideal use of LED Lights is for a car’s light bar. This is proven helpful, especially when cruising down an unlit road. It provides the necessary light needed. It is even efficient since it lasts a long time. No wonder car enthusiasts invest in LED light bars. 

Yet, if you don’t want to splurge on a LED light bar, you can make one on your own. You can personalize your own LED light bar using simple and cheaper products. To start, you need to prepare a few things. 

Step 1

First, get all the materials needed. You need an aluminum bar. 12 inches x 1 inch will work just fine. Or it depends on the length of the light bar you would want to make. 

Secure your LED lights. The number will also depend on the length of your light bar. You can choose the LED lights with a minimum of1 watt or more. 

Screws, rubbers washers, a switch, and a DC connector, connecting wired and a battery are rest, and then you are good to go.

Step 2. 

Let’s get to work. On one side end of the aluminum bar, make a hole big enough to fit the on and off switch, while on the other end, make another hole big enough to fit the DC connector. 

Step 3. 

Measure your aluminum bar lengthwise and draw a line in between. Then, measure your LED light. You can measure and mark the size of the LED light using a ruler and a pen. These measurements will also help you estimate the number of LED lights you can use. 

Step 4. 

With the marks as your guide, drill tiny holes into your aluminum bar once you’re done. It’s time to put your LED lights in place. 

Take the small screws and rubber washers. Insert them into the hole, take the LED lights, and make sure they are fit and secured by the screw and rubber washer. Put everything until the last hole is filled. 

Step 5. 

Now it’s time to connect the LED Lights using the connecting wires.  You can start on the lower part and continue on the upper. To connect the wires, use a soldering iron. Once done, add additional holes for the wires connected to the switch and the DC connector. Lastly, connect the positive and negative wires to the switch and DC connector.

By doing these simple instructions, you can make your own LED light bar perfectly based on your liking. This may come cheaper than most LED lights available in the market. The materials used are easy, making the process more convenient. Just remember to be careful when using the tools to avoid any mishaps. For someone who loves making ‘do-it-yourself’ products, this will be a good chance to exercise your creative styles.

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